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Angry Birds Evolution: A Turn-Based Adventure Game Like No Other

Have you ever wondered what happened to our beloved Angry Birds after they defeated the Bad Piggies? Well, wonder no more! Angry Birds Evolution is here to pick up the story right where it left...

AB Evolution App Icon January 2022

Have you ever wondered what happened to our beloved Angry Birds after they defeated the Bad Piggies? Well, wonder no more! Angry Birds Evolution is here to pick up the story right where it left off. In this free-to-play turn-based role-playing video 3D puzzle game, you'll embark on a new adventure with our feathered friends.

A Brief History

Angry Birds Evolution was meticulously crafted by Rovio Entertainment Corporation and Chimera Entertainment. Development started in 2015 with the aim of creating a game that would appeal to older audiences. The game incorporates popular culture references, adult visuals, and humor.

Angry Birds Evolution Gameplay

The game had a beta phase, known as "AB Beta," where players could experience an early version of the game. The beta was met with positive feedback and excitement from players. After several updates and improvements, the game was officially released for a soft launch in Hong Kong in August 2016. It quickly gained popularity and was subsequently released in more countries in October of that same year.

Gameplay Basics

In Angry Birds Evolution, each level is a square field filled with pigs that need to be defeated in order to progress. To launch a bird, simply tap and hold on it, drag it to select the direction and distance, and release to launch. The birds will run across the field, dealing damage to any blockers or pigs they encounter.

Each bird has its unique super-shot ability, such as kicking a target, speeding up around the stage, exploding a determined area, launching a spiky carpet, or creating clones of themselves. You can also evolve your birds to make them even stronger by collecting evolution materials and essence.

Angry Birds Evolution Gameplay 3

Collecting and Hatching Birds

The thrill of Angry Birds Evolution lies in collecting and hatching eggs to obtain new birds. Eggs can be obtained by defeating certain pigs in different regions. There are various types of eggs, each associated with a specific region, such as Jungle, Yellow Desert, Blue Woods, Black Crater, White Peaks, and Red Canyon.

You can hatch eggs in the Hatchery, where different eggs offer different rewards. Regular eggs can hatch 1-4 star birds, while premium eggs offer a chance to hatch 2-5 star birds. Event birds can be obtained from premium eggs during special events.

Battle Pigs and Explore Dungeons

In your mission to save Bird Island from the pigs' tyranny, you'll encounter different types of pigs, such as small, medium, large, huge, and boss pigs. Defeating pigs not only progresses the story but also rewards you with coins, gems, eggs, evolution materials, dungeon keys, and event items.

Dungeons are unlocked after completing regions and offer exciting battles. Each dungeon has waves of enemies, with the final wave featuring a challenging boss. To enter dungeons, you'll need dungeon keys, and the rewards include coins, evolution materials, and evolution essence.

Join the Angry Birds Evolution

Angry Birds Evolution offers an immersive and entertaining gaming experience for fans of the franchise. With its engaging gameplay, unique characters, and endless opportunities for evolution and collection, the game is sure to keep you entertained for hours.

So, gather your flock, evolve your birds, and take on the pigs in a turn-based adventure like no other. Join the Angry Birds Evolution and save Bird Island once again!

Note: Angry Birds Evolution is available for free on various platforms. Some in-game items may require in-app purchases.