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My Meta Quest VR Seated Workout: Empowering Limited Mobility Fitness

I was absolutely amazed by the Meta Quest 2 and the incredible VR seated workout routine I was able to create with it. In this article, I want to share my personal experience of overcoming...

Meta Quest 2 Seated Workout Routine VR Disabled Fitness New

I was absolutely amazed by the Meta Quest 2 and the incredible VR seated workout routine I was able to create with it. In this article, I want to share my personal experience of overcoming physical limitations, the benefits of VR fitness for those with limited mobility, and why I believe it can be truly transformative for others in similar situations.

If you find it challenging to walk or stand for extended periods, this could be a game-changer for you. But please remember, I'm just a regular guy sharing my own journey. This is not professional advice, so be sure to consult with your doctor before embarking on any new rigorous workout routine. And always refer to your device manual for proper usage guidelines. With that said, let's dive in!

Why Virtual Reality (VR) Seated Workouts are a Game-Changer

Meta Quest 2 Seated Workout Routine

After using the Meta Quest 2 for a couple of months, I discovered that it greatly enhanced my ability to exercise. Before I delve into my personal routine and the games/apps I use, let me explain why VR seated workouts are so effective.

As someone with physical limitations due to an injury, my options were initially limited to upper-body movements. However, simply sitting in a chair and punching the air quickly became monotonous. That's where the brilliance of Virtual Reality comes in.

Instead of aimlessly punching the air, imagine being transported to a futuristic hall, with a trainer guiding you as targets fly towards you. Or picture yourself in a boxing ring, surrounded by a roaring crowd, fighting against a heavyweight champion. When you make contact with the target or the boxer, you can actually feel the impact through the feedback from your hand controllers.

Suddenly, the workout feels real. You're no longer confined to your living room, mindlessly punching the air. You're transported to a whole new environment, immersing yourself in an invigorating and fully engaging experience while getting the exercise your body needs.

My Physical Limitations and Why I Embraced Seated Meta Quest Workouts

Meta Quest 2 Seated Workout Routine

I've personally experienced the frustration of dealing with a leg injury that refused to heal properly. During that time, I relied on a wheelchair and later used crutches to move around. The lack of mobility also led to muscle deterioration, compounding the challenges I faced.

Exercise has always been a source of joy and upliftment for me. But with my limited mobility, I was left without this vital outlet. However, as I gradually regained more movement and received the Meta Quest 2, I began to see the potential of Virtual Reality to revolutionize my fitness routine.

Choosing the Right Chair for Seated VR Workouts

Chair for Seated VR Workouts

The chair pictured above is the one I used for my seated Meta Quest workouts. It's a mid-priced home office chair that happened to work well for me. However, keep in mind that I am not a fitness coach, so it's important to seek professional guidance if you have specific requirements.

Here's why this chair suited my needs:

  1. It has a tilting feature that allowed me to lean back slightly. If you require additional back support, this type of chair may not be suitable for you.
  2. The armrests are low, enabling me to swing my arms freely without risking any injuries. In my workout routine, you'll see me throwing some uppercuts!

Safety note: It's worth mentioning that sitting in the center of a couch without armrests and with soft back support can be a safer option.

Virtual Reality involves some inherent risks, as you might accidentally collide with objects around you. Therefore, perform pre-workout checks to ensure you have enough space and that your equipment is appropriate for the activity. Always read and follow the instructions provided with your VR device.

My Seated Workout Routine: VR Fitness Games and Apps

Virtual Reality Seated Workouts Meta Quest 2 Games and Apps

The image above showcases my actual seated workout routine, which I gradually built up over a period of three months. I'll provide more details about each game/app shortly, but here's a quick overview:

  • Beat Saber
  • Les Mills BodyCombat
  • The Thrill of the Fight

Although I paid a premium for these games, they have truly transformed my life. However, you can explore the daily deals or Oculus Store promotions to potentially save some money. Now, let's explore each game and how I incorporate them into my routine.

Beat Saber: Exhilarating Music and Movement

Beat Saber Seated Workout Routine

Beat Saber is a remarkable music game that challenges you to hit targets in sync with the beat. It's a beautifully simple concept executed to perfection. Among all the games I play, this one can make you feel a bit queasy if you're new to Virtual Reality. For more information on this topic, check out my comprehensive Meta Quest 2 Guide.

To get started with Beat Saber, I recommend trying the demo version first. It's an excellent way to become familiar with the game for free. Once you're confident in your ability to handle it, you can make a purchase.

Can you play Beat Saber seated? Absolutely! The moving targets in Beat Saber automatically adjust according to the height of your Meta Quest headset. There's no need to make any adjustments to start your seated workout. However, if you encounter any issues, you can explore the player options and settings to customize your experience.

In my routine, I typically warm up by playing Beat Saber for about 8 minutes. It gets my arms moving and helps me shake off any stiffness.

Les Mills BodyCombat: Fitness App with Incredible Variety

Les Mills BodyCombat is an exceptional workout app that offers a wide range of routines. Recently, they introduced even more workouts, giving you more options to choose from. Some movements in Les Mills BodyCombat might initially seem challenging for seated users, such as the Knee Strike and Squat. However, I've found a couple of workarounds:

  • For the Knee Strike, simply pull the target down instead of hitting it with your knee. Pull the target down and smash it into the bullseye.
  • As for the Squat, you can either duck under the wall or, like me, ignore it and continue with the rest of the workout.

Just like with Beat Saber, Les Mills BodyCombat automatically adjusts to your height at the start. I typically do a couple of 10-minute workouts, which are fantastic for breaking a sweat and engaging your muscles.

The Thrill of the Fight: A Powerful Boxing Simulator

Screenshot of The Thrill of the Fight gameplay

Here comes the exciting part: The Thrill of the Fight. This game is an intense boxing simulator that offers an incredible workout for individuals with lower body limitations. However, I must emphasize that this game requires a good level of cardio endurance.

If you're playing it for the first time, take it easy! It's all too easy to exhaust yourself unknowingly. The fear of your virtual opponent knocking you out will definitely get your adrenaline pumping.

The Thrill of the Fight features a "Weigh In" function that captures your picture and checks your height. For seated gameplay, you need to have your picture taken at your seated height. The game will then automatically adjust the height of your opponents.

In my routine, I usually spar with the Training Partner for a round before facing off against one of the top boxers. The number of opponents I face depends on how long the fights last. If a fight ends quickly, I'll take on more opponents. However, if I find a particular opponent challenging, I might wrap up my session there.

Keep an eye out for Thrill of the Fight 2, as the developers are currently working on it.

Seated VR Workouts on the Meta Quest 2

Virtual Reality Seated Workouts Meta Quest 2

My VR workouts typically last around 45 minutes to an hour. Nowadays, I complement them with some weight training afterward. However, it's crucial to start slowly and gradually increase the intensity, as VR workouts can be deceptively strenuous.

If you're interested, I have a collection of Meta Quest guides and reviews that you can explore here.

I appreciate your support, so feel free to share a link to this article. Together, we can inspire and empower others to embrace the possibilities of VR fitness.

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