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5 Creative "Our Story" Wedding Website Examples

Writing your wedding website's "About Us" story is an opportunity to share the beautiful journey of your relationship with your loved ones. It's a chance to reminisce about how you met, the proposal, memorable dates,...

Writing your wedding website's "About Us" story is an opportunity to share the beautiful journey of your relationship with your loved ones. It's a chance to reminisce about how you met, the proposal, memorable dates, or milestones you've experienced as a couple. While your wedding website will include essential details about your venue, dress code, and information about the spouses-to-be, adding a custom touch with a captivating story is highly recommended.

Sparking Creativity: Examples for Your Wedding Website

When crafting your own wedding website's "About Us" section, think of a favorite moment from your relationship and share it with your loved ones. To inspire your creativity, here are five wedding website examples inspired by Hollywood love stories:

1. How We Met

"We were introduced through Sally’s college friend. We were both moving to New York (separately) from Chicago after graduation and Harry sat shotgun as Sally drove. We talked a lot on that road trip but parted ways as soon as we arrived in the city."

"Throughout the years, though, we’d run into each other randomly and eventually, we started hanging out and became close friends."

This example follows the classic guideline of answering who, what, where, and when. Fill in the blanks with your own details, like who introduced you, what you were doing when you met, where the first meeting happened, and when you realized that a relationship might be a possibility.

2. The Proposal

"Michael was leaving on another extended business trip and as his train was pulling away, he rushed to the back and yelled out 'Marry me!' to Kimmy who was standing on the platform."

"It was exhilarating and spontaneous, and we both knew right then that no matter how many miles were between us or however many days we had to be apart, we wanted to be together for the rest of our lives."

Share the details of your proposal story, whether it was a well-planned affair or a spontaneous moment filled with love and emotions. Let your story provide a glimpse into your life, and consider adding an engagement photo gallery to let the pictures speak louder than words.

3. Share a Memorable Date or Milestone

"We wouldn’t call it a date necessarily, but we started spending a lot of time together when Kevin was assigned to write a story on Jane."

"Her always-a-bridesmaid-never-a-bride tale was intriguing to Kevin’s newspaper, and he followed Jane closely as she prepared for the upcoming wedding season, including her sister’s semi-impromptu nuptials."

Inject humor and share specific details that many may not know, such as your first date or how you chose your destination wedding. Let your guests feel like they have personal insight into what makes your love so special and get everyone geared up for the big day.

4. Show Your Personalities

"Anna has lived in the spotlight her whole life. She likes jet-setting around the world and experiencing the finer things in life. William prefers his own quiet part of the world surrounded by only his closest friends and family. You’ll likely find his nose buried in a book."

"At first, our worlds collided serendipitously but not necessarily in a good way. But in the end, a change of pace is exactly what we both needed, and we got to a place where we could completely be ourselves together. We found that we balance each other out in all the right ways."

Showing parts of your personality individually illustrates how you work together as a couple. It gives your wedding party and guests a chance to know more about both of you, especially if the bride's side may not know too much about the groom's side and vice versa. It's also a great way for family members and best friends to learn more about you and your special other.

5. Reflecting on Your Love for Each Other

Sara: "When I met Alex, he seemed like another smooth talker trying to pick me up in a bar. While I must admit his suave demeanor was attractive, it was his sweet and thoughtful side that really drew me in."

Alex: "I was immediately awestruck when I first laid my eyes on her but knew I had to be creative to win her over. She was someone special; I could just tell."

An "About Us" story can be short and sweet. Speak from the heart, from your individual perspectives, to keep it authentic, and fill in the space by sharing your excitement about getting married. This will get your guests excited too!

Tips for Writing Your Own Story

The "About Us" section is one of the first parts you'll fill out on your website. Take your time creating it, write a few drafts before settling on the final story, and read your words aloud to each other. Have fun laughing and reminiscing about fond memories before your wedding ceremony. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Tip 1: Write it like a casual conversation, not a professional bio. Make it warm and inviting, as if you're telling the tale in person to a guest. Share the humor of a story but avoid inside jokes. Guests want to feel like they have a bit of insider knowledge about the spouses-to-be.

  • Tip 2: Don't overthink it. While most "About Us" stories are about the length of a paragraph, feel free to sum it up in two or three sentences if you prefer. Share your story the way you want guests to receive it.

  • Tip 3: Ensure the story flows. If you are each writing from your own perspective, make sure each part is similar in length. Balance the writing between you both, avoiding one person extending their part while the other only contributes a few lines.

Following the Hollywood formula is useful as it answers the questions of who, what, when, where, and how. It also shows how to focus on the important details and select private moments.

Let Your Wedding Website Design Guide Your Words

Choose from one of hundreds of wedding website templates that guide you in adding the right amount of content to your "About Us" story. Templates help you decide what to include on your website, and you can preview how it looks on the screen. The design enhances the story and reflects your personalities and style for your upcoming nuptials.

Match your website to your wedding theme, whether it's an elegant evening affair, an afternoon countryside ceremony, or any other aesthetic and location in between. This consistency can also be extended to your RSVP, guest list, wedding registry, and wedding invitations.

Creating your wedding website is a special time. Take a walk down memory lane while preparing for the future, savoring the moment as you get ready for your wedding day!

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