23 Balloon Crafts for Kids: Unleash the Creativity!

Balloons are not just for decoration anymore! They are a versatile craft material that can provide hours of fun and creativity for kids. In this article, we will explore 23 unique balloon crafts that will...

Balloons are not just for decoration anymore! They are a versatile craft material that can provide hours of fun and creativity for kids. In this article, we will explore 23 unique balloon crafts that will inspire your kids to think outside the box and create something amazing. Get ready to unleash their creativity!

A Quick (and Important) Note

Before we dive into the crafts, it's essential to ensure safety. Various types of balloons will be used, but the most commonly used ones are water, regular, and twisty balloons. To avoid injuries when blowing up a balloon, consider using a balloon pump. Also, always supervise younger kids when using scissors, and safety scissors are recommended.

8 Things to Make with Balloons (Inflated)

1. Glowing Balloons

Let's start with a super easy craft - glowing balloons! All you need are glow sticks and balloons. Kids will love making these glow-in-the-dark balloons from Kids Activities Blog. It's a fantastic way to add some magic to a nighttime event!

Glowing Balloons Photo credit: Kids Activities Blog figcaption: Create a magical atmosphere with glowing balloons.

2. Balloon Powered Boat

Get ready for some water fun with this balloon-powered boat craft. A Little Learning for Two shows kids how to make a boat using balloons, plastic or cornstarch containers, a craft knife, a straw, rubber bands, sticky tape, scissors, and sticky tack. Let their imagination sail away!

Balloon Powered Boat Photo credit: A Little Learning for Two figcaption: Let your imagination set sail with a balloon-powered boat.

3. Balloon Powered LEGO Car

Do your kids have a love for LEGO? Combine their passion with a balloon-powered car craft. The Crafty Mummy's tutorial shows kids how to build a car using LEGOs and a balloon. The best part? They can let their creativity flow and build their car however they want!

Balloon Powered LEGO Car Photo credit: The Crafty Mummy figcaption: Explore creativity with a balloon-powered LEGO car.

4. Balloon Hovercraft

Make, Film, Play teaches kids how to make a balloon hovercraft using a CD, glue gun, a bottle cap, a pin, and a balloon. It's a fantastic way to introduce some science into their craft time. Consider using a low-temperature glue gun for added safety.

5. Hot Air Balloon Craft

No balloon craft list is complete without a hot air balloon! Woo! Jr. shows kids how to make a mini hot air balloon using a balloon, ribbons, scissors, tape, and a basket. Let your kids imagine they're on a journey around the world in 80 days!

Hot Air Balloon Craft Photo credit: Woo! Jr. figcaption: Take your toys on an adventure with a hot air balloon craft.

6. Balloon Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Design Improvised teaches kids how to make a simple balloon turkey for Thanksgiving using a balloon, feathers, string, googly eyes, cardstock, scotch tape, and a low-temperature glue gun. It's a fun and easy craft that kids will gobble up!

Balloon Thanksgiving Turkey Craft Photo credit: Design Improvised figcaption: Add a touch of Thanksgiving to your crafts with a balloon turkey.

7. Dog Balloon Animal

Remember the magic of balloon animals at birthday parties? You and your kids can make your own balloon dog with this video tutorial from AboutMagic! Younger kids may need some help twisting and shaping the balloons, but it's a great way to bring back those fond memories.

8. Balloon Octopus

Get ready for some underwater fun with this balloon octopus craft. The aptly named Balloon Sage shows us how to create this awesome cephalopod using multiple twisty balloons and regular balloons. To add a fun and authentic look, use eyeball latex balloons for the eyes. It's a perfect craft to make together as a family!

Balloon Octopus Photo credit: Balloon Sage figcaption: Dive into creative fun with a balloon octopus.

7 Cool Things to Make with Balloons (Deflated)

Balloons don't always need to be inflated to be fun! Here are some cool crafts that can be made with fresh balloons from the pack.

9. Balloon Elephants Craft

Glued to My Crafts shows kids how to make cute and colorful balloon elephants using balloons, glue dots, glue, cardstock, scissors, and some optional glitter or rhinestones. It's a perfect craft for animal lovers!

Balloon Elephants Craft Photo credit: Glued to My Crafts figcaption: Make adorable balloon elephants to brighten up your day.

10. Pool Noodle Pom Pom Shooter

Do you have some pool noodles lying around from a recent pool party? Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails shows kids how to make a pool noodle pom pom shooter using a pool noodle, a balloon, pom poms, scissors, and duct tape. Get ready for endless fun!

11. Balloon Stress Balls

Everybody needs some stress relief, including kids! Red Ted Art shows kids how to make cute balloon stress balls using flour, a plastic bottle, balloons, yarn, and a black marker. It's a great craft to help them relax and have fun at the same time.

12. Balloon Bongos

Is your kid musically inclined? Mini Eco's balloon bongos are just what they need! With balloons, tin cans, rubber bands, chopsticks, and rice or lentils, they'll be rocking and rolling in no time. Let the rhythm flow!

Balloon Bongos Photo credit: Mini Eco figcaption: Make some music with balloon bongos.

13. Balloon Hand Drum

This Japanese den-den daiko drum, popularized in The Karate Kid II, can be made with balloons, an empty Pringles can (or any round container), a craft knife, hole puncher, glue, scissors, washi tape, duct tape, string, and beads. It's a craft that combines culture and creativity!

Balloon Hand Drum Photo credit: Moms and Crafters figcaption: Enjoy the beat with a balloon hand drum.

14. Water Balloon Flip Flops

Add a splash of fun to your summer season with these vibrant water balloon flip flops. About a Mom shows kids how to make these colorful flip flops using a pair of flip flops and about 120 water balloons. It's a craft that's fun for the whole family!

Water Balloon Flip Flops Photo credit: About a Mom figcaption: Walk in style with water balloon flip flops.

15. Balloon Lung Model

Combine education and creativity with this balloon lung model. The Connecticut Science Center provides a step-by-step guide for showing your kids how lungs work using balloons, a bottle, scissors, and masking or duct tape. It's a craft that will make learning fun and interactive!

Balloon Lung Model Photo credit: Connecticut Science Center figcaption: Explore the human body with a balloon lung model.

8 More Fun Things to do with Balloons

Here are eight more crafts that use balloons as tools to create some really fun stuff!

16. Balloon Print Spider Art

If your kids are not afraid of spiders, this craft is perfect for them. I Heart Crafty Things teaches kids how to make spider art using balloons, washable paint, googly eyes, a black marker, glue, and paper plates. It's a great way to create some spooky fun!

Balloon Print Spider Art Photo credit: I Heart Crafty Things figcaption: Create some spooky spider art with balloons.

17. Balloon Splatter Painting (3 Different Ways)

For some messy and fun painting, let your kids try balloon splatter art! Hello, Wonderful, Raising Dragons, and Mr. Otter Art Studio show different methods to create beautiful masterpiece. Get ready to embrace the mess and let their creativity fly!


Poked Photo credit: Hello, Wonderful