19 Favorite Places to Buy Holiday Decor on a Budget!

Are you looking to spruce up your home with some festive holiday decor without breaking the bank? Look no further! In this article, we will explore 19 amazing places where you can find affordable and...

Are you looking to spruce up your home with some festive holiday decor without breaking the bank? Look no further! In this article, we will explore 19 amazing places where you can find affordable and stylish holiday decorations. So, get ready to deck the halls and create a warm and inviting atmosphere for the holiday season!

1. World Market

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World Market is a treasure trove when it comes to unique and budget-friendly holiday decor. Whether you need cozy blankets or beautiful ornaments, World Market has you covered. Build up your collection with a little something new each year without feeling guilty about overspending. It's the perfect place to find trendy items that won't break the bank.

2. Kirkland's

If you're looking for affordable pumpkins or quality Christmas ornaments, Kirkland's is the place to go. They offer unique items at a fraction of the price you'd find at stores like Pottery Barn or Pier 1. Their holiday-themed pillows are fantastic Pottery Barn dupes, allowing you to decorate your home in style without spending a fortune.

3. Amazon

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Don't underestimate the power of Amazon when it comes to holiday decor. While they may not be your first thought, they have a wide selection of farmhouse-style fall and Christmas decorations. The convenience of online shopping and fast delivery makes Amazon a great option for finding affordable and stylish decor for your home.

4. Michaels

Michaels is not just a craft store; it's also a fantastic place to find affordable holiday decorations. They have a dedicated section for decor items that are perfect for adding a touch of festive cheer to your home. Whether you're looking for faux flowers or seasonal stems to change up your vases, Michaels has something for everyone.

5. Jo-Ann Fabrics

For cute and affordable holiday decor, Jo-Ann Fabrics is a must-visit. They offer a wide range of options, and you can even DIY some of the items. With regular coupon deals, you can save even more on their already reasonable prices. Jo-Ann Fabrics is perfect for finding unique and budget-friendly decorations that you can personalize to suit your style.

6. Target

Ah, Tarjay! Target is the go-to spot for impulse purchases, especially during the holiday season. With the Cartwheel app, you can scan your items to find additional discounts and avoid overspending. While it's easy to get carried away, Target offers a variety of holiday items that are both affordable and stylish. Just remember to set a budget and stick to it!

7. Thrift Stores

Don't underestimate the power of thrift store shopping for holiday decor. You'd be surprised by the treasures you can find with a little patience and creativity. Spray paint can give new life to old items, and you can add a vintage touch to your home without spending a fortune. Thrift stores offer relatively low-cost options that allow you to switch out decorations every season.

8. Etsy

Support small businesses and find unique holiday decor on Etsy. The platform is full of homemade items that are not only reasonably priced but also one-of-a-kind. You never know what hidden gems you'll discover on Etsy. Additionally, instead of buying new picture frames or wall art each season, consider purchasing digital artwork. It's affordable and can be easily printed for a fresh look without breaking the bank.

9. Walmart

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Walmart has been stepping up its game in the home decor department. With brands like Drew Barrymore and Better Home & Garden, you can find stylish and budget-friendly holiday decorations. Shopping online allows you to browse at your own pace and see which items are available for delivery, making your shopping experience even better.

10. Hobby Lobby

Hobby Lobby is a great alternative if you don't have a Michael's or Jo-Ann Fabrics nearby. With a coupon for 40% off a full-priced item, you can score amazing deals on their wide selection of holiday decor. Whether you're looking for holiday picks for a wreath or other festive options, Hobby Lobby has it all.

11. Home Goods

Home Goods is a treasure trove of unexpected finds. They offer small indoor decor items that are perfect for adding a touch of holiday cheer to any space. While some trendy items may cost a bit more, Home Goods provides great value for the price. It's a wonderful place to find unique pieces that will make your holiday decor stand out.

12. Dollar Tree

For inexpensive filler items and accessories, look no further than the Dollar Tree. You can find low-cost items that add that extra festive touch to your home. It's an excellent way to accessorize bigger pieces from stores like Kirkland's or Home Goods without spending a fortune.

13. Shutterfly

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While Shutterfly is known for its photo gifts, they also offer a range of personalized holiday decor items. The holiday wood wall art is a favorite, and with promo codes, you can create unique decor that is tailored to your style. Shutterfly is expanding its home decor options, giving you even more choices to make your home feel festive.

14. IKEA

If you appreciate a minimalist aesthetic, don't overlook IKEA for holiday decorations. They offer a variety of items at wallet-friendly prices, and the quality is excellent. Even if you don't have an IKEA store nearby, most items are available for delivery, making it convenient to shop for holiday decor.

15. Jane

Have you heard of Jane? It's a platform where you can find items marked down 60%+ from their normal retail prices. Jane features independent sellers, so you'll find unique items that you might not find elsewhere. It's a great place to discover hidden gems for yourself or to find special gifts for loved ones.

16. H&M

While H&M is known for its trendy clothes, they also offer fantastic holiday decorations. You can find affordable and stylish pieces that add a touch of flair to your Christmas decor. With such a vast selection, you're sure to find some cute items for yourself or to give as co-worker gifts.

17. Lowe's

When it comes to outdoor holiday decorations, Lowe's is a top choice. They offer a variety of options to help you create a stunning display in your front yard. Whether you're looking for snowflake spotlights or other festive items, Lowe's has you covered. Their range of options allows you to add some holiday cheer without spending all weekend setting up.

18. Home Depot

19 Favorite Places to Buy Holiday Decor on the Cheap! (2024)

Home Depot is another go-to store for all your holiday decorating needs. They have a wide selection of Christmas options and are expanding their Halloween decor as well. Whether you're looking for a 12-foot LED cone tree or a beautiful wreath for your front door, Home Depot has you covered.

19. Costco

Costco is known for offering great value, and their holiday decorations are no exception. They have a range of indoor and outdoor garlands that are perfect for creating a cohesive look. By shopping at Costco, you can save money while still decorating your home with high-quality, stylish items.

Now that you know the best places to buy holiday decor on a budget, go out and explore these stores. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home without breaking the bank. Happy shopping and enjoy making your holiday season extra special!