Celebrate Your 8th Wedding Anniversary with a Salty Twist!

Fast-forward 8 years since you said “I Do,” and here you are. And what a journey it has been! Eight years later, married to the love of your life. This calls for the ultimate wedding...

Fast-forward 8 years since you said “I Do,” and here you are. And what a journey it has been! Eight years later, married to the love of your life. This calls for the ultimate wedding anniversary gift. Something different to the norm, with an added salty twist.

Traditional 8th Anniversary Gift - Salt

Close up of pink himalayan salt for 8th wedding anniversary gift

“The flavour of life is love. The salt of life is also love”.

Salt is a flavour enhancer, preservative, life sustainer, and purifier. More importantly, salt is said to symbolize the true essence of a healthy relationship. One that is genuine and pure. A powerful representation of the love and companionship that has become essential for two people in the marriage to survive.

Salt embodies the essence of a healthy relationship with its metaphysical properties of abundance, vitality, and longevity. Despite its many varied uses and associations, salt is most valued by food lovers for how it brings out the natural flavors of delicious food.

Modern 8th Anniversary Gift - Linen & Lace

The modern 8th-anniversary gift of linen or lace is such a sultry combination. Just as your love grows stronger with each passing year, linen and lace exemplify your delicate but strong bond that has been created. With linen representing purity and truth and lace reflecting elegance and beauty, both are honest expressions of your marriage.

They’re both sensual, luxurious materials that can bring sparks to your love life too! We don’t need to go into too much detail here. We’re sure you can think of a few things in this category that will add some extra spice to your already tangy romance.

8th Wedding Anniversary Flower - Lilac

Lilacs in full bloom, the 8th anniversary gift

The harbinger of Spring, lilac symbolizes renewal, beauty, and youthful innocence. Just like love, different colors mean something different for everyone. In the language of flowers, magenta lilacs symbolize deep passion, while white lilacs represent purity with other colors depicting confidence, wisdom, and spirituality. No matter the color, however, there’s always a strong association with love, happiness, and romance.

This beautiful flower is said to recall love’s first emotions. It’s been 8 years and your memory may be a tad dusty, so perhaps a fresh bunch of lilacs may just do the trick to revive your courtship!

8th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Since salt has played a prominent role in exploration and discovery, we thought it fitting to incorporate this into your 8th-anniversary gift, with a more modern approach. To get your imagination going, here are some exciting anniversary gifts with a salty twist. Ready to show your salt of the Earth just how much you love them?

Sun, Sea - & Salt

For an 8th wedding anniversary gift that’s perfect for couples, why not spoil yourselves with a salty trip to the seaside? Either for a short break, or perhaps somewhere more exotic if your budget allows. There’s no denying it; unspoilt beaches, turquoise waters, and sunshine all make for a super romantic, relaxing getaway. Served with a salty margarita cocktail on the side of course.

Sweet & Salty Chocolate

Salty chocolate brownies

Your sugary-sweet 6th wedding anniversary has found its way to the 8th, but with a salty twist! Chocolate is a classic gift for lovers, and handmade chocolates are the ultimate treat for anyone with a sweet tooth.

For a salty-sweet 8th wedding anniversary gift, bake homemade salted pecan praline brownies, salted caramel fudge truffles, or chewy sea salt caramel bonbons. Or better yet, treat the two of you to a chocolate-making workshop. Learn from expert chocolatiers as you make and sample exotic chocolate from around the world. This molten magic experience is a dream come true for true chocolate fiends.

Food Tour Around the World

Your marriage has been seasoned with salt and is packed with more flavor than ever before! Since the theme for your 8th wedding anniversary is salt, take this time to fully celebrate it in all its cultural and culinary diversity. What better time to take a foodie trip around the world?

You’ll be getting an all-in-one experience. A taste of history, flavor, culture, and travel romance! This culinary adventure will be an unforgettable memory for years to come.

Salty Scrub Spa Day

Couples spa treatment room

“True love can be like salt… a little sprinkle goes a long way”.

Salt is just the ingredient for ultimate relaxation. Especially when it includes you and your partner, an aromatherapy couples massage and full-body, exfoliating salt scrub. Enjoying a sensual spa day together is just the kind of “sit back and relax” anniversary gift you may be eager for. The blissful experience will have you both feeling vibrant and glowing again in no time! For extended romance and tranquility, treat yourselves to a romantic overnight spa break. It’s the perfect way to get away from the humdrum of everyday life for a couple of days.

If you’d prefer to keep your alone time more intimate, then bathing with your partner at home is a sensual treat too. A soothing bath of homemade herbal apothecaries will do the trick. Think Himalayan salt-infused oils, flower-powered bath salts, cleansing salt soaks, or luxurious salted bubble bars. One order of hot and steamy, coming right up!

Float in the Dead Sea

No trip to Israel is complete without covering yourself in mud and bobbing buoyantly as a cork in a landlocked salt lake! Even if you’re not a beach person, there’s something about levitating in the Dead Sea that is completely unforgettable. Or better yet, explore the underwater scenery of one of the most magical diving destinations on the planet.

People flock to this landlocked salt lake for the health benefits of the high mineral content, rich nutrients, and therapeutic properties in the mud. But health benefits aside, the experience itself is pretty incredible, making it a top bucket list experience. As you bobble side by side in celebration of your 8th wedding anniversary, whisper to your partner “you’ll never sink when you’re with me!”

Gourmet Gifts - with a touch of Salt

Salt encrusted steak

“Life without love is as bland as food without salt.”

For the gourmand, bring a tasteful gift to the kitchen with something salt-inspired. Whether it’s a beautiful salt and pepper cellar for those romantic meals, a Himalayan salt block, or a Salt & Time cookbook, there’s plenty to choose from for an 8th wedding anniversary gift. Better yet, treat them to a virtual cooking course which the two of you can take from the comfort of your own home. You’ll get to show off your cooking skills and wow your partner with a classic home-cooked meal. We’re thinking Spanish-themed salt hake fritters to start, a glorious jalapeño salt-crusted gammon for the main, followed by decadent pretzel salted caramel bars for dessert. Cooking is love made visible, so we say apron on, and give these salty gourmet gifts a go!

Nordic Cuisine & Gin Cocktails

Gin cocktail at The Harcourt

“You’re the salt to my pepper”.

For a totally unique food experience, why not go international and get a restaurant gift voucher for a Scandinavian-inspired gin tasting and food pairing? Don’t worry. There is much more to Nordic food than pickled herring and meatballs! Scandinavians have been preserving food in salt for centuries, so they know what they’re talking about when it comes to the power of salt. That, and the fact that their cuisine relies mostly on fresh, natural ingredients from the salty sea. Expect lingonberry jam and salted caramel, cured salmon ‘gravadlax’ and pickled mackerel salad. Paired with a selection of premium gin and juniper-infused flavors to complement the pickled plates. Simple, honest, natural cooking at its best.

Salt Mines in Poland

As far as salt-inspired getaways go, the salt mines in Poland are most definitely worth a visit for your 8th wedding anniversary. Besides being home to the oldest salt mine in the world, everything inside (and by inside we mean 101 meters under the Earth!) is made of salt. With the exception of a fascinating mix of timber structures and spacious corridors. Miners built up an entire underground city, against the ever-creeping darkness of the mine. Statues, chandeliers, and even a salt cathedral are standing as they were, perfectly preserved to this day. Seeing the depth, commitment, and labor of love that went into it make it a phenomenal sight to see. Considerable ingenuity and intricate design behind the ancient mechanisms make this an incredible life experience.

Live as a Mermaid

Manta Resort in Tanzania

“Dance with the waves, move with the sea. Let the rhythm of the ocean, set your soul free!”

Put on your sparkly fins, grab your partner, and dive into the crystal clear waters of Pemba Island in Tanzania for the most heavenly, luxurious getaway yet! In this truly memorable, once-in-a-lifetime retreat, you’ll get to live like a mermaid in your very own three-story water suite that floats in the ocean. Sunbathing, stargazing, snorkeling, sunset cruises, seafood dinners, and salty sea kisses? Pure tranquility and untouched tropical bliss.

Margarita Masterclass

“If life gives you limes, make margaritas”

Mix it up on your 8th-anniversary the Mexican way with a fun-filled cocktail-making masterclass. You’ll get hands-on experience on how to transform simple ingredients like lime, tequila, and of course, salt, into that irresistible concoction - a margarita. Not only will you savor other classic cocktails and learn their history from expert mixologists, but you’ll also leave with the knowledge to make wickedly strong margaritas at home for your next anniversary. It’s a time for you both to let off some steam and savor the moment.

Bolivia Salt Flats Tour

Sunrise in Uyuni Salt Flat, Bolivia

Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest salt flats with horizon-to-horizon of salt-encrusted landscapes, as far as the eye can see. The unending expanse reflects the sky, surrounding you in an ocean blue veil that is truly a spectacular sight. Visiting Bolivia is a magical experience and one that will leave you and your partner reminiscing for years to come. From the natural beauty of the rock formations, smoking hot springs, green lakes, and pink flamingos, it will feel as though the two of you have time traveled to a mystical place of bizarre wonder. To top it off, be sure to spend a night at the swanky salt hotel. As the name would suggest, a hotel built entirely from NaCI. I’m talking about walls, ceilings, tables, and chairs. You have to see it to believe it.

Pinch of Salt & Dollops of Love

Anniversary gifts don’t need to be “stuff.” Gifts can rather be experiences, with time spent together making memories. After all, living in the moment and memories are a wonderful part of life! So in celebration of your 8th wedding anniversary, make sure to give your beloved a suitably salty gift! A gift that will add a pinch of extra flavor to your relationship and preserve your bond for years to come.