Wedding Announcement Wording & Etiquette Guide: Share Your Love in Style

Marrying the one you love is a moment worth celebrating. And what better way to share your joy than with a wedding announcement? Whether it's sent through mail, published in a newspaper, or shared on...

Marrying the one you love is a moment worth celebrating. And what better way to share your joy than with a wedding announcement? Whether it's sent through mail, published in a newspaper, or shared on social media, a wedding announcement allows you to formally inform extended friends and family who couldn't attend your wedding. It's a thoughtful gesture to let them know about this special milestone in your life.

Creating these announcement cards requires attention to etiquette, even though they are usually sent after the wedding. In this modern guide, we'll answer all your questions about wedding announcements and provide examples of proper wording for cards, newspaper announcements, and social media posts. We'll also guide you on when and how to address these cards.

The Timeline: When to Send Wedding Announcements

Sending a wedding announcement card the day after your wedding is ideal. But if that's not possible, within 30 days of the wedding ceremony is acceptable. You might even want to include a photo from your special day in the announcement design. However, the task of sending the cards immediately after the celebrations can be overwhelming. So, why not enlist the help of a close friend or family member who can take care of mailing them for you? This way, you can relax and enjoy your honeymoon without any worries.

If you plan to include photos from your wedding day in the announcement, allow two to four weeks after the wedding to make your selection. It's always a good idea to communicate with your photographer beforehand and express your desire to use one of the wedding day photos for the announcements. This way, you might be able to get sneak peek images in advance.

Here's a simple timeline to follow for preparing and sending out your wedding announcement cards:

  1. Confirm your wedding guest list, as you can't create a mailing list without all the RSVPs accounted for.
  2. Create a mailing list that includes invited guests who couldn't attend. If you had a small or destination wedding, you can also include close family and friends who were not invited to the wedding.
  3. Make sure you know the date and location of your wedding.
  4. Choose an appropriate photo or ask your photographer for sneak peek images.
  5. Design your wedding announcement cards using a template that reflects your wedding style.
  6. Ask a reliable friend or family member to help you send the cards.
  7. Get married! You can't send out the announcements before tying the knot.
  8. Mail your wedding announcements. Traditional etiquette suggests sending them out the day after your wedding, but modern etiquette allows for more time to customize them with wedding day photos.

What to Include in a Wedding Announcement Card

A wedding announcement card doesn't need a lot of words to make an impact. Here are the four essential pieces of information you should include:

  1. The hosts' names: If someone other than the bride and groom hosted the wedding, it's proper to acknowledge them in the announcement card.
  2. The couple's names: Make sure to include the full names of both the bride and groom.
  3. The wedding date: For formal and religious weddings, spell out the month, day, and year. For casual weddings, figures are acceptable.
  4. The wedding location: Include the city and state of the wedding, and you can also mention the reception hall or ceremony location if desired.

Where to Announce Your Wedding

When it comes to announcing your wedding, you have a few options: newspaper announcements and social media posts. Both are appropriate ways to share your happiness, but the choice ultimately depends on your preferences. Newspaper announcements are a traditional way to make your good news public, while social media posts allow you to reach a wider audience.

If you choose a newspaper announcement, you can include additional information such as the venue names, the officiant's name, your occupations, your parents' and grandparents' names, your education, your honeymoon destination, where you plan to live, and even a brief story of how you met.

For a social media announcement, keep in mind that it's not the way to tell your parents about your wedding. However, it is an excellent way to share your special day with your extended network. You can use a few photos along with a short message to let everyone know you tied the knot. Just make sure to wait at least a week or two after sending out the wedding announcement cards to announce it on social media. This gives your nearest and dearest the chance to receive the news first in a formal and proper way.

Wedding Announcement Wording Examples

Here are some examples of proper wording for wedding announcement cards:

Wedding Announcement Card Wording for Parents Hosting:

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Smith Have the Pleasure of announcing the marriage of their daughter Janelle Smith to Kevin Saunders on Saturday, the Twentieth of June Two Thousand and Fifteen Berkley, California

Wedding Announcement Card Wording for Casual Weddings:

Just Married 06.22.15 Kevin & Janelle Saunders Des Moines, IA

Wedding Announcement Card Wording for Formal and Religious Weddings:

Brittany Peterson and Jeff Berringer are pleased to announce their Marriage Saturday, the Second of October Two Thousand and Fourteen Berkeley, California

How to Address Wedding Announcement Cards

After designing and composing your wedding announcement cards, it's important to address the envelopes correctly. Follow these tips:

  1. Consider the recipient: Send a wedding announcement card to everyone on your wedding guest list who couldn't attend, as well as those people you were unable to invite due to size and budget constraints.
  2. Consider the return address: This is an opportunity to announce your new address if you recently moved in together.
  3. Consider the formality of your event: Address the envelopes according to the formality of your wedding. The rules are similar to addressing wedding invitation envelopes.

Wedding Announcement Templates and Styles

Today, there are numerous stylish and customizable wedding announcement cards available. You can find templates and styles that match your wedding stationery suite, allowing you to stay consistent with your chosen theme. If you're feeling inspired, you can even create a matching wedding stationery suite.

Depending on your preference, you can choose from different types of wedding announcement cards, such as flat cards, folded cards, or even magnets. Flat cards are perfect for a simple and elegant announcement, folded cards allow for more personalized details or a story about your special day, and magnets provide a unique and budget-friendly option.

So, why wait? Start designing your personalized wedding announcement cards with Shutterfly. Choose from countless templates, themes, and styles to create memorable cards that reflect your love and joy. Coordinate them with your other wedding stationery for a cohesive and beautiful overall look. Your wedding announcement will be a small memento of the day you tied the knot, shared with all your loved ones.