5 Unique and Impactful Team Building Events That Clients Will Love

Have you been given the responsibility of planning team building events for your clients? Do you want these activities to have a lasting impact, not just in the moment but also in the weeks and...

Have you been given the responsibility of planning team building events for your clients? Do you want these activities to have a lasting impact, not just in the moment but also in the weeks and months that follow? If so, you're in the right place. In this article, we will explore five innovative team building events that will leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Top Team-Building Events Clients Will Love

1. Scavenger Hunts

One of my all-time favorite team building activities is a scavenger hunt. This event requires at least three hours of dedicated time, during which the team explores a city and its landmarks. To take it up a notch, I once organized a hunt in downtown Philadelphia, from the Art Museum to City Hall.

You have a few options for organizing this activity. You can hire a company to plan the adventure, serve as the master of ceremonies, and act as the judges. Alternatively, you can do it yourself or download an app. The key to a successful scavenger hunt is to combine challenging clues with a sense of silliness and fun. This will break down the barriers between team members and allow them to relax, have fun, and work together to solve clues.

2. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a fantastic alternative to scavenger hunts, especially when weather or time restrictions come into play. However, it's essential to research and choose a reputable escape room venue. Since the team will be in a confined space for an extended period, solving clues to escape, teamwork is crucial.

Escape rooms require a unique brand of collaboration, making them an ideal team-building outing. They provide a thrilling experience that encourages team members to work together towards a common goal.

3. Day of Community Service

Looking to give back to the community while creating an opportunity for team bonding? Hosting a day of community service is an outstanding team building event. This is my number one recommendation as it combines philanthropy with team development.

I started planning community service events for a magazine in 2011, at an Inc. CEO Conference where attendees mentored military entrepreneurs. Companies can organize similar events that double as off-site activities. For example, you can volunteer at a food pantry or participate in a community cleanup. By adopting a service learning approach, teams can reflect on the impact of their service and bond over a shared experience.

4. Marshmallow Challenge

If your group has constraints on time, location, or budget, the Marshmallow Challenge is an excellent option. With just five inputs - spaghetti, string, marshmallows, tape, and participants - teams are challenged to build the tallest structure in 18 minutes or less.

This activity encompasses the key elements of effective team building, including competition, problem-solving, and fun! Make sure to have an energetic emcee who can provide a great ending to this fast-paced activity.

5. Hackathons

Although traditionally associated with tech companies, hackathons can be adapted for both tech and non-tech companies as exceptional team building events. Planners can present a challenge that revolves around a company goal or a broader social problem. Participants are then divided into teams, and the creativity begins to flow. There are no wrong solutions, making the event interactive, engaging, and fun. You can even have winners in various categories instead of choosing an overall winner.

No matter which team building event you choose for your clients, company, association, or conference, it's crucial to focus on the finish. These events have the power to deepen relationships and friendships among co-workers, association members, and conference attendees. Bring your events to life using easy corporate event software.

Up next, discover other top corporate event themes and tips for remarkable corporate event planning.

What team building events have you hosted for your clients? Let us know on Twitter, and share your successful strategies with us!

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