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CEO Huong Dang Thanh

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CEO Huong Dang Thanh, the dynamic and visionary CEO of Star Event Organization Company. Born in the vibrant city of Hanoi in 1989, he has established himself as a leading figure in the event organization industry, known for his strategic leadership and innovative approach that transforms ordinary events into extraordinary experiences.

Founding Story of Star Event Organization Company

Embark on the journey of Star Event Organization Company with CEO Huong Dang Thanh. Explore the detailed and captivating founding story, delving into key milestones, challenges, and triumphs that have shaped the company into the premier event organization service it is today.

Personal Information

  • Hometown: Hanoi
  • Year of Birth: 1989
  • Education: Holding the distinction of a "Super Manager"
  • Occupation: Distinguished as the CEO of STAR EVENT
  • Contact Information:
  • Height: 1m66

Career Goal

Discover the aspirations and vision that drive CEO Huong Dang Thanh. Gain insights into his overarching career goal and strategic vision for the future, propelling Star Event Organization Company to new heights of success.

Work Experience

Navigate through CEO Huong Dang Thanh's professional journey, where he assumes pivotal roles:

  • Founder of Star Event Organization Company
  • Chairman & CEO, steering the company towards innovation and excellence.

Certifications and Courses Attended

Explore the educational foundation of CEO Huong Dang Thanh. Learn about the certifications and courses that contribute to his extensive knowledge and expertise in the dynamic field of event organization.


Dive into the skill set that sets CEO Huong Dang Thanh apart:

  • Exceptional fluency in English
  • Proficiency in utilizing cutting-edge technology
  • Leadership, administration, and strategic planning skills that form the backbone of successful businesses


Uncover the desires and aspirations that fuel CEO Huong Dang Thanh's dedication to the industry. Gain a deeper understanding of the motivations that inspire him to continually elevate the standards of event organization.

Favorite Quotes

Get a glimpse into CEO Huong Dang Thanh's mindset through his favorite quotes. These words reflect his philosophy and approach, providing a glimpse into the guiding principles that shape his leadership style.

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