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50 Exciting Career Opportunities in Event Planning Industry

As Leonard Bernstein famously said, "To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time." If you work in the event planning industry, these words may resonate with you. The...

As Leonard Bernstein famously said, "To achieve great things, two things are needed: a plan and not quite enough time." If you work in the event planning industry, these words may resonate with you. The event planning industry is a fast-paced, ever-changing, and highly competitive field where being organized, creative, budget-minded, and adept at multitasking are essential skills.

If this sounds like you, then a career in event planning might be your calling! To help you explore the diverse opportunities available in this industry, we have compiled a list of 50 event planning jobs that people actually do in real life. From event managers and convention planners to office event planners and meeting planners, there is something for everyone in this exciting field.

Uncover Your Passion for Event Planning

  1. Event Manager: Take charge of organizing and running events. You get the credit when things go right and the blame when they don't.
  2. Convention Planner: Bring together groups of people with similar interests and plan the logistics of conventions.
  3. Office Event Planner: Leverage your experience working in an office or professional sector to help firms and businesses plan their events.
  4. Meeting Planner: Understand what your clients want and create productive meetings that meet their objectives.
  5. Theme Development: Use your creativity to choose and develop thematic elements that make events stand out.
  6. Event Coordinator: Ensure that everything goes according to schedule and take care of the nitty-gritty details.
  7. Party Planner: Help people host unforgettable parties by bringing your professional touch to the occasion.
  8. Fundraiser Planner: Support good causes by planning events that raise awareness and funds.
  9. Exhibition Coordinator: Curate art exhibitions for museums and handle everything from scheduling to costs.
  10. Job Fair Planner: Organize job fairs and help people find their dream careers.

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Explore Specialized Event Planning Careers

  1. Legal Events Planner and Manager: Plan professional events with legal contexts, from launch parties to conferences.
  2. Event Operations Manager: Oversee all operations and budgets, build relationships, and lead teams.
  3. Student Event Planner: Get involved in arranging student-focused events such as welcome week activities or trips for exchange students.
  4. Resort Activities Director: Design and organize activities for guests at top-notch resorts.
  5. Events for Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Administration: Combine your love for the outdoors with event planning by working with parks and recreation departments.
  6. Themed Party Planner: Become the go-to expert for organizing unforgettable themed parties.
  7. Fashion Show Coordinator: Dive into the fashion world and coordinate glamorous fashion shows.
  8. Community Market Manager: Make a difference in your local community by organizing markets and related events.
  9. Volunteer Coordinator: Ensure that volunteers play a vital role in events by managing their involvement.
  10. Corporate Team Building Events: Plan fun team-building events to improve employee engagement and morale.

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More Exciting Event Planning Careers Await

  1. Director of Special Events for a Restaurant or Hotel: Take charge of running special events hosted by hotels and restaurants.
  2. Music Festival Coordinator: Work in the exhilarating field of music festivals, fueled by your love for music.
  3. Tournament Director: Organize special events and tournaments for sports teams.
  4. Small Party Planner: Plan intimate gatherings like birthdays, dinner parties, and special ceremonies.
  5. Civic or Government Events Planner: Use your niche event planning skills to work with local government agencies.
  6. Bar/Bat Mitzvah Planner or Quinceañera Planner: Organize culturally significant events with precision and cultural understanding.
  7. Entertainment Selector: Curate the entertainment aspects of events, adding that extra element of fun.
  8. Wedding Planner: Focus exclusively on creating memorable weddings filled with love and joy.
  9. Event Analyst: Analyze events and offer insights to improve future planning and execution.
  10. Event Marketing Coordinator: Combine marketing and event planning skills to create impactful events and garner attention.

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More Opportunities in Event Planning

  1. Field Events Manager: Dive deep into on-site event management and ensure flawless execution.
  2. Nonprofit Program Manager: Apply event planning skills to manage nonprofit programs and activities.
  3. Donor Relations: Manage relationships between institutions and donors, leveraging event planning skills.
  4. Restaurant and Catering Operations: Run restaurant operations with the same meticulousness as event planning.
  5. Tourism Project Coordinator: Use event planning skills to promote destinations and create memorable experiences.
  6. Resorts Operations Manager: Coordinate all aspects of resort operations, akin to event planning.
  7. Campaign Coordinator: Bring together all campaign elements to ensure a smooth flow of activities.
  8. Alumni Relations at a University: Foster connections between graduates and organize events related to the university.
  9. Photo Shoot Coordinator: Use your creative eye to assist photographers and creative teams in organizing successful shoots.
  10. Scout for Locations: Find the perfect venues or locations for professional events or filming.

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Exciting Careers That Utilize Event Planning Skills

  1. Fixer: Bring your event planning resourcefulness to the filming industry, ensuring a smooth experience for filming crews.
  2. Consulting: Share your event planning expertise by consulting with individuals or teams seeking guidance.
  3. Recruiter: Connect event planners with the perfect professionals, whether speakers or entertainment.
  4. PR for an Event Planning Firm: Utilize your people skills and writing abilities to promote event planning firms.
  5. Account Executive: Focus on client needs, promote your business, and assist with event planning.
  6. Private Tour Organizer: Combine travel and event planning by organizing trips to foreign countries.
  7. Logistics Planner: Strategize and coordinate event logistics, ensuring smooth transitions and seamless experiences.
  8. Client Relations: Nurture and manage client relationships with a primary focus on customer satisfaction.
  9. Event Representative: Represent brands at various events and help promote their products or services.
  10. Destination Management Company (DMC): Establish a company based on your in-depth local knowledge, offering event planning services and expertise.

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