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Your Street Party – Checklist & Top Tips

Having a street party is a lot easier than you may think, and trust me, it will definitely be worth it. Your neighbors will likely be just as excited about the idea as you are!...

Having a street party is a lot easier than you may think, and trust me, it will definitely be worth it. Your neighbors will likely be just as excited about the idea as you are! In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive checklist and some top tips to help you organize a successful street party.

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Getting Started 2-3 months in advance

  • Start by chatting about your idea with the neighbors you know. Get their input and see if they're interested.
  • Look online or contact your local council to find out about road closure procedures if you want to have a full road-closed street party. Alternatively, you can plan a less formal quick street meet.
  • Consider the best date and time to hold the party.
  • Plan 2 or 3 meetings by sending written invitations to everyone in your street. It's a good idea to hold some of these meetings outside in the street to create a sense of community.

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  • If most of the residents in your street agree, apply to the council for road closure or plan an informal street meet instead.
  • Share the responsibilities among everyone in the street. Avoid relying on just one organizer, and involve everyone in the planning process.
  • Plan various activities that cater to all ages and tastes.
  • Encourage everyone to bring food, games, chairs, and other items to share.
  • Typically, you won't need insurance unless it's a requirement set by your council.
  • Arrange for road signs, tables, chairs, and other necessary equipment.
  • Get creative with decorations such as bunting. You can either borrow, buy, or make your own.
  • Consider organizing a street quiz to make the event more engaging.
  • Keep the music volume moderate and suitable for all attendees.
  • Avoid charging any money for the event unless absolutely necessary. Instead, ask for donations or hold a raffle on the day.
  • Check if you need a license for selling anything during the party.
  • Download the free resources provided on our website for additional support.
  • Prepare for unexpected weather conditions by checking the forecast and making necessary adjustments. Consider having a shelter, such as a gazebo or marquee, for wind or sun protection.

A week before

  • Send out a reminder to everyone about moving cars if necessary.
  • Display any legal orders for road closure if required.

On the day

  • Set up road closure barriers, decorations, and bunting to mark the party area.
  • Keep an eye on the road closures in case someone needs to enter or exit the street. Be flexible and accommodating.
  • After the party, make sure to clean up and reopen the road.


  • Share photos of the event in windows, on the street, or online to keep the memories alive.
  • Consider setting up regular street play activities with the help of your neighbors.
  • Plan future activities or events throughout the year, such as pancake day, June strawberry tea party, mid-summer day, May Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Easter, or other festivals.
  • Explore other ideas like Window Wanderland house art displays, green activities with neighbors in Transition Streets, and age-friendly initiatives to mix up different generations.
  • Check out more ideas and projects to continue building a strong sense of community.

If organizing a full street party seems overwhelming or if you are unable to close your road, consider hosting a more informal "street meet" instead.

For more detailed information and inspiration, please refer to our comprehensive RESIDENTS' GUIDE. You can also find additional ideas and themes from past parties, alternative options for those who can't or don't want to close their roads, the history of street parties as a British tradition, and video memories of street parties over the years. Furthermore, we provide guidance on how Neighbourhood Watch groups can organize their own street parties.

Support our promotion of street parties by making a donation if you can.

Remember, organizing a street party is all about bringing people together, fostering a sense of belonging, and creating cherished memories. So don't hesitate to get started and have a fantastic time with your neighbors!