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Ultimate Guide to Planning a Kids Disco Party

Remember the enchantment of disco balls when we were kids? The way those magical spheres of light made parties come alive? Recreate that excitement for your children with a kids disco party! Let's dive into...

Remember the enchantment of disco balls when we were kids? The way those magical spheres of light made parties come alive? Recreate that excitement for your children with a kids disco party! Let's dive into the ultimate guide on how to plan and host an unforgettable disco-themed event.

Setting the Scene

The first step in designing a great kids disco party is finding the perfect venue. If you have the budget, consider renting a large space that can accommodate the lighting and dancing space needed for a disco party. However, if you're looking to save money, transforming your own home can be just as fun. Utilize spacious areas like the garage or basement to create the perfect dance floor for little partygoers.

Large Disco Ball Image Source: starevent.vn

Once you've chosen a location, it's time to send out the invitations!

Kids Disco Party Invitations

Create excitement by sending out funky and groovy disco-themed invitations. While e-vites and Facebook event pages are handy for sharing detailed information, a paper invitation adds a special touch. People are more likely to prioritize an event when they receive a physical invitation. Place these unique invites on the fridge, ensuring they remain in the guests' line of sight.

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Setting the Stage: Decorations


To create an immersive disco atmosphere, use the iconic disco ball as the centerpiece of your decorations. Place a real, working disco ball to set the mood, and consider using smaller ones in various areas to create mesmerizing overlapping patterns. The more disco balls, the more enchanting the ambiance!

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Streamers and Balloons

Transform the room into a disco inferno with streamers and balloons that add height and vibrancy to the party. From floor to ceiling, these decorations will encapsulate the disco theme and create a truly immersive experience for the kids. Look for items that scream disco fever!

Table Decorations

Design a groovy table layout with themed tablecloths, disco-inspired paper products, and creative dessert toppers. By combining these funky items, you'll transport your guests back in time via the soul train. The bright colors and vintage-inspired designs will create an iconic and nuanced dining experience.

DIY Disco Floor

Want to create a classic disco floor? It's easier than you think! With some basic materials and a little craftiness, you can have a floor that's fun for everyone. Check out this quick how-to video to get started!

DIY Disco Floor Image Source: starevent.vn

Food and Drink

When it comes to kids' parties, it's important to consider both what they will eat and what is fun to eat. Here are some food ideas that are sure to please:

  • Pizza
  • Pizza pockets
  • Nachos
  • Tacos
  • Chips and dip
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Oreo cookies

To create a nostalgic experience, incorporate iconic foods from the '70s era. Choose favorites and take everyone on a throwback culinary journey.


"It wiggles and it jiggles!" Jell-O is a beloved treat that can be enjoyed in various ways. Get creative by putting Jell-O in fun drinks or using vintage molds to create unique shapes. Let this disco party be the perfect opportunity to showcase your favorite Jell-O creations!

Chocolate Fondue

Break out this iconic '70s treat and indulge in a chocolate fondue experience. Kids will love dipping a variety of treats into the luscious melted chocolate. Make sure to use a kid-safe fondue pot and let the fun begin!


Bring back the iconic beverages of the '70s to your kids' disco party. From sparkling to still, these drinks are delicious and always a highlight:

  • Orange soda: Add a glow to the party by mixing in a bit of B-12, which will fluoresce under UV light. Watch the kids' faces light up as they enjoy their glowing drinks!
  • Kool-Aid: Freeze different colors of Kool-Aid to make colorful ice cubes. Drop these cubes into light-colored sodas for a vibrant and refreshing thirst-quenching experience.


No disco party is complete without a rockin' and groovy playlist. Choose from the wide array of '70s disco hits available and keep the music going all night long. Get those little feet moving and create memories on the dance floor!

Disco Party Favors

To truly leave a lasting impression, make sure to provide themed party favors that kids can wear and enjoy during the event. Wearables are always a hit, as children love to dress up and fully immerse themselves in the party atmosphere.

Disco Necklaces Image Source: starevent.vn

Consider disco necklaces that catch the light and shimmer all night long. Additionally, provide goodie bags filled with treats and candies for the kids to take home as a memento of this amazing night.

Disco Party Favor Boxes Image Source: starevent.vn


Now that you have all the funky ideas for a kids disco party, it's time to get planning! Create an immersive disco experience with enchanting decorations, delicious food, groovy music, and themed party favors. Remember, it's all about capturing the magic and excitement of disco for your little ones. So put on those dancing shoes and get ready to boogie the night away at the best kids disco party in town!