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Wentbridge House Hotel: A Historic Gem in West Yorkshire

Wentbridge House Hotel Welcome to Wentbridge House Hotel, a captivating historical landmark nestled near Pontefract in the picturesque West Yorkshire, England. Steeped in rich heritage, this Georgian-style house, dating back to 1700, offers a unique...

Wentbridge House Hotel Wentbridge House Hotel

Welcome to Wentbridge House Hotel, a captivating historical landmark nestled near Pontefract in the picturesque West Yorkshire, England. Steeped in rich heritage, this Georgian-style house, dating back to 1700, offers a unique experience to its guests. Once a cherished residence of the Sayle family, known for their deep roots in the area, Wentbridge House now stands as a splendid hotel providing exceptional accommodation, fine dining, and event facilities.

Early Residents: The Legacy of Wentbridge House

William Shaw William Shaw, previous owner of Wentbridge House

While the builder of Wentbridge House remains unknown, historical records from 1736 attest to its existence. The property was established and proudly displays its construction year on a date stone - 1700. In the early 1800s, the Sayle family became the proud owners of this magnificent house. However, in 1845, William Shaw, a prominent landowner, acquired the property, leaving an indelible mark on its history.

William Shaw, a man of affluence, hailed from Almondbury, Yorkshire. In 1843, he tied the knot with his beloved Emma Bentley, also a native of the same town. The couple shared their lives at Wentbridge House and were blessed with eight children, five of whom were born within these historic walls. In 1854, William Shaw moved on from Wentbridge House, leaving behind a rental notice that vividly described the house during that era. Shortly after, the Reverend Thomas Cator became the next custodian of this captivating property.

Thomas Cator, born in 1790 in Breekenham, Kent, was an educated clergyman. In 1825, he married Lady Louisa Frances Lumley, daughter of John Lumley, 7th Earl of Scarbrough. The couple's wealth grew when Louisa inherited a significant sum from her father in 1835. With their newfound fortune, the Cators acquired Skelbrooke Hall, a neighboring estate that still stands today. In the 1850s, they extended their domain by purchasing Wentbridge House, making it their cherished abode until Thomas's passing in 1864. The house changed hands once again, finding a new owner in the recently wed Leonard Jaques.

Leonard Jaques, born in 1839 at Easby House in Yorkshire, was the heir to a substantial landholding. In 1864, he married Agatha Eliza Whetham, daughter of Colonel Whetham of Kirklington Hall, Nottinghamshire. Wentbridge House became their cherished home until 1883 when the property transitioned into the hands of Edmund Ernest Leatham.

The Leatham Family: A Legacy Continues

Jeanette Emmet Leatham Jeanette Emmet Leatham, former resident of Wentbridge House

Born in 1847 in Yorkshire, Edmund Ernest Leatham hailed from a family of bankers, poets, and politicians. In 1869, he became a partner in Leatham Tew and Co, a renowned bank that later merged with Barclays Bank. In 1883, Edmund tied the knot with Jeannette Emmet Cunard, daughter of Sir Edward Cunard, 2nd Baronet, and granddaughter of Sir Samuel Cunard, the visionary behind the esteemed Cunard shipping line. Their union blessed them with three children, including the remarkable Lorna Priscilla Leatham.

Although Edmund Leatham passed away in 1890, Jeannette continued to grace Wentbridge House with her presence. In 1896, she found love once again, marrying Daniel Arthur Nielson, a gentleman 14 years her senior and the owner of Hundhill Hall in Pontefract. Sadly, in 1902, Arthur bid farewell to this world, leaving Jeanette as the matriarch of Wentbridge House. Her philanthropic spirit shone brightly as she established and funded a convalescent home for children within the estate, a legacy that endured for over two decades. In 1919, Jeanette passed away, leaving her children to carry on the Wentbridge House heritage. Her daughter, Riette Neilson, married Victor Cochrane-Baillie, 3rd Baron Lamington in 1922, while Lorna found her own journey through marriage to Sir Alvary Trench-Gascoigne, ultimately settling in Lotherton Hall near Leeds.

Wentbridge House Today: A Modern-Day Haven

In 1946, George Limnell Lyon, a distinguished director of several shipping companies, acquired Wentbridge House. The hotel changed hands over the years until 1987 when it found a new home with the Select Group of hotels. The Page family later became proud owners in 1993, and their stewardship continues to this day. Wentbridge House Hotel now stands as a beacon of hospitality, offering impeccable accommodation, delectable dining experiences, and elegant event spaces perfect for weddings and other special occasions.

Come and be part of the illustrious history of Wentbridge House Hotel. Explore the beauty of West Yorkshire while basking in the charm of this historic gem. Our dedicated team is ready to welcome you with open arms, providing an unforgettable experience that seamlessly blends past and present. Book your stay at Wentbridge House Hotel today and indulge in a truly remarkable journey.


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