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This Crafty Mom: A Trolls-Themed Birthday Party Extravaganza

Are you ready to get your hair up and party like a Troll? Join us on an adventure into the colorful world of Trolls, as we explore the creative and fun-filled birthday party hosted by...

Are you ready to get your hair up and party like a Troll? Join us on an adventure into the colorful world of Trolls, as we explore the creative and fun-filled birthday party hosted by This Crafty Mom. Get ready to be inspired with plenty of adorable ideas that are sure to make your little one's birthday celebration unforgettable!

Bringing the Trolls to Life: A Birthday Photoshoot

One of the most cherished traditions of This Crafty Mom is an annual birthday photoshoot with her girls. This year, the spotlight was on the Trolls theme, and the results were simply magical. With a Poppy costume and a pink troll hair headband, the little birthday girl truly transformed into her favorite character. The photoshoot also featured a delightful display of Trolls toys and vibrant decorations from the party. The end result? A collection of b-day memories capturing the child's endless expressions.

Trolls Birthday Photoshoot Photo: This Crafty Mom

The Perfect Trolls Birthday Outfit

For the actual party, This Crafty Mom designed a delightful Poppy leotard using an SVG from Etsy. The white leotard was transformed into a vibrant masterpiece with the addition of a cute Poppy design. This unique outfit was not only perfect for the Trolls party at gymnastics but also versatile enough to be worn for dance classes throughout the year.

Trolls Birthday Outfit Photo: This Crafty Mom

A Feast Fit for a Troll: Trolls-Themed Party Food

With the party in full swing, This Crafty Mom delighted guests with an array of Trolls-themed party food. From Creek's Crackers (they should've said Creeks Cheese and Crackers, but Mama got a bit carried away) to Poppy's Puffs (simply Cheese Doodles in a bowl), the Trolls spirit was infused into every bite. And for a touch of healthiness, fruits were turned into "Troll Hair" and served as fun finger food. The party table was adorned with adorable Trolls plates, napkins, and a vibrant tablecloth, all conveniently sourced from Amazon.

Trolls Birthday Party Food Photo: This Crafty Mom

Enchanting Trolls Decorations: DIY Crafts Galore

This Crafty Mom's passion for DIY crafts truly shined through in the vibrant Trolls decorations. The imagination took flight with mason jar Poppy creations, featuring adorable vinyl-cut faces, knotted tulle, and glittery 3s. These charming jars, now serving as decorations in her daughter's room, added an extra touch of Trolls magic. Another standout piece was a large pink number 3, covered in the familiar Trolls facial features, tied with tulle, and adorned with shabby chic flowers. Digital chalkboards, custom signs, and a whimsical Hug Time banner contributed to the enchanting atmosphere of the party.

Trolls Party Decorations Photo: This Crafty Mom

Take Home a Piece of Trolls Magic: Party Favors

No birthday party is complete without delightful party favors. This Crafty Mom hit the mark with cute cotton candy bags labeled as Troll hair, accompanied by Trolls erasers and stickers. The treat bags were a big hit among the young guests, and the party favor tag added an extra touch of charm. All the favor items were conveniently sourced from Amazon.

Trolls Party Favors Photo: This Crafty Mom

With an abundance of creative ideas and DIY crafts, This Crafty Mom brought the Trolls theme to life in a truly magical way. The joy and excitement of the celebration were evident in every aspect, from the birthday photoshoot to the delightful party decorations and mouthwatering party food. This Trolls-themed birthday party was an unforgettable experience, creating cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

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