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When is the next partner event in Monopoly GO?

Do you love playing Monopoly GO and eagerly wait for new partner events? If so, you're probably wondering when the next one will arrive. Well, we've got some exciting news for you! According to our...

Do you love playing Monopoly GO and eagerly wait for new partner events? If so, you're probably wondering when the next one will arrive. Well, we've got some exciting news for you! According to our sources, the next Monopoly GO partner event is expected to launch after January 15th. While developer Scopely hasn't made an official announcement yet, this date aligns with the usual release pattern of previous events. So, mark your calendars and get ready for another thrilling partner event in Monopoly GO!

Monopoly GO next partner event date

You might be wondering why we're so confident about the after January 15th release date. Well, it turns out there's a 25-day minimum gap observed between partner events, and the end of the previous event, Gift Partners, was on December 20th. By following this pattern, we can reasonably expect the next partner event to arrive in mid to late January. Keep an eye out for a push notification on your phone when the event goes live!

What is a partner event in Monopoly GO?

Before we dive into the specifics of the next partner event, let's first understand what partner events are all about. Partner events in Monopoly GO are exciting group events that require collaboration with other players. Similar to main events like Twinkle Tree, you'll collect tokens on the game board to earn points. However, the key difference is that you must team up with other players, either friends or suggested players, to reach the milestone for the event's grand prize.

Partner events offer fantastic rewards such as dice, Sticker Packs, and cash. But the real allure lies in the grand prize, a Galaxy Sticker Pack. This pack includes six stickers, including a guaranteed sticker that you don't already own. For avid collectors looking to complete their sticker albums, partner events are a must-attend!

Monopoly Man and his wife cooking Full art of the Thanksgiving partner event. Image via Scopely

How to find partners for the events

Now that you're excited about the upcoming partner event, let's talk about finding partners to maximize your chances of success. There are two primary ways to find partners for Monopoly GO events:

  1. Inviting players suggested at random in the event popup within the game.
  2. Forming a team in online communities like Monopoly GO's Discord server.

While the game suggests random players, we highly recommend joining online communities to find dedicated partners for Monopoly GO's partner events. Players you connect with online are often more committed to reaching the final milestone and are willing to invest the necessary time and dice to collect tokens. On the other hand, teaming up with random players carries the risk of partnering with less active players who only want free rewards. So, it's better to find like-minded players and enjoy the event together!

Are partner events worth it?

The question that often comes up is whether partner events are worth the effort. Well, it depends on your sticker album progress. If you're close to completing your collection and need that elusive final sticker, partner events are definitely worth it! The Sticker Packs and the guaranteed missing sticker pack are perfect for snagging that last golden sticker.

However, if your album still has many gaps, you might not get the desired results from the event. The Galaxy pack could potentially give you a low-rarity sticker, which might be a bit disappointing. So, before jumping into a partner event, it's a good idea to fill up your album as much as possible. That way, you ensure that the valuable rewards actually help you finish off your collection.

So there you have it, Monopoly GO enthusiasts! Get ready for the next partner event, expected to arrive after January 15th. Start building your team, join online communities, and prepare yourself for an exciting collaborative adventure in Monopoly GO. Happy gaming!