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What to Write on Cat Birthday Invitations, Plus 8 Purrfect Designs

Hey there, cool cats! Are you ready to throw the purrfect birthday party for yourself or your beloved feline friend? Well, we've got just the thing for you - a cat-themed extravaganza! Cats are the...

Cat birthday invitations: cat

Hey there, cool cats! Are you ready to throw the purrfect birthday party for yourself or your beloved feline friend? Well, we've got just the thing for you - a cat-themed extravaganza! Cats are the epitome of birthday energy with their carefree and independent nature. So why not channel your inner feline and embrace a fierce party theme?

A cat birthday party is full of paw-sibilities. From adorable kitty cat decorations to serving sushi (because what else would a cat eat?), and even wearing cat ears instead of traditional party hats, the options are endless. But before you dive into all the party details, let's start with the most important element - the birthday party invitations.

Your invitation cards are the first glimpse your guests get of your fabulous birthday party. So why not make a Maine Coon-sized impression with invitations that are truly the cat's meow? We're here to help you choose the purrfect cat birthday invitations for your party, along with some delightful messages to get the party started.

8 Cat Birthday Invitations to Announce Your Pawty

Felines can be notoriously fussy, and we wouldn't want them to settle for anything less than the best, right? That's why we've rounded up a selection of digital invitations that can be customized to your heart's content. You can choose the colors, change the wording, and even add music that plays when your guests open their invites. Talk about a memorable invitation!

So, without further ado, here are eight completely customizable cat birthday invitations:

1. Time to Pawty Invitations

Time to Pawty Invitations Caption: This pretty kitty invitation is the purrfect pawty invite for kids birthday parties, cats birthday parties, or whimsical adult birthday parties. It’s available in three different color schemes so you can style this cute cat to match your party decor.

2. Pawty Paw Prints Invitations

Pawty Paw Prints Invitations Caption: Sure, the paw prints on this invite could’ve come from a dog (hiss!), but we all know cats are the ones who walk all over your stuff. Customizable to any color scheme you can dream up during your cat nap, this card is ideal for cat lovers of all ages. And you can customize the text with a funny feline phrase.

3. Otomi Inspired Invitations

Otomi Inspired Invitations Caption: We love the crafty cat hidden among the birds on this colorful kitty invite. While this invitation may originally be from the Cinco de Mayo cat-egory, you can change the text to read “kitty cat birthday party” or “feline fiesta,” then send it out as a cute kitten birthday invitation.

4. Get Wild Invitations

Get Wild Invitations Caption: This bengal-inspired invitation was originally designed for a baby shower. But with a quick update to the text, you can transform it into the ideal invite for your cat birthday celebration. For a kid’s birthday, change the text to say “Let’s Celebrate Our Wild Child.” For an adult’s birthday, try “Let’s Celebrate One Cool Cat.” And if you’re going to play games at your cat birthday party, this invite is begging for a claws that reads “No Cheetahs Allowed.”

5. Our New Addition Announcements

Our New Addition Announcements Caption: While this greeting card is meant to be a new kitten announcement, it also makes a charming adult birthday invitation. The photo window can be updated with any image worthy of announcing your feline fête. Simply add a photo of your favorite feline or funny cat meme into this invitation template to make it your own.

6. Glamorous Witch Invitations

Glamorous Witch Invitations Caption: Halloween isn’t the only time we want to hang with our witches! For a girl’s birthday party or a grown-up girl’s night, invite your entire coven and their cats with these Glamorous Witch invitations. (Every witch needs their feline familiar!) Although the invite has strong Halloween vibes, it’s also purrfect for a full-moon party or any party with a little mystical entertainment, like tarot card readings, crystal balls, and witch’s brew.

7. Get Wild Tiger Invitations

Get Wild Tiger Invitations Caption: We love cats big and small, and if you want an extra ferocious invite for your feline-themed party, then this tiger invitation is ready to go roaring into your guests’ inboxes (perhaps with a little “Eye of the Tiger” playing as background music). You can customize it to any color, and the “Get Wild” text lets guests know they’re in for a lot of feline fun.

8. Photo Birthday Invitations

Photo Birthday Invitations Caption: If you have your own precious pet, then they would look paw-sitively adorable on your birthday party invitations. If your cat birthday party is literally in celebration of your cat’s birthday, then it will be trés apropos to feature the feline with a photo. By choosing any photo birthday invitation, you can customize it with your own cat pic or add a funny cat meme. To double down on the cat theme, try this Wild Cheetah Invitation with cheetah print text and room for your favorite feline photo.

Funny Feline-Themed Messages to Add to Your Invites

Since the text on digital invitations is completely customizable, you have plenty of room to add clever cat phrases and purrfect puns. Here are some messages that will have your guests grinning like Cheshire cats:

  • Check me-owt! It’s my birthday!
  • Get your paws on this party invite!
  • It’s the cat’s pajama party!
  • You’re invited, Furriend!
  • Join us for a warm and fuzzy celebration.
  • Time for wishes on candles and whiskers on kittens — it’s a birthday party!
  • This birthday will be filled with giggles and butt wiggles!
  • This party is gonna go down in hiss-tory!
  • This party has the whole kitten caboodle!
  • It’ll be a paw-sitively good time!
  • Time to get my claws into some cake!
  • Paws for a moment to read these party details.
  • Read these party deets! (They’re not just fluff.)
  • RSVP: Count me in or count meowt!

Cat’s Got Your Invite

Once you have chosen and sent out your cat birthday invitations, you can focus on other important party preparations. From making the cutest cat birthday cake to selecting the purrfect party supplies, you'll be all set for a memorable celebration. And what's even better? By opting for online invitations, you can personalize your cat birthday cards with your own photo, message, or color scheme. You can even track your RSVPs online and send out reminders to guests who haven't responded.

Digital invitations not only save time but also help reduce waste. Unlike paper and printable invitations that end up littering our landfills, online invitations are eco-friendly. Because let's be honest, the only litter we like is a litter of kittens!

So go ahead, plan the ultimate cat-themed birthday party, and make it a day to remember. Happy meow-day!