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20 Best Event Management Companies in India: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you in search of the best event management company in India to help you organize a remarkable event? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 20 event...

Are you in search of the best event management company in India to help you organize a remarkable event? Look no further! In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 20 event management companies in India that excel in delivering exceptional events. Whether it's a wedding, conference, concert, or any other special occasion, these companies have the expertise and resources to make your event a huge success.

The Importance of Event Management Companies

Event management companies play a crucial role in planning, organizing, and executing events on behalf of their clients. They handle everything from project management and budget control to venue staging and theme décor. With their skilled and experienced team, they ensure that every aspect of your event runs smoothly. Their attention to detail and excellent communication skills make them the perfect choice for any event.

The Top 20 Event Management Companies in India

  1. Percept D Mark: With over 1000 employees, Percept D Mark is a pioneer in integrated marketing communications. It offers exceptional event management and branding consulting services. Website

  2. Wizcraft: Known for its extravagant entertainment events, Wizcraft has a vast clientele, including over 500 MNCs. It has successfully organized major events like the Commonwealth Games opening and closing ceremonies. Website

  3. Cineyug: Cineyug is the go-to event management company for adding glamour and sparkle to events. It specializes in film-related events but also covers athletic, business, and wedding events. Website

  4. Pegasus: Pegasus is known for its versatility in handling various event formats. It organizes conferences, roadshows, PR initiatives, and awards with exceptional precision and creativity. Website

  5. DNA Entertainment Networks Pvt. Ltd: This Bangalore-based company has organized numerous high-profile events, including music concerts and sporting tournaments such as the IPL, Hockey India League, and Premier Badminton League. Website

  6. Showtime: Showtime is renowned for turning occasions into unforgettable experiences. Their expertise lies in planning and executing large-scale events with precision, making them a preferred choice for renowned companies. Website

  7. E Factor Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.: With over two decades of experience, this Noida-based company has managed celebrity events and business functions with utmost professionalism. They believe that no event is too big or complicated to accomplish successfully. Website

  8. Tafcon: Tafcon specializes in organizing corporate events and trade fairs across various industrial sectors. With a reputation for excellence, they offer international exhibitions and conferences to facilitate collaborations and partnerships. Website

  9. Fountainhead Transmedia: Based in Mumbai, Fountainhead Transmedia is well-known for managing corporate events and exhibitions. They combine innovative technologies with effective marketing strategies to deliver exceptional results. Website

  10. Wow Events: With over 15 years of industry expertise, Wow Events has collaborated with top corporate brands, delivering outstanding results. Their expertise lies in planning and executing remarkable events and experiences. Website

  11. 360-Degree Events: Known for their comprehensive event management services, 360-Degree Events plans and executes various events such as trade shows, conferences, corporate events, and roadshows. Website

  12. Geometry Encompass: Geometry Encompass is an immersive marketing company that stays ahead of the curve by embracing modern tactics. They provide enhanced interaction and visibility through their digital screens, creating unforgettable experiences. Website

  13. Procam Running: Procam Running specializes in organizing marathons across India, including prestigious events like the Tata Mumbai Marathon and Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. They also run a specialized running club called Endurunz. Website

  14. Craftsman Solutions: Recognized for its brand launches, Craftsman Solutions manages everything from exhibits to business events. With their creative approach, they ensure that every event stands out. Website

  15. George P Johnson: George P Johnson is a global experience-marketing firm that has dominated the Indian event industry for over two decades. Their events are known for their elegance and flair, making them an ideal choice for international corporations. Website

  16. Balmer Lawrie: Balmer Lawrie Travel & Vacations is a century-old company that organizes and manages events nationally and internationally. Their expertise lies in managing expos, meetings, and conferences with utmost professionalism. Website

  17. Sercon: Sercon is India's leading event management company, offering a wide range of services, including digital, B2B, and B2C events. They aim to ensure that event organizers get the most out of their experience. Website

  18. Cox and Kings: Cox and Kings is a renowned travel and event management company that has been organizing meetings, conferences, and educational programs since 1758. They have a global presence, making them an ideal choice for international events. Website

  19. 70 EMG: Seventy Event Media Group is known for producing exceptional events in India and worldwide. They have worked with renowned businesses and personalities, delivering some of the most complex and memorable events. Website

  20. Corporate Events: Corporate Events is the leading event management company in India. With over a decade of experience, they excel in arranging and executing various business events, ensuring excellence from planning to execution. Website

Please note that the order of companies does not imply ranking.

The Roles of an Event Management Company

Event management companies perform a wide range of tasks to ensure the success of an event. These tasks include project management, event scheduling, budget control, staffing, liaising with vendors, venue staging, sourcing suppliers, on-the-day event management, health and safety reports, and post-event analysis, among others. Skilled event managers have the versatility and expertise to handle all elements of an event effectively.

FAQs on Event Management Companies in India

Q1. What are the five components of event management? The five components of event management are concept, coordination, control, culmination, and closeout.

Q2. What are the eight types of events? The eight types of events include trade shows, conferences, team building events, networking events, workshops, product launch events, internal corporate events, and charity events.

Q3. What are event management skills? Event management skills include organizational abilities, event planning, people management, negotiating, strategizing, budgeting, and creative abilities, among others.

Q4. What do event managers do? Event managers are responsible for planning, promoting, and ensuring the smooth running of events. They handle tasks such as scheduling, coordination, and execution to deliver successful events.

Q5. Are events stressful jobs? Event planning can be stressful, especially without the help of a professional event management company. It is considered one of the most stressful jobs, but with the right team, it can be a rewarding experience.

Q6. Which is the first event management company in India? Touchwood Entertainment Limited is the first listed event management company in India.

Q7. What is the turnover of event management companies in India? The turnover of event management companies in India is $4.75 billion.

Wrapping Up

Event management is a crucial aspect of organizing a successful event. By choosing the right event management company, you can ensure that your dream project becomes outstanding. Refer to this comprehensive guide to find the best event management company in India that suits your needs. Let these experts take charge of your event and deliver an unforgettable experience!

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