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How to Plan a Memorable Hen Do Abroad

Image credit: Starevent.vn Have you always dreamed of having a fabulous hen weekend abroad but don't know where to begin organizing it? Planning a memorable hen do abroad requires careful thought and consideration. In this...

how to plan a hen do abroad Image credit: Starevent.vn

Have you always dreamed of having a fabulous hen weekend abroad but don't know where to begin organizing it? Planning a memorable hen do abroad requires careful thought and consideration. In this article, we will guide you through the essential steps to ensure an unforgettable experience.

Pros and Cons of Having a Hen Do Abroad

Pros of a Hen Do Abroad

  • Transform your hen do into a remarkable event, creating lifelong memories with your friends.
  • Enjoy better weather, especially if you choose a southern European destination.
  • Potentially lower costs for food and drinks, particularly in Eastern Europe.
  • Escape the routine and explore new destinations with your beloved pals.
  • Embrace a unique experience different from the usual UK-based hen dos.

Cons of a Hen Do Abroad

  • Requires additional planning and coordination compared to a local hen party.
  • May incur higher overall costs due to travel expenses and extended stays.
  • Some hens might be unable to join due to financial constraints or time constraints.
  • Language barriers can make organizing activities and outings more challenging.
  • Choosing the perfect location becomes more difficult when considering international destinations.

Evaluate the pros and cons together with the bride to ensure everyone is on board with the idea of a hen do abroad. If you're planning a surprise hen weekend, consider making a judgment call based on the bride's preferences and personality.

How Much Does a Hen Weekend Abroad Cost?

The cost of a hen weekend outside the UK is influenced by three major factors:

  • Distance traveled
  • Duration of the stay
  • Choice of accommodation

The number of hens attending can also impact the overall cost. Sometimes, larger groups can secure better rates by splitting expenses and booking accommodations like villas. Here's a breakdown of average per-person costs for a hen do in Europe:

  • Flights: £60 - £150 return
  • Accommodation: £150-200 for two nights
  • Food & drink: £100 for the weekend
  • Activities: £100 per person
  • Total cost per hen: £300 - £550

How to Find Affordable Hen Party Accommodation in Europe

Hen Party Accommodation Image credit: Starevent.vn

To keep costs in check, consider booking an Airbnb for your hen party. Airbnb offers a wide range of accommodation options suitable for large groups. The cost per night per person is often more affordable than traditional hotels. Moreover, many Airbnb properties provide shared kitchens, allowing you to save money on dining out. Use Airbnb's filters to find amenities that will make your hen party extra special, such as swimming pools or hot tubs.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Plan a Hen Weekend Abroad

Now, let's walk you through the steps to plan a fantastic hen weekend abroad, DIY-style:

  1. Decide on a Date and Location: Collaborate with the bride (unless it's a surprise) and consider factors like the top destinations in Europe and ideal weather conditions. Additionally, check for affordable flights from your local airport.

  2. Look for Flights: Explore flight options using platforms like Omio. Don't forget to check the airlines' official websites as well. For mainland Europe destinations, consider the adventure of an overland train journey with your friends.

  3. Search for Hen Party Accommodation Abroad: Depending on the group size, choose between hotel rooms or an Airbnb. Booking.com can assist with hotel reservations, while Airbnb offers excellent options for larger groups.

  4. Invite the Hens: Once you've finalized the travel and accommodation details, inform the hens about the plan, costs, and payment deadlines. Encourage them to commit and pay deposits early, as group size affects expenses.

  5. Book the Hen Weekend: Once you have confirmation and deposits from all the hens, secure the flights and book the accommodation swiftly.

  6. Important Extras: Remember to consider the logistical details to ensure a smooth weekend:

    • Arrange transportation to the airport, possibly through a minibus rental.
    • Ensure all hens possess valid passports, with at least six months of validity.
    • Discuss luggage options to optimize space and cost.
    • Plan for airport transfers at your destination, whether via shuttle or car rental.
    • Coordinate food arrangements, especially if you opt for a self-catering apartment.
    • Consider booking activities in advance to secure better deals.

Should I Book a Package Holiday for My Hen Weekend Abroad?

For additional options, investigate package holiday deals available for your chosen dates. Providers like EasyJet Holidays and Jet2 Holidays often offer appealing packages. These packages typically include flights and accommodations, and you may even find all-inclusive or half-board options. There are also companies that specialize in planning hen party packages abroad.

What Else Do I Need?

Don't forget to bring along some fun accessories to enhance your hen do abroad. Matching swimsuits, beach towels, and drinking bottles can add an extra touch of excitement. For more ideas, refer to our post on finding the perfect hen party accessories.

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Now that you have a comprehensive guide, start planning your unforgettable hen weekend abroad. Embrace the adventure and create memories that will last a lifetime with your cherished friends. Happy planning!