14 Holiday Party Planning Tips to Throw the Best Bash Ever

Looking for holiday party planning tips to make this year's bash the best ever? Well, look no further! At Peerspace, we understand the importance of the corporate holiday party – it's a chance to celebrate...

Looking for holiday party planning tips to make this year's bash the best ever? Well, look no further! At Peerspace, we understand the importance of the corporate holiday party – it's a chance to celebrate your team's hard work and achievements while fostering camaraderie and boosting company morale. And with big corporate holiday parties making a comeback, it's time to plan accordingly.

Book the Perfect Venue on Peerspace

holiday party planning tips Source: Peerspace

The perfect venue sets the stage for your event in a big way. While a standard banquet room may offer predictability, why not aim for something unique that leaves a lasting impression? At Peerspace, you can find spaces like galleries, creative lofts, and penthouse rooftops that will delight your guests like never before. After all, your team consists of smart and creative professionals, so why settle for a stale banquet hall?

Here are some of our favorite venue options to inspire you:

  • The Speakeasy at Capo (pictured above) in Washington, D.C., offering space for 150 guests, seating, a kitchen, A/V equipment, and additional add-ons like food and beverage catering.
  • A stunning DTLA rooftop penthouse in Los Angeles with an open floor plan, a spacious and stylish rooftop patio, a kitchen, and speakers.
  • A unique art gallery in Vancouver, BC where you can create your own vibe, featuring color-changing lights, surround sound, a projector, a DJ booth, and seating.
  • A downtown art gallery event space in Houston with on-site seating for 60, a kitchen, a bar, an outdoor patio, and speakers.
  • An Upper East Side townhouse in NYC with entertaining spaces on all five levels, an outdoor patio, and even a basketball court.
  • A large multi-use creative space in Sydney, AUS, perfect for 150 guests, offering a marble bar, several rooms, seating, a kitchen, and an open floor plan foyer.

As you can see, Peerspace offers access to stunning event spaces in cities across the globe! All spaces are owned by local hosts who strive to make your event amazing, so don't hesitate to reach out to them with any questions or requests.

Choose a Design Theme

holiday party planning tips Source: Peerspace

If you decide to decorate your holiday party venue, it's important to do it right. You don't need a huge budget or a lot of effort to take your design theme from average to professional. Here are some simple holiday party planning ideas for different themes:

A Festive Winter Wonderland

Transform your space into a sparkling snow globe! Try clusters of clear balloons illuminated with uplights, oversized snowflakes suspended from the ceiling, and curtains of twinkle lights. This whimsical theme will transport your guests to a magical winter wonderland.

A Classy Wintertime Fête

Create a contemporary and sophisticated vibe with cool hues of winter. Accent your space with varying shades of blue, tables adorned with silver candlesticks, and centerpieces featuring white flowers with silver curls. Fill the corners and food tables with delicate crystal ornaments hanging from sweet huckleberry branches for an elegant touch.

A Warm and Cozy Get-Together

Nothing says toasty and cozy like rustic-chic. Opt for tablecloths in deep reds and greens or rich flannel accents. Use wood slices to elevate food displays and incorporate a mix of evergreen and raw branches as centerpieces, with dark, warm, cream-colored flowers. This theme will create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for your guests.

And remember, if you book a Peerspace venue, you likely won't have to worry about decorating. You can choose from a blank-slate space or an immaculately decorated venue ready for you and your fellow revelers.

These holiday party planning tips will ensure that your end-of-year celebration is a major hit that the entire company will reminisce on for months to come. So go ahead and plan the best bash ever!