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WWE SmackDown: A Thrilling Journey through Sports Entertainment

WWE SmackDown Schedule - Upcoming SmackDown Events SmackDown Match card - January 5, 2024 - New Year's Revolution Match Stipulation When is the next WWE SmackDown? Date Venue WWE SmackDown History Since its inception in...


WWE SmackDown Schedule - Upcoming SmackDown Events

SmackDown Match card - January 5, 2024 - New Year's Revolution

WWE SmackDown: New Year's Revolution Announced For January 5, 2024

Match Stipulation

When is the next WWE SmackDown?

Date Venue

WWE SmackDown History

Since its inception in 1999, WWE SmackDown has captured the hearts of wrestling enthusiasts worldwide. Initially considered a show solely focused on WWE divas, SmackDown soon evolved into a second brand for the company. It became synonymous with The Rock, who famously promised to "lay the Smack Down." As the wrestling scene grew more competitive, SmackDown stood tall as a fierce contender.

WWE SmackDown

WWE SmackDown Theme Songs

With the debut of the Blue Brand came a collection of captivating theme songs that set the stage for action-packed Friday Nights. Each song carries its own unique energy, adding to the excitement of every episode.

WWE SmackDown Theme Songs

Theme Song Artist Active Duration

The Brand Extension

After the demise of WCW in 2001, WWE welcomed a host of former WCW Superstars, resulting in an overflowing roster. To create his own competition, Vince McMahon introduced the brand extension in 2002. RAW and SmackDown Live became separate entities, allowing each brand to flourish independently.

WWE SmackDown

Despite a temporary dissolution of the brand split in 2011, the division returned in 2016, with superstars exclusively associated with their respective brand. This exclusivity was later relaxed through the Wild Card Rule, which allowed performers from one brand to appear on another.

WWE SmackDown Roster

SmackDown Live boasts some of the most prestigious titles in WWE, including the Universal Championship, the SmackDown Women’s Championship, and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship. The Intercontinental Championship or the United States Championship may also find a home on SmackDown Live, depending on the Superstar shake-up of the year.

The superstars on the SmackDown roster tirelessly defend their championships at PPVs, SmackDown tapings, and WWE Live Events, delivering unforgettable matches and storylines.

Current WWE SmackDown Champions

Championship Current Champion Event won Previous Champion

SmackDown 1000

In 2018, SmackDown reached a momentous milestone with its 1000th episode. The event witnessed the return of legendary stars, including Evolution, The Undertaker, Edge, and Rey Mysterio. This special occasion laid the groundwork for the WrestleMania match between Triple H and Batista, leaving fans eager for what's to come.

WWE SmackDown

SmackDown General Managers

Throughout its history, SmackDown has been governed by various authority figures, with Stephanie McMahon, Vickie Guerrero, Paul Heyman, and Booker T among the notable names. However, no one made a more lasting impact on the brand than Theodore Long, who became synonymous with the blue brand. Currently, Adam Pearce serves as the on-screen executive.

WWE SmackDown

Shane McMahon assumed the role of Commissioner of SmackDown Live in 2016. Under his leadership, Daniel Bryan and Paige held the position of General Manager. Alongside the superstars and authority figures, SmackDown features a dedicated cast of announcers, ring-announcers, timekeepers, and backstage crew members.

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WWE SmackDown

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