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Is Be Our Guest Restaurant Worth the Money?

Be Our Guest Restaurant at Walt Disney World is a highly sought-after dining experience, housed within the iconic castle from Beauty and the Beast. The question on many guests' minds is whether the prix fixe...

Is Be Our Guest Restaurant Worth the Money?

Be Our Guest Restaurant at Walt Disney World is a highly sought-after dining experience, housed within the iconic castle from Beauty and the Beast. The question on many guests' minds is whether the prix fixe lunch or dinner is truly worth the premium price tag. In this article, we will delve into our personal insights to help you decide if Be Our Guest Restaurant is the right choice for you in 2023.

Fond Memories and New Changes

Be Our Guest Restaurant has been a beloved fixture at Walt Disney World since its opening in 2012. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of dining here multiple times, creating cherished memories that transcend the dining experience itself. The anticipation of securing a reservation 180 days in advance during the early days of New Fantasyland added to the excitement.

However, Be Our Guest Restaurant has undergone significant changes in recent years. The once-popular counter service lunch has been replaced by a prix fixe dinner, and breakfast remains unavailable. These alterations have left us hesitant to revisit and re-review the restaurant, hoping for a return to its original charm.

Revisiting Be Our Guest Restaurant

With the recent announcement of the 2024 Disney Dining Plan, including Be Our Guest Restaurant as a participating 2-credit table service option, we felt it was the perfect time to re-evaluate. As you plan your 2024 Walt Disney World vacation, it's essential to consider your dining choices, even though Advanced Dining Reservations can now be made only 60 (+10) days in advance.

Before we begin, it's important to note that our assessment focuses on paying out of pocket. Be Our Guest Restaurant is not recommended as a value-for-money option on the Disney Dining Plan. For alternative dining options that make better use of the Disney Dining Plan, refer to our list of the Top 10 Table Service Credit Uses.

A Serene Dining Experience

Is Be Our Guest Restaurant Worth the Money?

One common criticism of Be Our Guest Restaurant has been its loud and crowded atmosphere, particularly in the Grand Ballroom. While we have previously recommended requesting seating in other areas, our recent lunch experience challenged our preconceived notions.

During our meal, we were pleasantly surprised by the serenity and calmness within the Grand Ballroom. The lack of dining crowds created a peaceful environment, allowing us to fully appreciate the unique setting. It was a rare opportunity to enjoy the dining experience without feeling overwhelmed by noise and chaos.

Can You Replicate the Experience?

It is worth noting that replicating our low-crowd lunch experience at Be Our Guest Restaurant might be challenging. The availability of walk-up seating and the current lower demand for table service meals may have contributed to our favorable experience. Consider opting for early or late seatings to maximize the chances of a similar ambiance. However, it is important to manage expectations based on the date and time of your visit.

Evaluating the Menu

When it comes to assessing the value of Be Our Guest Restaurant, personal perspective and frame of reference are paramount. If compared to real-world restaurants in the Orlando area, it might not be the most cost-effective option. However, it is important to acknowledge that premium pricing is prevalent throughout Walt Disney World and that the overall experience goes beyond the quality of the food alone.

For this evaluation, we will use the Hollywood Brown Derby as a frame of reference. Both Be Our Guest Restaurant and the Brown Derby offer a similar caliber of cuisine and comparable menu options. While Steakhouse 71 presents a compelling alternative outside Magic Kingdom, it falls short in terms of atmosphere.

The Cost of the Prix Fixe Menu

Is Be Our Guest Restaurant Worth the Money?

Be Our Guest Restaurant currently offers an all-day prix fixe menu for lunch and dinner at a cost of $67 per adult and $39 per child, plus tax and gratuity. This price includes a regular beverage and bread service, which is unique to this restaurant.

The appetizer options include French Onion Soup, Escargot de Bourgogne, Duck and Pork Terrine, Mixed Greens Salad, or Potato-Leek Soup. While the Escargot de Bourgogne stands out as the best value option, it may not cater to the tastes of all guests. The remaining appetizers are mostly soups and salads, which may not offer the same bang for your buck.

For the main course, there are five choices: Dry-Aged Duroc Pork Chop, Trout Amandine, Pan-roasted Zucchini, Grilled Filet Mignon, and Roasted Poulet Rouge Chicken. Vegetarians and picky eaters may find limited options and potentially less value in their selection. It is worth mentioning that the Dry-Aged Duroc Pork Chop is comparable to the Grilled Filet Mignon at the Hollywood Brown Derby in terms of quality, despite the slight difference in price.

To conclude the meal, the Dessert Trio includes a Lemon Jam Macaron, Chocolate Tart topped with the Grey Stuff, and a Dark Chocolate Truffle. While these desserts may not be exceptional, they provide a decent end to the prix fixe experience.

The Character Component

Is Be Our Guest Restaurant Worth the Money?

Be Our Guest Restaurant offers a character component to enhance the overall experience. Although it does not qualify as a traditional character meal, the Beast makes appearances throughout the dining rooms, waving at guests as he passes by. This adds an extra element of magic to the ambiance.

It is important to note that the Beast's appearance is limited to his predetermined path, and guests are required to remain seated during his visit. While it may not be possible to interact directly with the Beast or take photos, the experience still contributes to the overall charm of the restaurant.

The Value of the Experience

Based on our evaluation, Be Our Guest Restaurant is a unique dining experience that combines atmosphere, menu quality, and a touch of Disney magic. While the value proposition may vary depending on personal perspective and the overall dining experience, we found it to be worth the premium price tag.

Be Our Guest Restaurant remains one of the top dining options in Magic Kingdom and even throughout Walt Disney World. However, it is essential to plan your visit during less crowded and chaotic times to fully appreciate the enchanting atmosphere. By managing expectations and considering the overall experience, you can ensure a memorable meal that justifies the higher cost.

Your Thoughts

Is Be Our Guest Restaurant Worth the Money?

We would love to hear your thoughts on Be Our Guest Restaurant. Do you believe this popular Beauty and the Beast restaurant is worth the premium price tag? Does the combination of menu quality, atmosphere, and the character component justify the cost? Is Be Our Guest Restaurant overhyped or underrated in your opinion?

Please share your valuable feedback in the comments below. We appreciate hearing from you, whether you agree or disagree with our assessment. Your insights will not only help us understand different perspectives but also benefit other readers who are planning their dining experiences at Be Our Guest Restaurant.