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Wedding Anniversary Flowers: A Complete Guide to Choosing the Perfect Blooms

Flowers are a timeless and romantic gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary. While classic choices like roses and your partner's favorite flowers are always a safe bet, did you know that each anniversary has its...

Flowers are a timeless and romantic gift to celebrate your wedding anniversary. While classic choices like roses and your partner's favorite flowers are always a safe bet, did you know that each anniversary has its own symbolic flower? In this article, we will explore the traditional flowers for key anniversaries and provide a few extra suggestions to help you find the perfect blooms for your next anniversary celebration.

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Year

1st Anniversary Flower: Carnation

coral carnations 1st anniversary flower Image: Coral carnations - 1st anniversary flower

Carnations are delicate flowers with ruffled petals that come in various stunning hues. They are available all year round, making them a perfect choice for any anniversary. Carnations symbolize commitment, devotion, and a mother's love. However, be cautious when choosing the color of carnations, as different colors convey different meanings. Red carnations represent passion and romance, while pink carnations symbolize gratitude and love. Avoid yellow carnations as they represent rejection and disappointment.

2nd Anniversary Flower: Cosmos

cosmos 2nd anniversary flower Image: Cosmos - 2nd anniversary flower

The cosmos flower is a dainty bloom available in shades of pink, yellow, red, lilac, pure white, and even chocolate-brown with a subtle chocolatey scent. Cosmos flowers symbolize order and harmony, which makes them an ideal gift for 2nd anniversaries. They represent the comfortable routine and perfect harmony couples often find after the honeymoon phase.

3rd Anniversary Flower: Sunflower

sunflowers 3rd anniversary flower Image: Sunflowers - 3rd anniversary flower

The sunflower is a popular choice and our personal favorite here at Floraly HQ. These bright and cheerful blooms symbolize loyalty, devotion, resilience, and happiness. Sunflowers are known to inspire happiness and are an instant mood booster. They make a perfect gift for celebrating your 3rd anniversary.

5th Anniversary Flower: Daisy

daisies 5th anniversary flower Image: Daisies - 5th anniversary flower

Daisies may appear as simple springtime flowers, but they have a profound meaning for 5th wedding anniversaries. The way daisy petals radiate from the center symbolizes a couple's growth while maintaining a strong foundation. Daisies represent forever love, fidelity, purity, admiration, new beginnings, cheerfulness, and childbirth.

10th Anniversary Flower: Daffodil

yellow daffodils 10th anniversary flower Image: Yellow daffodils - 10th anniversary flower

The daffodil is a symbol of resilience, hope, and joy, perfectly matched for a 10th wedding anniversary. Just like the daffodils that bloom after enduring winter, a decade of marriage showcases your resilience and the hope for a joyful future together. Daffodils are also the official birth flower of March.

15th Anniversary Flower: Rose

dark orange, red, and pink roses Image: Dark orange, red, and pink roses

The rose, the worldwide symbol of romance, love, and passion, represents the 15th wedding anniversary. Long-stemmed red roses are the perfect choice for this milestone, symbolizing romantic love. Pink roses also make a great option, symbolizing love, friendship, and happiness. Roses can be found in several bouquets at Floraly, making them a wonderful gift for your partner.

20th Anniversary Flower: Aster

purple asters Image: Purple asters

Asters, often considered garden weeds, deserve recognition as the perfect symbol for a 20th anniversary. Like couples who have thrived through various challenges, asters thrive in difficult conditions. Purple asters symbolize wisdom, while white asters represent purity and loyalty. Pink and red asters symbolize deep love and unyielding devotion, just like the love shared after two decades of marriage.

25th Anniversary Flower: Iris

purple irises in a field Image: Purple irises in a field

The iris, also a February birth flower, is the official flower for the 25th (silver) anniversary. Irises are unique with their true blue hues, representing faith, hope, wisdom, and trust. After 25 years of marriage, these qualities have likely played a significant role in your journey together. Irises are available in various colors, including purple, yellow, and white, with a yellow throat.

30th Anniversary Flower: Lily

pink lilies in a pot Image: Pink lilies in a pot

Lilies, fragrant and elegant, represent the purity, life, rebirth, and remembrance associated with the 30th anniversary. Pink lilies symbolize prosperity, love, and compassion, while red lilies convey love and passion. White lilies are associated with purity and rebirth. However, keep in mind that lilies are toxic to cats, so consider this if you have cats at home.

Other Anniversary Blooms

While we have explored the key anniversary flowers, there are traditional flowers for each year up to the 50th anniversary. Here are a few more anniversary blooms for your reference:

  • 4th anniversary flower: Geranium
  • 6th anniversary flower: Calla Lily
  • 7th anniversary flower: Freesia
  • 8th anniversary flower: Clematis
  • 9th anniversary flower: Poppy
  • 11th anniversary flower: Morning Glory
  • 12th anniversary flower: Peony
  • 13th anniversary flower: Chrysanthemum
  • 14th anniversary flower: Dahlia

Beyond the 50th Anniversary

While there is no official flower for anniversaries beyond the 50th, we have gone above and beyond to nominate a few anniversary blooms ourselves:

55th Anniversary Flower: Tulip

yellow tulips in a field Image: Yellow tulips in a field

For the 55th anniversary, we have chosen the tulip as a symbol of perfect and deep love. Like roses, tulips convey different meanings based on their color. Red tulips symbolize love and passion, pink tulips represent care and affection, white tulips symbolize honor and respect, and yellow tulips represent hope and happiness.

60th Anniversary Flower: Zinnia

vibrant red zinnia Image: Vibrant red zinnia

For the 60th anniversary, the zinnia represents everlasting love, affection, and endurance. Zinnias are the perfect choice to celebrate such a momentous occasion.

65th Anniversary Flower: Alstroemeria

pink and white alstroemeria Image: Pink and white alstroemeria

While there is no traditional flower for the 65th anniversary, we have chosen alstroemeria to celebrate this incredible milestone. Alstroemerias are long-lasting flowers, lasting up to three weeks in a vase, symbolizing enduring love, beauty, and compassion.

70th Anniversary Flower: Chrysanthemum

hot pink chrysanthemums Image: Hot pink chrysanthemums

To commemorate a remarkable 70 years of marriage, chrysanthemums, known for their infatuation, faithfulness, integrity, and strength of character, are the perfect choice.

Flowers are the ultimate anniversary gift, symbolizing love and celebration. Whether you are celebrating a milestone or any other anniversary, surprise your partner with a beautiful bouquet from our collection. Explore our Anniversary Flowers collection and make your anniversary unforgettable.

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