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The Ultimate Guide to Streamline Your Scheduling with Doodle

Are you tired of the hassle of setting up meetings? Whether it's a business meeting, a team planning session, or a family gathering, coordinating everyone's schedules can be a real headache. But fear not, because...

Are you tired of the hassle of setting up meetings? Whether it's a business meeting, a team planning session, or a family gathering, coordinating everyone's schedules can be a real headache. But fear not, because Doodle is here to simplify the process and make scheduling a breeze. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the ins and outs of Doodle and how you can make the most of its features.

Say Goodbye to Manual Scheduling

Gone are the days of endless back-and-forth emails trying to find a common time slot. With Doodle, you can easily set up an event and select a range of times and dates that work for you. Doodle then sends these options, called "polls," to the attendees, who can conveniently indicate their availability. Finally, as the event organizer, you can choose the time that suits everyone or minimizes conflicts.

While the concept is simple, Doodle has done an excellent job of streamlining the process. Let's dive into the details and explore what Doodle has to offer.

Getting Started with Doodle

The best part about Doodle is that you don't even need to create an account to use its basic features. When you visit Doodle's website, you'll see a big red button that says "Start free trial!" But if you want to skip the hassle of signing up, you can click the "Create a Doodle" button, and you're ready to go. It's that easy.


The Benefits of Skipping Registration

By using Doodle without registering, you can save time and skip the process of creating an account. However, there are some limitations to consider. If you choose to create an account, even with the free version, you gain access to additional features that can enhance your scheduling experience.

When you sign up for a free trial, you can add a location, a note, and pick specific times for your event, giving you more control over the process. It's up to you to decide if the benefits of creating an account outweigh the convenience of skipping registration.

Connect Your Address Book and Calendar for a Seamless Experience

To make your scheduling even more efficient, Doodle allows you to connect your address book and calendar seamlessly. By adding your contacts and calendar events to Doodle, you can save time and avoid any scheduling conflicts.

To connect your address book, navigate to the "Contacts" section of your Doodle settings. From there, you can import contacts from Google or Office. While this feature may not be necessary for occasional users, it can be helpful if you frequently invite people to your events.

Similarly, connecting your calendar can save you from double-booking or wasting time checking your availability. You can connect your Google or Microsoft calendar by simply clicking the appropriate button and signing in. This integration ensures that Doodle automatically blocks out any time slots that are already booked, making it easier for you to find suitable dates.

Doodle Calendar

Get Creative with Polls and Options

When creating a poll on Doodle, you have the flexibility to choose between different options. You can select specific times on a calendar or use the text option to give participants a choice by adding text fields that accept multiple options.

While Doodle makes it simple to add as many options as you want, it's important to consider the impact on decision-making. Providing fewer options can help prevent indecisiveness and increase the chances of reaching a consensus. So, try to limit the choices to facilitate a smooth decision-making process.

Fine-Tune Your Poll Settings for Better Control

Doodle offers various poll settings that allow you to customize your experience. By enabling options like "Yes, no, if need be," limiting the number of votes per option, or restricting participants to a single choice, you can tailor the poll to your specific needs.

Additionally, Doodle provides a hidden poll option, which keeps the names, comments, and votes of other participants private. This feature is handy when conducting public polls but may not be necessary for private or internal polls.

While many of these advanced features require a premium Doodle membership, the free version still offers a robust set of options for most users.

Become a Doodle Pro with a Premium Membership

Doodle offers both a free trial and paid plans for users. The free trial is suitable for casual organizers, allowing you to create polls without any limitations. However, if you're a busy professional and require additional features, you may want to consider a premium membership.

The private service, available for $66 per year, removes ads from the website and mobile apps, enables reminders to participants, allows additional information requests, and provides calendar invitations. On the other hand, the business service, priced at $84 per year, offers advanced branding, customized invitations, subdomains, and multi-user access.

Ultimately, the decision to upgrade to a premium plan depends on your specific needs and the extent to which you rely on Doodle for scheduling.

Create Polls with Ease

The core feature of Doodle is its ability to create polls effortlessly. Whether you want to plan a meeting, arrange an event, or schedule a one-on-one meeting, Doodle has you covered.

To create a poll, click the "Schedule an event" link on your dashboard or the "Create a Doodle" button. Then follow the four simple steps:

  1. Provide a clear and concise title for your event.
  2. Add a location to give participants an idea of where the event will take place.
  3. Include a note to provide additional information and set expectations.
  4. Select the available times on the calendar or use the text option for multiple choices.

Once your poll is ready, you can share it with participants through email or by copying the generated link. Participants can then select their preferred dates or options, simplifying the decision-making process.

Manage Your Polls and MeetMe Requests

As an event organizer, you can easily track and manage your polls and MeetMe requests from your Doodle dashboard. The Polls tab displays the polls you've created and the ones you've been invited to join. You can also see the number of participants and their recent interactions.

Doodle Dashboard

MeetMe requests, on the other hand, enable you to share your calendar availability and allow others to book time slots with you. This feature is particularly useful for professionals who offer consultations, coaching sessions, or one-on-one meetings. With a customized MeetMe page, you can present your availability professionally and simplify the booking process.

Take Your Scheduling to the Next Level with Automation

Doodle integrates seamlessly with platforms like Zapier and Slack to automate your scheduling processes. By utilizing Zapier, you can create customized scripts that trigger actions based on specific events in Doodle. This integration opens up a world of possibilities, enabling you to sync your Doodle activities with various applications and streamline your workflow.

Furthermore, Doodle's integration with Slack allows you to interact with Doodle directly through Slack's commands. You can view your polls, get quick tips, and even sign up for Doodle, all from within your Slack workspace.


Doodle is a straightforward and user-friendly scheduling platform that can save you time and avoid the hassles of coordinating schedules manually. While it may have some limitations, especially for large organizations, Doodle is an excellent tool for small groups and individuals looking for a simple and efficient scheduling solution.

With its intuitive interface, integrations with other applications, and various customization options, Doodle can help you streamline your scheduling and make arranging meetings a breeze. So, give it a try and experience the convenience of Doodle for yourself.

Updated February 3, 2023