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Gay Wedding Invitations: What to Include, Plus 4 Designs You’ll Love

Wedding planning can be full of challenges, but it’s also brimming with excitement. One of the most enjoyable aspects is choosing your wedding stationery so you can start sharing your joy with others. With your...

Gay wedding invitations: two different wedding invitations

Wedding planning can be full of challenges, but it’s also brimming with excitement. One of the most enjoyable aspects is choosing your wedding stationery so you can start sharing your joy with others. With your main details confirmed, it’s time to create your gay wedding invitations and send them to your loved ones.

How to Structure Your Gay Wedding Invitations

Invites for a same-sex wedding aren’t all that different from any other wedding. Still, it’s not always easy to figure out which words to choose. Use these tips to put together your LGBTQ wedding invitations and don’t forget to use our wedding invitation wording tool to find the perfect words.

The Hosts

Traditionally, the first line on your wedding invites is where you name the hosts. In the past, this would be the bride’s parents — but that’s not necessarily trending these days. Tailor this line to inform guests about who’s hosting the wedding. Name the person(s) who’s hosting, or use a line like “together with their families” if it’s a joint effort. If the two of you are hosting on your own, continue to the request line.

Request Line

Next up is the request line where you invite guests to celebrate your big day. This section is often quite simple, which is perfect if you prefer a more minimalist look and feel. Popular choices for the request line include “request the honor of your presence at their wedding” or “invite you to join them for their wedding,” but you can phrase this in whichever way you prefer. If you skipped the “host” section, something sweet and simple like “please join us for the wedding of” is a popular choice.

Your Names

After the request line is where you and your beloved include your names. Whether you’re two brides, two grooms, or two non-binary wedding partners, it’s your names that people are excited to see here. Traditionally, a bride’s name would be listed first, but the choice is yours. List your full names for clarity, or use nicknames if that’s your preference.

Date and Time

Even if you’ve shared the date previously with save the date cards, confirm it again on your wedding invitations. Be clear with the date and time of your wedding ceremony. List the full date and take care to consider any confusion over date formats for any international guests. If it’s not clear whether your event takes place in the morning, afternoon, or evening, add an “a.m.” or “p.m.” — or an “o’clock” — to clarify.

Wedding Venue

Along with the date and time, your guests need to know where the big event is happening. Whether it’s a traditional wedding venue, your favorite beach, or your best friend’s backyard, it’s one of the most important details to get right. List the name of the place where you’ll tie the knot along with enough information to help your guests find it. Often, simply the venue name and city are enough — you can always share more details on your wedding website.

Reception Details

After your wedding venue location, it’s time to let your guests know what will happen afterward. You don’t have to go into too much detail here — just enough to signal to your guests what to expect. Many couples opt for something like “drinks and dancing to follow” or “wedding reception to follow.” If you’re planning something unusual, let your guests know here — for instance, if you’re planning to go paintballing, hit the waves, or set up tents for a weekend of camping in the great outdoors.

How to RSVP

You’re almost finished when it comes to wording your wedding invites. Now, your guests need to know how they can RSVP for your special day. Many couples prefer email or text as it’s the easiest format, but you could include an RSVP card alongside a physical wedding invitation card. If you’re using Greenvelope for your online invitations, your guests can RSVP in just a few clicks — and you can track RSVPs and provide updates all from one simple dashboard.

Other Details

The essentials are handled, but you likely want to include other important information on your wedding invitations. Examples of this include your dress code, how to find your wedding website, or anything that’s specific to your ceremony or reception. This is also where you’d mention if you want no children at your wedding, or if everyone’s welcome — including pets!

Gay Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

Here are a few examples of how you can take your wedding day details and turn them into beautifully worded wedding invitations.

Invitation Wording Idea: Example 1

Sam + Sarah are getting married March 28th at 5:30 p.m. Half Moon Hotel | Fort Worth, Texas Reception to follow | RSVP by March 5 Dress code: Beach formal

Invitation Wording Idea: Example 2

Please Join Us at Our Wedding Carlo + David

Saturday at Two o’Clock in the Afternoon August Twenty Nine Twenty Twenty Four

Woodland Grand Mansion 4679 Fresh Garden Way Nashville, Tennessee

Invitation Wording Idea: Example 3

Together with their families Annalise and Margot

Invite you to join them as they are married Saturday, August Eighth Two Thousand Twenty Four Six in the evening

Chihuly Garden and Glass Seattle, Washington

Dinner and dancing to follow

Our Favorite Gay Wedding Invitations

Gay wedding invites can be any style you want, so don’t limit yourself to bow ties, tuxedos, and rainbows (although we love those too). Take a look at some of our most loved invite designs — from watercolor wedding invitations to contemporary photo invitations.

As always, you’re not limited by the wedding invites listed here. Take any of our wedding invitation templates and personalize them with your names, wording, and beautiful photographs. You can also take any of our other invitation designs — such as a birthday party invite — and transform it into an impressive or elegant gay wedding invitation.

Arched Windows Invitation

Arched Windows Invitation

Create a striking impression with this arched windows invitation. This design lets you showcase two photos of the two of you — making it the ideal place to share engagement photos. The circular shapes are perfectly complemented by modern typography, and there’s plenty of space on the reverse for all your event details.

Love Always Wins Invitation

We love the message behind this love always wins invitation. It’s the perfect way to honor your love story and celebrate marriage equality. Choose from five gorgeous neutral colorways or work with our designer for completely custom wedding invitations.

Rustic Lace Invitation

This elegant and eye-catching invitation pairs delicate lace with bold yet romantic lettering. There’s plenty of space for your wedding details, and there are four different colorways to match your event. This design would be perfect for a rustic wedding, and there are matching save the date cards and thank you notes.

Fancy Free Invitation

If you’re looking for a design that balances space for your wording and a photo, this fancy free invitation is a wonderful choice. The classic typography and font size give the design a timeless, elegant feel, and there’s also room to share your favorite photo as a couple.

Create Stunning Gay Wedding Invitations

Putting together your wedding invitations can be a fun moment when you use the tips from this guide. Whether you love the idea of sending simple wedding invites or prefer sending something more elaborate, we have the perfect invite designs for you. Explore our full selection of wedding invitations and customize them your way. It’s time to celebrate your love and share the joy.