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34 Festive Ideas to Decorate Your Home with Garland

Long chains of leaves or flowers, known as garlands, have been used for centuries to add beauty to special occasions. Originally used in religious ceremonies, they gradually became popular as decorations in homes and festive...

Long chains of leaves or flowers, known as garlands, have been used for centuries to add beauty to special occasions. Originally used in religious ceremonies, they gradually became popular as decorations in homes and festive settings. Today, garlands are most commonly used to decorate homes for the holidays, with countless possibilities and materials to choose from.

Places to Decorate with Garland

There are numerous ways to incorporate garlands into your home decor. From traditional choices to unexpected locations, here are a few ideas to inspire you:


Christmas Banister Garland Caption: Garland wrapping around a beautiful staircase

The staircase offers two potential spots for garland decoration. You can wrap garlands around the handrail or drape them along the banisters, depending on your preference.


Garland Stairs Bottom Caption: Garland draped along the spindles

For those who want to avoid scratches on the stair railing or keep the handrail clear, draping garlands along the spindles is an excellent alternative.

Fireplace Mantel

Mantel Garland Caption: Garland hanging from a fireplace mantel

The fireplace mantel is a traditional and cozy space to hang garlands. Drape them over the top and let them cascade down the sides for a festive touch.

Front Door Entrance

Front Door Garland Caption: Garland welcoming guests at the front door entrance

Hanging garlands over the front door entrance is a warm and inviting way to greet your guests. It adds a touch of festive cheer to the exterior of your home.


Window Garland Caption: Garland enhancing the windows with lights and stockings

When trimming the door, don't forget to add garlands to the windows as well. Adding lights and stockings will catch the eye of anyone passing by and make them feel the holiday spirit.

The Framework

The large framework that separates the rooms of your house offers ample space for hanging garlands that won't obstruct your guests' movements.

Over a Piano

Garland on Piano Caption: Garland draped over a piano

Furniture can also be adorned with garlands. Draping a leafy chain over a piano creates a festive ambiance, perfect for gathering around and singing carols.

Kitchen Cabinet

Christmas Garland on Cabinets Caption: Garland adding the holiday feeling to kitchen cabinets

The kitchen offers several surfaces that can be adorned with garlands. Adding garlands to high cabinets, combined with soft lights, creates a delightful holiday atmosphere during meal preparations.

Table Centerpiece

Dining Table Garland Caption: Garland as a centerpiece for the dining table

Instead of the traditional centerpiece, opt for a beautiful strand of greenery. It will enhance the dining experience, bringing a festive and pleasing view while enjoying your holiday feast.


Lights and chandeliers serve as a stunning backdrop for garlands. Hanging garlands from these fixtures provides beauty for adults to enjoy and is out of reach for little ones.


Decorative mirrors can be even more enchanting when adorned with garlands. Let the garland enhance the mirror's beauty while reflecting the festivities in the rest of the room.

Decorating the Exterior of the House

Don't limit your garland decorations to the interior of your home. The exterior of your house offers multiple areas for you to add festive charm.

Exterior Porch Railings

Porch Garland Caption: Garland decorating the exterior porch railings

String garlands on your exterior porch railings in a similar fashion to the stair railings indoors. This spreads joy to arriving guests before they even step inside.


Mailbox Garland Caption: Garland wrapped around the mailbox

Don't forget about the mailbox next to your sidewalk. Wrapping garlands around it, topped with a festive bow, adds a delightful touch to your holiday decorations.


Fence Garland Caption: Garland embellishing the fence

If a fence surrounds your property, consider adding garlands to complete the exterior holiday look. It adds a touch of charm and festivity to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Windows and Doors

Outdoor Garland Caption: Garland on outdoor windows and doors

Extend the holiday spirit outdoors by hanging garlands on your exterior windows and doors. Bring the festive atmosphere outside for everyone to enjoy.


The big house isn't the only place to showcase your decorating skills. If you have a playhouse in your backyard, consider adorning it with garlands to make the children's space part of the festive decoration process.

Pet Houses

Christmas Garland on Stables Caption: Garland beautifying pet houses

While decorating outside, don't forget about your outdoor pets' homes. Add garlands to doghouses or even the stables for a heartwarming touch that includes all members of the family.

Unique Materials for Garland

If you're looking for a new holiday look, there are countless materials that can be substituted for traditional garlands. Let your creativity shine with these unique alternatives:

Star Garland

Star Garland Caption: A homemade star garland shining brightly

Create a silvery star garland to drape over a lovely tree, hang in a window, or near lights to make them sparkle like diamonds in the sky.

Colored Balls

DIY Ornament Garland Caption: A garland made of colorful balls

Instead of hanging ornaments individually on a tree, string together a bunch of colorful balls for a repurposed garland that can be hung anywhere. It adds a touch of playfulness to your decor.

Love Beads

If you have an excess of love beads from a trip to New Orleans, cut them into long strands and incorporate them into your garland. Spreading the love in a new and festive way adds a unique touch to your decorations.


Ribbon Garland Caption: A garland made of beautiful ribbons

Replace traditional metallic garlands with colorful ribbons. Not only does it create a new look, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your decor. Repurpose ribbons from past gifts for a sentimental touch.


Snowflake Garland Caption: A garland adorned with delicate snowflakes

Snowflakes don't have to stay outside. Hang handmade or store-bought snowflakes for a sparkling and beautiful addition to any area of your home.

Sheet Music

Sheet Music Garland Caption: A garland made of sheet music

Music enthusiasts will love a garland made of sheet music. Cut it into strips, form rings, connect the rings, and you'll have a stunning musical garland to showcase your love for music.

Colored Paper

Colored Paper Decor Caption: Festive garland made of colored paper

Get creative with colored paper and create unique decorations. For instance, cut the paper into holly shapes and accent them with paper berries to adorn your staircase.


Lighted Burlap Garland Caption: Burlap garland creating a rustic ambiance

Burlap may not be your first choice for decorating, but with a long length and a bit of string, it can make a stunning garland perfect for adorning your mantle with a touch of rustic charm.


Seashell Garland Caption: A beach-inspired garland made of seashells

If you've collected seashells from your travels, string them along a heavy rope for a unique and coastal-inspired garland. It adds a touch of beachy beauty to your holiday decorations.

Magnolia Leaves

Magnolia Leaf Decor Caption: Magnolia leaves garland with added bows and lights

Consider using magnolia leaves as a fresh alternative to the traditional pine and cedar garlands. Add bows or strings of colored lights to enhance their natural beauty.


Berries Garland Caption: A natural garland adorned with berries

Berries offer an outdoorsy and natural touch to garlands. Wrap them around a tree or lay them on a mantle for a burst of color in any room.


Pinecone Decor Caption: A rustic garland made of pinecones

Pinecones are a natural and eco-friendly material for garlands. Secure them together for a rustic and charming addition to your holiday decorations.


Gingerbread Decor Caption: A gingerbread garland that looks good enough to eat

Create a charming gingerbread garland that will make mouths water. Though not edible, varnish them to preserve the look and enjoy them as delightful holiday decorations for years to come.

All the Trimmings

Enhance your garland decorations with these additional elements to create a more magical and mesmerizing display:


Garland with Lights Caption: Garland glowing with soft lights

Lights, whether soft white or colored, can elevate the beauty of garlands. Turn off the overhead lights and let the glow of the garlands create a cozy and enchanting holiday ambiance.


Instead of using bows, add a sprinkle of flowers to your garlands for a natural and delicate touch. The combination of greenery and flowers creates a truly captivating effect.


Fruit Decor Caption: A garland adorned with colorful fruits

Add some colorful fruits like oranges and lemons to your leafy garlands for a pop of color and a delightful aroma.

Mix and Match

Burlap and Berries Garland Caption: A garland combining burlap and berries for a unique look

If using only one type of material doesn't suit your style, mix and match different elements. Combine burlap, berries, and natural branches in a garland that blends the best of all worlds.

With the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to start thinking about decorations. Let these garland ideas inspire you to create a festive and enchanting atmosphere in your home. Whether you choose traditional greenery or opt for unique materials, you're guaranteed to find something you love that brings out the best in you and your home.