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What Is The 4th Anniversary Gift? Fourth Anniversary Gift Ideas

Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s been four years since you said ‘I do!’ While the rest of the “big” anniversaries (1st, 5th, 50th, and so on) get lots of airtime, your fourth year...

Roses are red, violets are blue, it’s been four years since you said ‘I do!’ While the rest of the “big” anniversaries (1st, 5th, 50th, and so on) get lots of airtime, your fourth year of marriage is just as significant as the rest. In the US, the traditional 4th-anniversary gift is fruits and flowers, while the traditional fourth-anniversary gift in the UK is silk and linen. For something more practical, the modern gift is actually appliances! Here’s everything you need to know about the fourth anniversary, as well as a whole bunch of anniversary gift ideas for couples to keep your marriage flourishing.

What is the 4th Anniversary Gift?

Traditional Gift (US) - Fruits & Flowers

Nurture your love and it will grow.

To celebrate your love that has blossomed, the traditional anniversary gift in the United States is fruits and flowers. Just as fruit nourishes the body and flowers the soul, so the deepening commitment and nurturing love of the couple bring refreshment and renewal to the marriage.

Fruits and flowers might seem a bit straightforward - a bouquet and a fruit basket doesn’t exactly seem worthy of your fourth year of marriage, does it? Luckily, this theme can be interpreted in different ways, as we’ve shown below with our list of witty fourth-anniversary gifts.

Traditional Gift (UK) - Silk & Linen

In the United Kingdom, four years of marriage call for a linen or silk gift. Couples that reach the four-year mark have sailed through a few storms and have overcome their first few obstacles in their relationship. Having been strengthened by working through their difficulties, they now eagerly anticipate that the road ahead will hopefully be ‘smooth as silk’.

Modern 4th Anniversary Gift - Appliances

Coffee machine for modern 4th wedding anniversary gift Coffee machine for modern 4th wedding anniversary gift

The modern alternative is appliances and is often a welcome gift if someone has a device that’s getting old or worn out. Appliances aren’t exactly sexy, but they need not be unromantic or associated with the idea of household drudgery. We are living in the digital age, after all, and anniversary gifts like appliances are definitely practical.

When choosing an appliance as a fourth-anniversary gift, go for something that’s seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. How about a state-of-the-art digital coffee maker that starts brewing before you open your eyes? Or why not combine digital and fruit and get that Apple HomePod somebody’s been dropping hints about? We said we’re being creative here when it comes to anniversary gifts!

4th Anniversary Flower - Hydrangea & Geranium

Colorful and robust, hydrangeas look lovely in a fourth-anniversary bouquet. As a symbol of enduring grace and beauty, choose pink to denote love and emotion, white for abundance, or purple for deep understanding. On the other hand, you could go for the vibrant, textured geranium flower that embodies gentility, comfort, and familiarity. It symbolizes the beauty and respectful nature of your relationship and the four-year anniversary.

4th Anniversary Gemstone - Blue Topaz

A shiny blue gem that represents eternal romance and friendship, the blue topaz is best known for its manifesting properties. It’s a crystal said to bring joy, generosity, and abundance. Some would say it’s the stone of love and good fortune. A precious jewel that brings honesty, commitment, and deep emotional attachment. Need we say more?

4th Anniversary Gift Ideas

I’m bananas for you. Orange you glad we got married. We make a great pear.

We love Pinterest, but wow, there were some cheesy gift ideas on there. To help you out, we’ve come up with some fourth-anniversary gift ideas that are unique, thoughtful, and modern but still give a nod to the anniversary gifts by year.

Flower Arranging Masterclass

Students learning how to arrange flowers at flower arranging school Students learning how to arrange flowers at a flower arranging school

Don’t try to be too creative that you neglect the flower theme entirely. After all, there aren’t many things more joyful than receiving fresh flowers. Except, perhaps, working with fresh flowers!

Embark on a flower arranging masterclass with one of the world’s most revered florists, McQueens Flower School, and learn how to create elegant bouquets with this prestigious brand. You’ll leave with a renewed sense of creativity inspired by this glamorous and stylish flower arranging class. One of the best fourth-anniversary gifts for anyone and everyone who loves all things floral.

Grow Your Own Fruit (or Flower) Tree

There’s no doubt about it; 2020 is the year for planting trees. With all the climate destruction going on around us, how about planting a fruit tree to honor your four years of marriage? Swap the famous love fern for something quirkier like a ready-to-plant rose box or a zesty lemon tree. Or plant your fruit-bearing apple tree, said to symbolize long-lasting love and fertility. All are thoughtful and unique, whichever ‘root’ you choose.

Botanical Gin Masterclass

Botanical gin masterclass Botanical gin masterclass

When you think of fruit as a gift, it’s easy to fall into the ‘fruit basket’ pattern of thinking. But that’s not exactly sexy or romantic. How about a whiff of Juniper berries and a muddle of lime? Take your fourth anniversary to a new level with a botanical gin masterclass for two. It’s the perfect way to work as a team and have fun while enjoying the refined flavors of dry, herbal, and spiced gins. You’ll also get to sip on three premium botanical gins that will get you feeling all happy and loved up - exactly how you should feel on your fourth anniversary.

Something from Apple

You know what they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. And no, we’re not talking Bramleys or Granny Smiths apples. We’re talking about the most famous apple in the world - Steve Job’s Apple.

Surprise your tech-loving spouse with the latest innovative tech from the world of Apple. Perhaps a pair of Airpods to keep them occupied on their run or a new iPad Mini. If you really love them, the iPhone 11 Pro is said to be the world’s most powerful personal device and a wonderful fourth-anniversary gift.

Fruity Beer Tasting

Fruity beer tasting Fruity beer tasting

Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing with a loved one over a good beer? Thankfully, fruit-forward beers are on the rise, and Belgium is famous for these tasty drinks. Treat your spouse to a pack of fruity craft beers, the perfect fourth-anniversary gift for true beer lovers. Or better yet, have fun tasting a selection of authentic beers in a public Belgian beer tasting. Along with a beer sommelier to guide you through your selection of eight beers, you’ll tuck into an array of traditional Belgian food to warm your soul.

Terrarium Class

These days, most of us lead fast-paced, stressful lifestyles, making us crave good old-fashioned hobbies like arts & crafts to keep us grounded. Just as DIY is popular, houseplants and greenery in the home are also massive themes of modern life. The terrarium trend is on the rise and is also an ideal way to bond with your loved one while creating something unique with your own hands for your fourth anniversary. Enjoy the therapeutic process of learning how to create terrariums under the watchful eye of Botanique Boutique. You’ll design, plant, and sustain your garden-in-a-jar to take home with you, a cooler alternative to the love fern.

Visit Royal Gardens in the Cotswolds

Cotswolds Highgrove Royal Gardens Cotswolds Highgrove Royal Gardens

The Cotswolds is known as the most famous Area of Outstanding Beauty, and for good reason. There’s no better spot to impress your partner with a flower experience like no other for your fourth anniversary. Discover the idyllic and peaceful Royal Gardens and spend two nights at a boutique hotel, The King’s Head. Spend the weekend enjoying a private Highgrove garden tour followed by treats and Highgrove Champagne to celebrate your special, flowery fourth-anniversary.

DIY Fruit Face Scrub

Show your partner how much you care with a fruity handmade skincare treat. Everyone appreciates fourth-anniversary gifts they can actually use, and the fact that you put time into making something yourself will earn you extra points. Face scrubs are an excellent way to remove dead skin cells and will leave the skin silky smooth. And the great news is that they’re affordable and easy to make. Use fresh fruit like pineapples or strawberries, which not only smell glorious but are also full of Vitamin C and great for breaking down oil on the skin.

Chocolate Covered Fruit

Chocolate covered strawberries Chocolate-covered strawberries

There’s something very sexy about chocolate-covered fruit. Perhaps it’s the idea of feeding it to one another on special occasions, like, say, a fourth anniversary. Make your own chocolate-covered strawberries or chocolate orange segments as a delicious and fun way to show your love on your anniversary. All you need is some fresh fruit and a bit of dark chocolate - and don’t forget to feed each other to really set the mood.

Kew Garden Tour

Marriages, like gardens, flourish when they are tended with care - watered, weeded, and nurtured. Take your fourth anniversary one step further with the ultimate flower-themed gift, an exclusive tour of Kew Gardens. Housing the largest and most diverse botanical collections in the world, discover the secrets to what keeps this garden flourishing (much like marriage). After your private tour, enjoy a three-course meal at the stunning Michelin-starred restaurant, The Glasshouse.

A Trip to The Big Apple

New York City Skyline New York City Skyline

Got a big heart that wants to splash out on your favorite person for your fourth-anniversary? How does a romantic trip to ‘The Big Apple’ sound? Treat bae to a New York City getaway, immersing yourself in the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps. If you want to avoid the cliché tourist traps like Times Square and the Statue of Liberty, consider a private tour of the iconic Metropolitan Museum of Art. Van Gogh, Rembrandt, and Picasso combined with a 5-star hotel and fine dining make for one unforgettable fourth-anniversary escape.

Visit Fallen Fruits at the V&A

If your partner is interested in the arty side of life, this is just the ticket. Visit the V&A Museum as a celebration of four years and indulge in some fruity art and a glass of Prosecco. In response to its history as a nursery planted full of fruit trees, Fallen Fruit has created a bespoke 12-metre-squared wallpaper that brings a colorful burst of fruit back into the space. Art is about reflecting and celebrating life, and the V&A is certainly a beautiful setting in which to enjoy a day of culture together.

Bake Something Fruity

Homemade fruity raspberry pavlova for a 4th wedding anniversary gift Homemade fruity raspberry pavlova for a 4th wedding anniversary gift

The charm of at-home hobbies like baking is trending once again. Baking is the ultimate timeless activity that brings joy, especially when you gift your baked goods to a loved one. Sweeten the celebration of your marriage by baking your partner something fruity! Try a berry Pavlova, deep dish apple pie, or a delectably moist carrot cake. If your baking skills are a bit rusty, you could always go for a fun-filled baking class to improve your skills in the kitchen. Or better yet, get them to join you and learn how to bake together, a deliciously fun thing to do on your fourth anniversary.

Picnic in the Park

A picnic is one of the most romantic and classic ways to celebrate a fourth anniversary. There’s just something about eating in the open, under the shade of a tree that elicits a sense of romance and freedom. Naturally, the fourth anniversary calls for nothing less than a deluxe champagne picnic. Set amongst swathes of colorful wildflowers, enjoy gourmet picnic snacks by a Michelin-starred chef, paired with a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, while cozying up on a gorgeous picnic rug.

Signature Scents

Make your own perfume as a 4th wedding anniversary gift Make your own perfume as a 4th wedding anniversary gift

When it comes to an anniversary gift, you can’t go wrong with perfume. It’s a classy, sensual gift that is bound to make someone feel special. Instead of buying a bottle of perfume off the shelf, how about letting them create their own scent? Armed with a glass of champagne, the two of you get to spend quality time together mixing and matching different fragrance notes to find the scents you both like. Every time you catch a whiff of each other’s signature scent, you’ll be reminded of your unique fourth-anniversary celebration.

Fruity Macarons & Champagne

These beautifully colored meringue-based confections bring a smile to anyone who tries them, making them the perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. With melt-in-your-mouth fruity and floral flavors, an afternoon of macarons and champagne is just the thing for your partner if they enjoy the finer things in life. Choose from mouthwatering flavors like lemon, lavender honey, orange blossom, and vanilla peach. What better way is there to spend the afternoon to honor four years of marriage?

Wine and Dine

Couple holding hands walking through vineyard Couple holding hands walking through a vineyard

Wine was once fruit! Perhaps the most exciting take on the traditional fruit theme is an expert-led wine tasting experience. Escape the city and explore Britain’s biggest winery before tucking into a bespoke three-course dinner and wine pairing. By the end of the day, you’ll both be feeling warm and fuzzy and ready to crash in a gorgeous overnight stay at the Sissinghurst castle - a National Trust estate. After all, love, like wine, gets better with time!

Create An Unforgettable 4th Anniversary Memory

Whether you choose to go for fruit, flowers, linen, or silk, there’s one theme that should always be present in your fourth-anniversary gift - it should be memorable. Try to think outside of the fruit basket and go beyond a simple bouquet of flowers. If you have some anniversary gift ideas that are totally quirky, we’d love to hear about it. We’re all about making the craziest gift ideas come true.