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21 Best Wedding Photography Props in 2024 (Updated)

When it comes to planning a wedding photoshoot, there are various decisions to make, including the photography style. Whether you prefer posed shots, candid moments, or a combination of both, incorporating props can add an...

When it comes to planning a wedding photoshoot, there are various decisions to make, including the photography style. Whether you prefer posed shots, candid moments, or a combination of both, incorporating props can add an extra touch of personality to your photos. To help you create a truly special wedding album, we have compiled a list of 21 props for a wedding photoshoot.

Top 21 Props for a Wedding Photoshoot

Here are our top wedding photoshoot prop ideas that you can use to enhance your next wedding photography session and create lasting memories for your clients.

1. Create Beautiful Bokeh With Fairy Light Props

To achieve this dreamy effect, use a large aperture like f/1.8 or f/1.4. Position the fairy lights horizontally, as far away from the focal plane as possible, to create a soft bokeh effect. This prop is perfect for creating romantic and enchanting portraits.

Picture of a wedding couple embracing © Trevor Marshall

2. Decorate a Doorway to Create an Eye-Catching Background

Hang flowers next to a door to create aesthetically pleasing symmetry. You can also personalize the props by adding custom vinyl lettering or creating a simple sign for the reception venue. Utilize a small aperture like f/8 to ensure both the subjects and the entrance are in focus.

A door decorated with flowers and lettering as wedding photography props

3. Decorate a Ladder With Flowers and Signs to Make a Stylish Backdrop

Utilize a wooden ladder as a prop for a romantic and stylish backdrop. With some paint, fresh or faux flowers, custom signs, or a chalkboard, you can transform a simple ladder into a beautiful and unique set piece.

A white step ladder decorated with a Mr & Mrs sign for a wedding

4. Use a Sign as a Symbol of the Relationship

Incorporate signs into your wedding photography to symbolize the couple's journey. Whether it's a blank sign with a conceptual quote or a sign with a romantic message, positioning the couple next to it can capture a meaningful moment.

A handmade wedding sign saying

5. Use a Bouquet to Create a Stunning Background for Close-Ups

To highlight the wedding rings, place them on a bouquet of dark roses for a moody and dramatic effect. This prop ensures that the rings stand out, creating captivating close-ups that showcase the beauty of the couple's love.

A wedding ring among dark red roses

6. Create a Fun Picnic Atmosphere With Flowers, Snacks, and Cake

For a pre-wedding photoshoot, set up a stylish picnic with a blanket, picnic basket, and wedding-themed treats. This setting allows the couple to relax and enjoy their time together while capturing candid moments.

A picnic layout with flowers

7. Decorate a Chair to Create a Stylish Wedding Photo Studio

Enhance chairs by covering them with flowers, cute quotes, or the couple's names. This simple prop can instantly elevate the overall aesthetic of the photoshoot while providing a unique backdrop for the couple.

Two chairs on a river bank decorated for the bride and groom

8. Take Atmospheric Wedding Photos With the Help of Hanging Lightbulbs

Hanging lightbulbs add a touch of bohemian elegance to any wedding photography. Their warm and bright illumination is perfect for creating a magical atmosphere, especially during the couple's first dance.

Wedding photo of couple with hanging decorative lights

9. Take Photos of the Couple in Front of a Colorful Flower Wall

Create your own flower wall using a large board, hot glue, and fake flowers for an extravagant and vibrant background. This prop provides a stunning backdrop for the couple's romantic moments.

A bride and groom kissing in front of a floral wall

10. Use a Large Torch to Create Romantic Nighttime Silhouettes

For a unique and artistic touch, use a large torch or any other artificial light to create romantic silhouettes of the couple. Position the light source behind them and ensure a dark background for a mesmerizing effect.

A silhouette of a bride and groom

11. Use Sparklers to Add Warmth to Your Nighttime Photos

Add a touch of magic to your nighttime photoshoots by incorporating sparklers. The couple can hold them as they walk or dance, creating vibrant and warm bokeh effects in the background.

A bride and groom kissing surrounded by sparklers

12. Turn Wedding-Themed Balloons Into Fun Wedding Props

Wedding-themed balloons offer a wide range of creative possibilities. From simple quotes to intricate designs, balloons can be used as props to create unique and playful compositions in your photographs.

A bride posing with flowers and balloons

13. Create a Romantic Path Using Flowers and Candles

For an elaborate and romantic photoshoot, create a path adorned with flower petals and candles. This setting provides a serene and intimate atmosphere, perfect for capturing stunning portraits.

A path of petals and candles leading to a sofa in a loft

14. Create Dreamy Foregrounds With the Bride's Veil

Incorporate the bride's veil as a foreground prop to add a touch of ethereal beauty to your photographs. By utilizing a large aperture and focusing on the couple, you can achieve a dreamy and hazy effect.

A bride and groom behind a wedding veil

15. Photograph the Bride in a Tiara to Create Luxurious Wedding Portraits

For an extravagant touch, have the bride wear a tiara. This prop enhances the bride's wedding dress and adds a regal element to the photographs, creating luxurious and memorable images.

A bride wearing a tiara

16. Take a More Natural Approach by Making Your Own Flower Crown

If the wedding has a rustic or bohemian theme, create flower crowns for the bride and bridesmaids. With wire, flowers, and scissors, you can easily craft custom flower crowns that add a natural and whimsical touch to the photos.

A girl with a floral wreath in her hair

17. Create a Romantic and Colorful Atmosphere Using Smoke Bombs

For outdoor photoshoots, incorporate colored smoke bombs to create a romantic and atmospheric effect. Ensure safety precautions are taken and capture the vibrant colors as the couple interacts with the smoke.

A couple posing with smoke bombs

18. Create a DIY Wooden Arch to Pose With Friends and Family

Construct a wooden arch for a beautiful and picturesque frame in your wedding photos. This prop requires some woodworking skills and additional materials such as flowers and fabric, but the result is truly stunning.

A wooden arch decorated with fabric and flowers

19. Take Photos Next to a Boat to Create a Surreal Effect

If there's a boat nearby, incorporate it into your wedding photography for a touch of surrealism. Whether the couple poses in the water next to the boat or the boat serves as a background, this prop adds a unique and romantic element to the photos.

A bride posing with a boat in the background

20. Add a Touch of Nostalgia to Your Wedding Photos With a Vintage Car

Vintage cars make for charming and photogenic props in wedding photography. You can capture the couple inside, outside, or on top of the car, and even use the car windows to create ethereal reflections.

A VW camper van decorated with flowers and ribbons

21. Turn a Regular Swing Into a Floral Masterpiece Using Flowers

If there's a swing at the wedding venue, adorn it with flowers to create a whimsical prop. Guests can take creative selfies on the swing, or you can transform it into a mini photo booth with party masks and other props.

Woman on a floral swing


With the help of these wedding photography props, you can transform ordinary locations into extraordinary photo studios. You don't need a large budget to create unique and captivating images for your clients. All it takes is a little imagination and the incorporation of simple props to add that special touch to your wedding photos.