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Naruto Party Supplies: A Guide to Throwing an Epic Celebration

Image: Personalized Naruto Birthday Invitation Do you remember the days when Naruto was yet to be dubbed in English? I vividly recall spending my senior year of college watching Naruto episodes with questionable subtitles. My...

Personalized Naruto Birthday Invitation Image: Personalized Naruto Birthday Invitation

Do you remember the days when Naruto was yet to be dubbed in English? I vividly recall spending my senior year of college watching Naruto episodes with questionable subtitles. My friend, fresh from studying abroad in Japan, introduced us to Naruto, convinced that we would love it as much as he did. If only there were Naruto party supplies available back then, I would have thrown the most incredible Naruto-themed party!

Now, with 15 years of event planning experience, I am thrilled to share with you the ultimate Naruto Party Supplies Guide. Whether you're organizing a Naruto birthday bash for children or planning a party for adults, this guide offers the best recommendations to make your celebration unforgettable. So, let's dive in!

Bottom Line Up Front

There is an abundant selection of Naruto Party Supplies available today, ranging from decorations to tableware to party favors. After extensive research, I am excited to present you with a curated guide featuring my top favorites. Among all the options, one product stands out above the rest: the Akatsuki cloud lights. If you're throwing a Naruto party, these festive and reusable lights are an absolute must-have. Not only do they perfectly capture the theme, but they can also be repurposed as decor long after the celebration ends.

The Naruto Party Supplies Guide

I have meticulously put together the following Naruto Party Supplies Guide with specific criteria in mind:

  1. All supplies are readily available online and can be shipped to your doorstep.
  2. Based on the preferences of my college friends, who would have gone crazy for these party supplies 15+ years ago.
  3. A preference for official Naruto merchandise, while still considering options from small businesses.

Now, let's explore the must-have Naruto Party Supplies that will take your celebration to the next level!


First impressions matter, and what better way to kick off your Naruto party preparations than with captivating invitations? One of my favorite options is the personalized Naruto birthday invitation by FruitsByFruit on Etsy. Simply provide the event details to the seller, and they will customize the invitation for you. Plus, you'll receive a downloadable design that you can print anywhere.


Balloons are a cost-effective and impactful way to decorate any party venue. For your Naruto-themed party, I recommend using a combination of shaped foil balloons and printed regular balloons. This bundle from Walmart includes three foil balloons and eight printed latex balloons, featuring a wide variety of characters from the show.

Table Settings


Naruto birthday plates Image: Naruto birthday plates

Add a touch of fun to your table setting with these Naruto-themed paper plates. The set of eight plates features multiple characters from the show, ensuring a vibrant and lively atmosphere.


For a unique twist, opt for Naruto paper cups that showcase Naruto in an action stance. Unlike typical character party cups, these cups give an action-packed feel and are more eye-catching. Elevate your Naruto party supplies game with this extraordinary cup design.


Naruto napkins Image: Naruto napkins

Stand out from the crowd with Naruto-themed napkins that feature adorable baby-like animations of the characters. These napkins not only offer a different look but also include Kurama, the nine-tailed beast that lives inside Naruto. It's the perfect way to add a unique touch to your party supplies.


Akatsuki cloud tablecloth Image: Akatsuki cloud tablecloth

Create an authentic Naruto atmosphere with this Akatsuki cloud tablecloth. What sets this tablecloth apart is that it is made of fabric, making it washable and reusable beyond the party. Be eco-friendly and enjoy this Naruto-themed tablecloth long after the celebration ends.

Edible Cake Topper

Naruto Edible Cake Topper Image: Naruto Edible Cake Topper

Finding a local bakery or grocery store that offers Naruto-themed cakes can be challenging. But fear not! Walmart has the perfect solution with this edible cake topper. Simply order the size you need, place the edible icing artwork on your sheet cake, and voila - you have an official Naruto cake without the hassle of searching for specialized bakers.

Banner/Hanging Sign

Banner/Hanging Sign Image: Banner/Hanging Sign

Transform any space into a Naruto-themed haven with a full-sized wall banner. This banner, featuring the evolution of Naruto's character throughout the series, makes a fantastic backdrop for your cake table or a photo area. Easy to use, this 5ft by 3ft banner can be attached with tape and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings.


Akatsuki cloud lights Image: Akatsuki cloud lights

Take your Naruto party to the next level with these iconic Akatsuki cloud lights. Perfect for illuminating the food or gift tables, these lights are also ideal for outdoor evening parties. Their battery-powered design allows for versatile use beyond the event, whether as holiday decorations or a delightful addition to your child's room.

Shinobi Headbands / Forehead Protectors

Shinobi headbands / Forehead Protectors Image: Shinobi headbands / Forehead Protectors

Create a cohesive feel among your guests with wearable props such as Shinobi headbands. This headband features the Konohagakure symbol, representing Naruto's hometown, the Leaf Village. Affordability and accessibility make this headband from Walmart an excellent choice, and it also doubles as a fantastic party favor.

Favor Boxes

Favor bags or boxes are a must-have for any party, providing a delightful surprise for your guests. Consider these options to accommodate various favor ideas:

Smaller Option (Bag)

Smaller Option (bag) Image: Smaller Option (bag)

These double-sided Naruto-themed paper bags are perfect for lightweight gifts and treats. They are an excellent addition to your Naruto party supplies, adding a charming touch to each guest's experience.

Larger Option (Box)

Larger Option (box) Image: Larger Option (box)

If you prefer a more robust favor container, these double-sided favor boxes are a fantastic choice. With ample space, they can hold items like the Shinobi headbands mentioned earlier. These boxes ensure that your guests receive substantial favors to commemorate the occasion.

Naruto-themed Favors

What are favor bags or boxes without exciting items to fill them with? Here are a few favor ideas to complete your Naruto party supplies:

Snacks with Themed Wrappers

Snacks with Themed Wrappers Image: Snacks with Themed Wrappers

Add a Naruto touch to your favorite snacks with these printable wrappers. This set includes customizable wrappers for water bottles, chocolate bars, chips, and even a Capri Sun pouch. Your guests will love these themed treats as part of their party favors.

Naruto Instant Ramen

Naruto Instant Ramen Image: Naruto Instant Ramen

Are you a fan of Naruto's obsession with ramen? Embrace the quirkiness by adding Naruto-themed stickers to any packet of instant ramen. It's an unexpected inclusion in your favor bags that is sure to spark joy and laughter.

Resizable Rings

Resizable Rings Image: Resizable Rings

For a fun and wearable party favor, consider these resizable rings. The set of 10 rings can be distributed among your guests, each one displaying a unique design. These adjustable rings ensure a perfect fit for everyone, adding a touch of Naruto-themed fashion to the festivities.


Naruto Stickers Image: Naruto Stickers

Stickers are a classic favor bag addition. This pack of 50 waterproof vinyl Naruto stickers is versatile and can be attached to various surfaces like water bottles, bikes, electronics, and more. Make your guests feel like true Naruto enthusiasts with these high-quality stickers.

Thank You Notes

Thank You Notes Image: Thank You Notes

Sending thank you notes after an event is a thoughtful gesture that is always appreciated. Express your gratitude with these downloadable Naruto-themed thank you notes. Customize the interior message to thank your guests for attending or for their gifts. It's a personal touch that will leave a lasting impression.


To summarize, the Akatsuki cloud lights are the true stars among the Naruto Party Supplies mentioned above. If you can only choose one item, go for these lights. Not only are they adorably festive and cost-effective, but they can be used long after the event as versatile decorations. Whether you decide to decorate your child's room or add a touch of Naruto-themed magic to your holiday celebrations, these lights are a fantastic investment.

However, rest assured that all the Naruto Party Supplies in this guide are excellent choices. Each item brings its unique charm to your party and guarantees an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Let me know if you plan to host your own Naruto party and share your supply ideas. I'd love to hear all about it!

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