Why Everyone Needs Solar Garden Fairy Lights

via amazon.com Solar garden fairy lights create a mesmerizing glow for indoors or out. If you’ve been looking for the right lights to add to your decor, then warm, white solar-powered lights should be your...

solar garden fairy lights via amazon.com

Solar garden fairy lights create a mesmerizing glow for indoors or out. If you’ve been looking for the right lights to add to your decor, then warm, white solar-powered lights should be your go-to option. Plus, here are 15 of the best outdoor string light ideas for your backyard.

What are solar garden fairy lights?

Unlike electric lighting, solar-powered lights consist of LED lights, which are powered by the sun. Solar fairy lights are attached to a control box with a solar panel on the outside and batteries on the inside. The solar panel transfers power from the sun to the batteries. When night falls, the batteries use that stored power to light up the LED bulbs. At dusk, a light sensor automatically turns on the lights, and turns them off at the break of dawn.

Why should you get solar-powered lights?

Because they don’t need an extension cord, they’re much easier to move around and place wherever you want them. You can also take them with you on camping trips, or to a friend’s house who is in need of some ambient lighting for a party. It’s also very enticing that, instead of dying or blowing out like conventional bulbs, the LEDs fade in brightness over time. Furthermore, they’re powered by the sun, they don’t have a carbon footprint!

Are all fairy lights solar-powered?

No! You can also purchase small, electric lights on a strand to decorate your space, as well. There are also battery-operated garden fairy lights that come with an attached battery box. But, if you don’t want to deal with plugging them in, using an extension cord, or the unsightly battery box dangling from the string of lights, solar-powered fairy lights are the way to go. Who says LED Christmas lights are just for the holidays?

What are solar garden fairy lights used for?

Solar-powered LED fairy lights have many uses. They are best at providing a beautiful glow to indoor and outdoor spaces, around landscaping, in gardens, on fireplace mantels, and various other locations. They can be used to provide ambient lighting when wrapped around the trunk of a tree, hung from a patio table’s umbrella, scattered on the top of a table, wrapped around the back of chairs, strung on a fence, and so much more. Have you considered the option of a solar umbrella on your patio?

What are the best solar garden fairy lights?

Quality solar-powered fairy lights should provide many hours of light after a full charge. They should also be waterproof to withstand the elements, if you plan to use them outdoors. SKYFIRE Solar Powered Twinkle Fairy Lights provide up to six hours of working time to light up your garden, patio, indoor space, and more. They are also waterproof. Other notable features include the solar panel with garden stakes stand for optimum positioning, 17-percent energy conversion rate, and auto on at dusk and auto off in the daytime. The product comes with 10 strands, each 6.5 feet long and featuring 20 LED lights per strand. Sixty-eight percent of Amazon reviewers give the SKYFIRE lights five stars. Reviewers claim they work just as well during overcast weather as they do on sunny days.

If you like to DIY and love solar, check out these projects. One satisfied review wrote: “These are really beautiful at night and were the perfect length and size to string across the lattice around my garden. I have had mine outside in the weather for over a month now with no problems. They are even brighter (not overly so) than the solar-powered lights on stakes I got to light my sidewalks. I just love them!”

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