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12 Creative Ideas for Saying Goodbye to a Coworker

Saying goodbye to a coworker can be bittersweet. While it may be difficult to see them go, it's important to show your appreciation and celebrate their journey. So, what can you do to make their...

What To Do For a Coworker Leaving: 12 Creative Ideas

Saying goodbye to a coworker can be bittersweet. While it may be difficult to see them go, it's important to show your appreciation and celebrate their journey. So, what can you do to make their farewell memorable and creative? We've gathered twelve unique ideas that will leave a lasting impression on your departing colleague. Let's dive in!

Start a Slack Thread

One creative way to bid farewell to a coworker is by starting a Slack thread. Encourage your coworkers to share fond memories, compliments, or well wishes for the departing colleague. Managers can kickstart the conversation by posting the first few compliments. Team members can even share photos within the thread. This acts as a summary of the team's gratitude, leaving a positive and heartwarming impression.

Image: What To Do For a Coworker Leaving: 12 Creative Ideas

Gift a Digital Address Book

Keeping in touch with former coworkers can be a challenge, especially when you lose access to company communication channels. A thoughtful gesture is to create a digital address book for the departing employee. Collect personal emails, social media profiles, and phone numbers from willing colleagues and compile them into a central document. This way, your coworker will have various methods to stay connected with their former colleagues.

Create a Highlight Reel of Goodbyes and Well Wishes

Capture the essence of your team's farewell by having everyone record short videos of goodbyes and well wishes. These videos can then be compiled into a highlight reel. Be sure to keep the recordings uniform in format and duration to maintain a cohesive and memorable compilation. This reel will serve as a heartfelt farewell and a cherished memory.

Take Time to Remember and Reminisce

Relive the best moments by creating a video or slideshow featuring photos and clips of your favorite memories with the departing coworker. Include music that holds significance to your shared experiences. Spend time afterwards discussing the challenges you overcame and the fun times you shared. This is a meaningful way to express your appreciation and celebrate their journey.

Sign a Farewell Card as a Team

Saying goodbye with a heartfelt message can be more touching than any physical gift. Give each team member an opportunity to write their own message on a farewell card, then come together as a group to sign it. This collective effort shows how much your coworker is valued and cherished as they embark on new endeavors.

Buy a Self-Care Package

A gift that shows you care is always appreciated. Put together a self-care package for your departing coworker. Include items such as a face mask, a scented candle, bath salts, or body lotion. As they indulge in these treats, they'll be reminded of the thoughtful gesture and the memories shared at work.

Host a Virtual Going Away Party

In the age of remote work, a virtual going away party is a fantastic option. Prepare a presentation highlighting the departing coworker's accomplishments and contributions. Engage in games like trivia and enjoy a virtual meal together. These online gatherings provide an opportunity to spend time with colleagues before they part ways, even if it's through a computer screen.

Plan a Snack Time

If you have a favorite lunch spot or daily snack ritual with your departing coworker, plan a small farewell party around it. Invite just the two of you or include others from the office. Enjoy your favorite snacks and drinks while spending quality time together.

Create a Farewell Guestbook

Instead of a traditional farewell card, create a printed guestbook with signatures from all your colleagues. Add sincere words to remind your coworker of the fantastic times you shared together. This unique going-away gift will look great framed and serve as a constant reminder of the bonds formed at work.

Surprise Them With a Recommendation

Go the extra mile by surprising your departing coworker with a recommendation. Instead of writing kind words inside a greeting card, post a well-written recommendation letter on their LinkedIn page or another professional platform. This gesture not only warms their heart but also supports their future career endeavors.

Take a Page from the Office and Solve a Murder Mystery

Bring the excitement of a murder mystery game to the office farewell. Whether in-person or online, organize a murder mystery activity for everyone to enjoy. You can choose a classic board game or explore online options like the viral game "Among Us." This unique and fun idea adds a touch of originality and can be tailored to suit any setting.

Gift Them Gadgets They Can Use at Their New Job

Make their transition to a new job smoother by giving them gadgets or equipment that they can use in their new role. This thoughtful gift showcases your support and happiness for their new endeavors. Every time they use these items, they'll be reminded of your friendship and goodwill.


Saying goodbye to a coworker can be challenging, especially when you've developed a close bond. However, by showing your appreciation and celebrating their journey, you can leave a lasting impression. Use these creative ideas to make their farewell special and let them know how much they are valued.