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Two Groovy Birthday Party Ideas: Celebrate Your Little One in Style

Looking for ways to celebrate your two-year-old? A two-groovy birthday party is a fun and festive way to mark the special occasion. This retro party theme is vibrant and joyful — just like your little...

Two Groovy birthday invitation and some party hats

Looking for ways to celebrate your two-year-old? A two-groovy birthday party is a fun and festive way to mark the special occasion. This retro party theme is vibrant and joyful — just like your little one. From birthday backdrops to centerpieces and food, there are plenty of easy ways to embrace this theme for your celebration.

Here, you’ll find some of our favorite two groovy birthday party ideas. Plus, we’ve highlighted some of our top on-theme invitations to share the news in style.

Two Groovy Birthday: 8 Festive Ways to Celebrate

Two groovy birthday: colorful balloons

A two-groovy birthday theme is a chance to have some far-out fun with everything from the late 1960s-70s era — think hippie-inspired motifs like peace signs and daisy flowers to disco balls, bell bottoms, and rainbows. Let's explore some groovy birthday party decoration ideas, as well as other ways to celebrate your favorite two-year-old.

1. Create a Groovy Party Backdrop

One way to make your party memorable is to set up a space where guests can snap photos of the special day. Design a photo backdrop that fits with the two groovy theme. If you’re crafty, create a DIY tie-dye sheet as the backdrop or simply hang a large piece of butcher paper with festive elements like peace signs, streamers, and mini disco balls to match your theme party.

2. Set the Scene With Flower Power

Celebrate your flower child with floral arrangements and centerpieces that are right at home in a 70s theme party. You can fill colorful vases with daisy flowers or vibrant sunflowers. You can also use mason jars and add bouquets of wildflowers for a wild and carefree vibe.

3. Choose Far-Out Lighting

Looking for unique party ideas? Light up the room with psychedelic lava lamps to match the hippie theme. Place one on each table or make a funky arrangement on the gift table that guests can rave over when they arrive.

4. Festoon Your Space With Retro Balloon Garland

A balloon garland or balloon arch is an easy decor element that instantly brightens up any space. Grab a balloon garland kit from your local birthday party supply store to make your own or order one from a party planner. Incorporate tie-dye colors and choose daisy balloons to make it more eye-catching. Celebrating a two-year-old baby girl? Opt for shades of pink balloons. For a groovy baby boy party, go for blue hues. You can even go for a fabulous design with all shades of the rainbow.

5. Hang a Birthday Banner

Hang a groovy banner announcing “Happy birthday” along with the honoree’s name. Display the banner at the venue entrance or drape it over the gift or dessert table. You can choose a tie-dyed banner and add peace signs to spruce it up.

6. Dance Under a Disco Ball

What could be cuter than a bunch of two-year-olds grooving to some tunes? Have a toddler dance party by setting up a play space under a shimmering disco ball. Play your tot’s favorite tunes and get ready to enjoy watching them move on the dancefloor.

7. Dig Into Yummy Cupcakes and Birthday Cake

Make your own birthday cake or order a custom two-groovy design from your favorite bakery. Elements like daisy flowers, VW buses, and tie-dye frosting will add to the festive look. You can also incorporate groovy cake toppers or cupcake toppers featuring smiley faces, rainbows, and butterflies.

8. Thank Guests With Groovy Party Favors

Goodie bags are a great way to show guests how much you appreciate them taking the time to celebrate your two-year-old. For young guests, fill bags with temporary tattoos and stickers, tasty snacks, and fruit juice boxes. You can even send parents home with fresh mini bouquets of Gerber daisies for an extra thoughtful touch.

7 Groovy Birthday Invitations to Get the Party Started

Two groovy birthday: flower themed cupcakes

Now that you know how to celebrate in style, it’s time to ask guests to join the fun. At Greenvelope, you’ll find dozens of retro-inspired digital invitations. Each one is customizable so you can change the colors and fonts for your ideal two groovy celebration.

Here are some of our favorite hippie-inspired invitations to use for your two groovy birthday party. From tie-dye to flowers to peace signs, these designs are sure to have guests saying “Groovy, baby!”

1. Groovy Daisy Invitation

Two groovy birthday: Groovy Daisy Invitation Design: Owl and Toad

Use this sweet and festive invite to celebrate a two-groovy bday bash. (It also works brilliantly for a 1st birthday, bridal shower, or baby shower!) With a giant daisy and groovy font, it’s an eye-catching way to set the tone for your party. Plus, it’s available in several different colorways.

2. Groovy Florals Invitation

Two groovy birthday: Groovy Florals Invitation Design: Sarah Deters Illustration

This floral invite is packed with star power — and flower power. The retro font gives off carefree and fun vibes while the vibrant color scheme is sure to bring joy to guests’ faces.

3. Groovy Tie-Dye Invitation

Groovy Tie Dye Invitation Design: Signature Greenvelope

Celebrate a two-groovy 2nd birthday party with this vibrant tie-dye invitation. Available in five color palettes, choose from blue, orange, green, pink, and black to match your party decorations.

4. Groovy Flowers Invitation

Groovy Flowers Invitation Design: Signature Greenvelope

Inspired by 70s art, this stunning invitation is perfect for a hippie-inspired birthday party. Bold daisies and soft hues add a boho vibe. Customize the envelope and card text to reflect your theme and include all the important event details.

5. Summer Waves Invitation

Summer Waves Invitation Design: itsibelli

Feast your eyes on this retro invitation that’s bursting with color. Funky text and wavy elements lend a psychedelic feel that’s right at home with a two-groovy birthday party theme.

6. Cheery Folk Floral Invitation

Cheery Folk Floral Invitation Design: Jen Montgomery

This groovy invite is ideal for any hippie birthday party, including two groovy birthday celebrations. It features a cheerful border of colorful daisies and bold font to list all of the event information.

7. Get Groovy Invitation

Get Groovy Invitation Design: Signature Greenvelope

This 70s-inspired invite is perfect for a kids’ party. It features all the best elements of the era, including a Volkswagen bus, peace signs, daisies, and bold colors. Send it out to all of your guests; they’re sure to count down the days until party time.

Get Groovy With Greenvelope

With these two groovy birthday party ideas, you have what you need to pull off the perfect retro celebration for your two-year-old. From daisy-decorated banners and cakes with peace signs to disco balls for dancing, there’s a fun idea to honor your adorable toddler.

At Greenvelope, it’s easier than ever to send out invitations. Our large collection of digital invitations means you can find stunning designs without worrying about the hassle of postage. (Or dealing with delayed RSVPs. You can easily track responses and follow up in just a few clicks.)

Browse our designs to find one you love and start customizing it. Change the font and color scheme and add elements like music and a photo stamp until it’s perfect. Once you’re ready, upload your contacts and hit send — all in minutes with just a few clicks.

For more party decoration ideas, continue browsing our Stationers blog loaded with party decor ideas, themes, and invitation inspiration for all of life’s best moments.