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Unlock Watcher Hero in Lords Mobile

The Watcher Hero may be one of the best heroes in Lords Mobile, but unlocking him is as difficult as fixing Global Warming. Who is Watcher? Watcher is one of the Lords Mobile Heroes, clearly...

The Watcher Hero may be one of the best heroes in Lords Mobile, but unlocking him is as difficult as fixing Global Warming.

Who is Watcher?

Watcher Max Strength Preview Watcher is one of the Lords Mobile Heroes, clearly inspired by Fangorn, one of the Ents from Lord of the Rings. He belongs to a group called Treants. Sometimes, playing Lords Mobile feels like watching a Mockumentary!

His backstory revolves around saving trees, but it's rather dull. I'd rather read a dictionary upside-down than delve into his tale. Visually, his graphics are reminiscent of the early days of the Paint program. The Watcher's movements and graphics are exaggerated and unrealistic, akin to an "injured" soccer player rolling on the ground.

How to Unlock Watcher?

Watcher in Hell Event Watcher, unlike other heroes in Lords Mobile, cannot be unlocked through Elite Challenges or money. He is unlocked by successfully completing Hell Events and 24-Hour Challenges. The Watcher Hero is typically unlocked in Phase 3.

However, unlocking the Watcher Hero is no easy task. He rarely shows up, and even when he does, it's usually challenging to achieve. My recommendation is to refrain from rushing large researches and buildings until you spot the Watcher in the Hell Event!

Watcher's Specifications

Watcher Hero Battle Skills and Specification Watcher is a fantastic Hero. Although he can't be unlocked in the usual way, he deserves a spot on the list of Top Lords Mobile Heroes. He excels as a tank hero with high HP. However, his ATK, MATK, and defenses are not outstanding. He is best used in the Colosseum when facing agile heroes.

The Watcher's battle skills are incredible. At gold level, he provides a 20% Army ATK boost, a 25% Army HP boost, and a 20% troop training speed increase.

Tips for Unlocking Watcher

Watcher Close Up Unlocking the Watcher may seem straightforward, but there are a few handy tricks to give you an edge:

  • Plan for the Watcher well in advance. Don't rush Researches or Troop Training until a Watcher Event appears.
  • Inform your guild members to send out messages and chats as soon as the Watcher appears. Time is of the essence.
  • In the case of a Research Event, ask guild-mates to contribute 30% before speeding up.
  • A useful tip is to complete as many Watcher Events as possible before reaching c25 or earlier. Hell Events are easier at the beginning of the game, and accumulating medals early on will make it easier later.
  • I wouldn't recommend rushing the Watcher Event and paying money to complete milestones. If you want to invest in a war hero, consider the Songstress of the Sea. Watcher is meant to be obtained slowly and steadily; it's IGG's gift to F2P players.
  • Expert Cheat: For Watcher Building Events, delete three of your infirmaries and rebuild them. It will cost a bit, but it's an easy way to obtain the Watcher every time the Building Hell Events occur. You'll need to use some speed-ups and not wait for helps. The window is only 45 minutes!

Unlocking the Watcher Hero in Lords Mobile requires dedication, strategy, and patience. Follow these tips, and you'll have a better chance of adding this formidable hero to your arsenal.