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We hear you Cody fans, but Roman vs. Rock is WWE's can't-miss moment

WrestleMania is known for its epic main events, but the upcoming matchup between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Roman Reigns promises to be the biggest in over a decade. This highly-anticipated showdown has the potential...

WrestleMania is known for its epic main events, but the upcoming matchup between Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Roman Reigns promises to be the biggest in over a decade. This highly-anticipated showdown has the potential to capture the attention of not only diehard wrestling fans but also the mainstream audience.

An Unmatched Showdown

The clash between these two legendary figures has been years in the making. Reigns, the current Undisputed WWE Universal champion, has been building a powerful storyline called "The Bloodline," which revolves around his family's wrestling legacy. And who better to fit into this narrative than The Rock himself, who happens to consider Reigns his cousin?

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Backlash and Backlash

While the matchup may seem like a no-brainer, there has been some backlash from hardcore fans. Many argue that the timing is wrong or that other wrestlers deserve the spotlight. But WWE cannot afford to miss out on this opportunity. With The Rock's age (51) and busy schedule, waiting another year could be too risky. This match represents a small window of time that WWE must seize.

Mainstream Attention and Cross-Over Appeal

The potential for mainstream attention that comes with a match between Reigns and The Rock is undeniable. Johnson's global recognition and blockbuster success in Hollywood make him a valuable asset, capable of attracting millions to the wrestling world. Moreover, a match with The Rock would undoubtedly raise Reigns' profile and help him connect with a broader audience.

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Trust in WWE's Creative Direction

Some fans may still have reservations about the booking decisions, but it's worth noting that WWE's creative head, Paul "Triple H" Levesque, has proven himself capable of guiding the company in the right direction. Under his leadership, WWE has seen significant improvements in storytelling and overall coherence. Additionally, past instances where beloved wrestlers like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan were cast aside did not lead to a decline in their popularity. They found ways to remain relevant, and the same can be expected of Cody Rhodes.

The Controversy and Distraction

The Rock's return and his clash with Reigns have also been viewed with skepticism due to recent allegations against former WWE owner Vince McMahon. While some speculate that this match is meant to divert attention from the controversy, it's essential to recognize that Reigns and The Rock had been discussing this possibility long before the allegations surfaced. This matchup was a result of genuine interest rather than a calculated distraction.

A Storyline with Uncertain Beginnings

The path leading to Reigns vs. The Rock may have been unconventional, and the recent segment on SmackDown featuring Cody Rhodes and The Rock had its flaws. However, it ignited fan support for Rhodes and added an unexpected twist to the ongoing narrative. Rhodes now has the opportunity to turn this perceived slight into part of his own story, just like Punk and Bryan did before him.

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Patience is Wearing Thin

The clock is ticking, and WWE must be cautious not to test fans' patience for too long. Some argue that Rhodes should have won last year's WrestleMania match against Reigns, thus avoiding the current situation. However, the past cannot be changed, and now Rhodes must seize the opportunity to end Reigns' historic title run and become the new face of WWE.

A Match That Will Go Down in History

Reigns vs. The Rock is not just another WWE matchup; it is destined to become legendary. Similar to the iconic clash between Hulk Hogan and The Rock at WrestleMania 18 in 2002, this match will be remembered for years to come. There may only be one chance to make it happen, which is why it must take place at WrestleMania 40.

While Rhodes' story will have to wait a little longer, the business side of wrestling dictates that this cannot be missed. So, let the countdown begin to what promises to be a historic moment in WWE history.