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Planning a Desi Wedding: The Ultimate Guide for the Modern Indian Couple

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience, especially when it involves the rich traditions and customs of a Desi wedding. From the financial implications to the tight timeline, there are many factors to consider....

Planning a wedding can be an overwhelming experience, especially when it involves the rich traditions and customs of a Desi wedding. From the financial implications to the tight timeline, there are many factors to consider. Whether you're the bride, groom, or a couple planning their dream wedding, this guide will provide you with valuable insights to make the process easier and more enjoyable.

Pick the Perfect Wedding Date

Choosing a wedding date is the first step in the planning process. Several factors can influence your decision. For instance, South Asian parents often want their children to get married as soon as possible. It's important to consider the implications of this choice and make sure you understand the planning process before committing to a date.

Additionally, some couples may want to get married quickly to start their lives together. However, it's worth noting that you can always have a court marriage and plan a larger, more elaborate wedding at a later date.

In Hindu weddings, the pandit or priest will look at your time of birth and recommend an auspicious date. These dates are typically between April-June and November-December, with a few options available in other months. Weather conditions in your chosen location should also be taken into consideration.

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Determine Your Wedding Guest Count

Once you have a potential wedding date in mind, it's time to determine your guest count. Finalizing this count can be a challenging task, especially for large South Asian weddings. To simplify the process, start by creating an initial guest list using input from both sides of the family.

Assign priority groups to each family based on their closeness to you. This will help you determine who should be invited to each event. Keep in mind that you may need to adjust the guest list based on the venue's capacity, and virtual weddings have become increasingly popular during the pandemic.

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Choose a Wedding Location

Before diving into the selection of a specific venue, it's important to decide whether you want a destination wedding or a local one. Destination weddings offer various benefits, such as a more intimate guest list and the opportunity to turn your wedding into a vacation for your guests. They also allow you to select a setting that matches your dream wedding vision.

On the other hand, hosting a local wedding can be more convenient for guests. Consider factors like airport proximity and travel time when choosing a location. Narrow down your options based on whether you prefer a city or a suburb for your wedding.

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Establish a Rough Wedding Budget

Understanding your budget range is crucial for making informed decisions throughout the planning process. Desi weddings can vary in cost, from affordable and budget-friendly to extravagant and lavish affairs. By establishing your comfortable budget range, you can prioritize your expenses, such as venue, catering, and décor.

If you need assistance in determining your budget, The Desi Bride offers a Wedding Calculator to help you make more informed financial decisions.

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Identify Your Priorities

Before diving into the wedding planning process, it's crucial to discuss and establish priorities with key stakeholders such as the bride, groom, and parents. Some common priorities include ensuring the couple and parents enjoy the wedding, managing relationships with family and in-laws, and staying within budget. Having a clear understanding of these priorities will help guide decision-making and ensure a smoother planning experience.

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The Timeline for Wedding Planning

On average, planning a South Asian wedding takes 10-12 months. It's important to give yourself ample time to make decisions and pay attention to detail, rather than rushing through the process. Starting early will ensure that you can secure your preferred vendors and enjoy the planning journey.

To help you navigate the planning process, we've included a high-level timeline:

  • 12 months out: Find potential wedding dates, establish a budget, determine your guest list, and decide on key events and locations.
  • 10-12 months out: Book your wedding venue(s) and send save-the-dates to guests.
  • 7-10 months out: Secure primary vendors, such as decorators/florists, caterers, photographers/videographers, and hair/makeup artists.
  • 4-7 months out: Finalize secondary vendors, including wedding cake/dessert, physical invitations, mehndi/henna artists, sound/lighting, wedding favors, and guest transportation.
  • Less than 4 months out: Attend to final details, such as garlands, specialty drinks/beverages, entrance details, choreography for dances, wedding signage, and DIY décor.


While this guide provides a general overview, it's important to adapt the timeline to your specific needs and preferences. Remember, The Desi Bride is here to assist you in finding the best vendors for your Desi wedding in Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, and happy planning!

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