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Celebrate Birthdays the Turkish Way: How to Say Happy Birthday in Turkish

In Turkish culture, birthdays are not just another day. They are special occasions that are celebrated with enthusiasm and warmth. If you have a Turkish friend whose birthday is coming up, why not surprise them...

In Turkish culture, birthdays are not just another day. They are special occasions that are celebrated with enthusiasm and warmth. If you have a Turkish friend whose birthday is coming up, why not surprise them by wishing them a happy birthday in Turkish? Don't worry if you don't know the language, we're here to help you learn!

How Do People Celebrate Birthdays In Turkey?

In Turkey, birthdays are typically celebrated with both family and friends. It's common to have separate celebrations with each group. For example, you might celebrate with your family during the day and then go out with your friends in the evening. While big birthday parties are not as common, some people do opt for large gatherings. No matter the size of the celebration, giving gifts, enjoying a birthday cake, and blowing out candles are essential parts of the festivities.

The Turkish Birthday Song

The Turkish version of the Happy Birthday song is very similar to the English one. Instead of singing "Happy birthday to you," you would sing "mutlu yıllar sana," which translates to "happy years to you."

How To Say Happy Birthday In Turkish?

There are several ways to say happy birthday in Turkish. The most commonly used phrases are "iyi ki doğdun" and "doğum günün kutlu olsun," both of which convey the same meaning as "happy birthday" in English. Let's explore some other common phrases that you can use to wish someone a happy birthday in Turkish.

1. İyi Ki Doğdun

This is the most commonly used phrase and one that I personally prefer. Although it's a short sentence, it carries a sincere meaning. It translates to "I'm glad that you were born on this day." This is a great phrase to use when wishing your friends and family a happy birthday.

2. Mutlu Yıllar

Although this phrase literally means "happy new year," it is also used to wish someone a happy birthday. It carries the sentiment of "may your new age (year) be filled with happiness."

3. Doğum Günün Kutlu Olsun

This is the phrase you will find if you look it up in an English-Turkish dictionary for "happy birthday." It is a neutral phrase that can be used in formal and informal situations.

4. Yeni Yaşın Kutlu Olsun

While not as common as the previous phrases, this one still carries a beautiful meaning. It translates to "may your new age be blessed" and can be used to wish someone a happy birthday.

5. Yeni Yaşın Sana Şans Getirsin

This phrase translates to "may your new age bring you luck." It has a sincere and informal tone, making it suitable for close friends and family.

6. Nice Senelere

This phrase means "to many more years." By using this phrase, you're expressing the hope that the person will have many more birthdays to celebrate, while also wishing them a long and fulfilling life.

7. Tebrikler

This phrase is the Turkish equivalent of "congratulations." It can be used to celebrate various occasions, including birthdays. If you're unsure what to say, simply saying "tebrikler" will keep you safe and maintain a professional tone.

Birthday-Related Vocabulary In Turkish

To help you organize a birthday celebration, here's a list of Turkish vocabulary related to birthdays:

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Useful Turkish Birthday-Related Phrases

If you want to further impress someone on their special day, here are some useful phrases related to birthdays in Turkish:

  • "Doğum günün ne zaman?" - When is your birthday?
  • "Doğum günüm -da/-de." - My birthday is on .
  • "’nin doğum günü ne zaman?" - When is 's birthday?
  • "Bu hediyeyi senin için aldım." - I bought this gift for you.
  • "Nasıl bir hediye istersin?" - What kind of gift would you like?
  • "Doğum günü partime davetlisin." - You're invited to my birthday party.
  • "Parti nerede?" - Where is the party?
  • "Parti saat kaçta başlayacak?" - What time does the party start?
  • "Hangi yılda doğdun?" - What year were you born?

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