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Celebrate Your Love: Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Image: What are the Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year? Have you ever wondered what the perfect gift is for each year of your marriage? Believe it or not, there are traditional wedding anniversary gifts...

What are the Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year? Image: What are the Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year?

Have you ever wondered what the perfect gift is for each year of your marriage? Believe it or not, there are traditional wedding anniversary gifts to celebrate each milestone. While many of us have been using the same ideas year after year, it turns out we've been missing out on some important details. It's time to discover the right way to celebrate based on your country and the modern twist. This helpful guide will explain in detail what you should be getting your spouse for each wedding anniversary, including traditional and modern gift ideas.

1st Wedding Anniversary: Paper

On the first anniversary of your wedding, it is traditional to give your spouse a paper gift. In the past, this would typically be a book of poetry or a journal. However, nowadays, clocks have become the main modern first-anniversary gift. Clocks symbolize the timeless love and endless time you will spend together as a couple.

2nd Wedding Anniversary: Cotton

Traditionally, on your 2nd anniversary, you would gift your spouse something made from cotton. Cotton symbolizes the strength of marriage and its ability to adapt to change. In the modern era, China is presented as a gift option, symbolizing a promise of protection for the relationship and the continued strength of the marriage.

3rd Wedding Anniversary: Leather

Traditional gifts made from leather used to be the item of choice for the 3rd wedding anniversary. Leather represents the durability, resilience, and strength of the couple's marriage. Nowadays, crystal or glass gifts symbolize the transparency and clarity of marriage at the 3rd anniversary. It is a clear indication of how well the couple knows each other after three years of marriage.

4th Wedding Anniversary: Fruits & Flowers

The 4th wedding anniversary traditionally represents the blossoming and ripening of your marriage. In the UK, linen and silk gifts symbolize a couple's ability to absorb any issues or problems that come their way. However, modern couples often opt for luxury electrical appliances as a more practical alternative.

5th Wedding Anniversary: Wood

After 5 years of highs and lows in your marriage, the strength of your bond continues to grow, just like a tree. Wood symbolizes wisdom, time, and strength. The modern gift for the 5th anniversary is silverware, representing the sparkle and shine in your marriage. It is a reminder of the strong connection and bond that was formed at the start of your relationship.

6th Wedding Anniversary: Iron

At the 6th anniversary stage, life is thought to be sweeter. It's only right that you offer each other sugar-inspired treats. Alternatively, you can opt for the modern interpretation and choose wooden objects as a gift that represents resilience.

7th Wedding Anniversary: Wool/Copper

Copper and wool are the key symbols that represent the 7th wedding anniversary. They are known to produce heat, symbolizing security, warmth, and comfort in your marriage. Consider giving a modern desktop set as a thoughtful present that will communicate your love.

8th Wedding Anniversary: Bronze

In the US, bronze symbolizes strength and presents that your relationship is much stronger in the 8th year. In the UK, the name is derived from the Roman goddess of health, Salus, symbolizing the essential role marriage plays in a couple's lives. The modern 8th wedding anniversary gifts are lace or linen, delicate and refined materials that can make your celebration extra special.

9th Wedding Anniversary: Pottery

Pottery is traditionally used in the US as a symbol of shaping and forming something wonderful over time, just like marriage. In the UK, copper, a great conductor of heat and electricity, represents warmth, affection, and the spark that brought you together. For a modern touch, consider leather goods as a durable and unique gift option.

10th Wedding Anniversary: Tin/Aluminium

Tin or aluminium gifts are traditionally given to mark the 10th wedding anniversary. These materials last a long time and symbolize the lasting nature of your love. For a modern twist, diamond jewelry is a popular choice, symbolizing love, commitment, and eternal devotion.

11th Wedding Anniversary: Steel

Steel gifts represent the enduring strength and durability of your marriage. For a modern touch, consider fashion jewelry that allows your loved one to showcase their style and elegance.

12th Wedding Anniversary: Silk

Silk gifts are a perfect way to commemorate your years of partnership. Silk symbolizes purity, love, protection, and comfort. For a modern alternative, choose pearls or colored gems for a touch of elegance and hidden treasure.

13th Wedding Anniversary: Lace

Lace gifts symbolize the tight bond that couples share after 13 years of marriage, requiring effort and care. For a modern twist, explore textiles and faux furs that represent the warmth and comfort that marriage brings.

14th Wedding Anniversary: Ivory

Ivory gifts symbolize luck and protection, while gold jewelry is a modern and elegant choice to celebrate this special occasion.

15th Wedding Anniversary: Crystal

Crystal gifts symbolize the clarity and transparency of your relationship, while watches are a modern alternative to mark this milestone.

16th Wedding Anniversary: Wax

Wax gifts symbolize the solidity of your love, while silver holloware represents durability and elegance.

17th Wedding Anniversary: Furniture

Furniture gifts represent familiarity, safety, and comfort, creating a lasting and healthy marriage.

18th Wedding Anniversary: Porcelain

Porcelain gifts symbolize elegance and refinement, while linen and lace represent beauty and delicacy.

19th Wedding Anniversary: Bronze

Bronze gifts symbolize strength and endurance, while leather and bronze-colored items are a modern alternative.

20th Wedding Anniversary: China/Porcelain

China or porcelain gifts symbolize love's fragility and elegance, while platinum represents accomplishment and durability.

21st Wedding Anniversary: Brass/Nickel

Brass and nickel gifts symbolize strength and durability. Consider a gift such as a watch or personalized brass or nickel items.

22nd Wedding Anniversary: Copper

Copper gifts symbolize love's warmth and radiance, while copper-colored items make for a unique and sentimental present.

23rd Wedding Anniversary: Silver Plate

Silver plate gifts symbolize beauty and elegance, perfect for celebrating your lasting love.

24th Wedding Anniversary: Musical Instruments

Musical instruments represent the joy and harmony in your marriage, while silverware holloware represents durability and refinement.

25th Wedding Anniversary: Silver

Silver gifts symbolize strength, faith, purity, and wisdom, making it the perfect choice for celebrating 25 years of love and commitment.

30th Wedding Anniversary: Pearl

Pearl gifts symbolize purity, everlasting love, and stability, while diamonds represent strength and the sparkle of your enduring relationship.

35th Wedding Anniversary: Coral/Jade

Coral and jade gifts symbolize luck, wisdom, and deep love, perfect for celebrating 35 years of marriage.

40th Wedding Anniversary: Ruby

Ruby gifts symbolize love's eternal flame and passion, making them a perfect choice for celebrating 40 years together.

45th Wedding Anniversary: Sapphire

Sapphire gifts symbolize loyalty and fidelity, perfect for celebrating 45 years of marriage.

50th Wedding Anniversary: Gold

Gold gifts symbolize wisdom, prosperity, strength, and love that lasts a lifetime, making it the perfect choice for celebrating 50 years of love and commitment.

55th Wedding Anniversary: Emerald

Emerald gifts symbolize love, devotion, and deep-rooted connection, perfect for celebrating 55 years of marriage.

60th Wedding Anniversary: Diamond

Diamond gifts symbolize enduring and unconquerable love, making them the perfect choice for celebrating 60 years of marriage.

65th Wedding Anniversary: Blue Sapphire

Blue sapphire gifts symbolize loyalty, fidelity, and good fortune, perfect for celebrating 65 years together.

70th Wedding Anniversary: Platinum

Platinum gifts symbolize luxury, prestige, and endurance, making them the perfect choice for celebrating 70 years of love and commitment.

75th Wedding Anniversary: Diamond/Gold

Diamond and gold gifts symbolize the everlasting and precious nature of love, celebrating 75 years of marriage.

80th Wedding Anniversary: Oak

Oak gifts symbolize strength, longevity, and deep-rooted love, perfect for celebrating the extraordinary achievement of 80 years of marriage.

85th Wedding Anniversary: Moonstone/Wine

Moonstone gifts symbolize calmness and good fortune, while wine gifts are perfect for toasting to a long and fulfilling life together.

90th Wedding Anniversary: Granite/Stone

Granite and stone gifts symbolize strength, durability, and solidity, perfect for celebrating 90 years of love. For a modern touch, consider diamond or emerald gifts, representing eternal love and deep connection.

While not many couples will celebrate wedding anniversaries for 90 years, this complete list is useful for any couple on their marital journey. Each year signifies a unique milestone and provides an opportunity to celebrate your enduring love and commitment.

Celebrate your journey as a couple and make each wedding anniversary a special and memorable occasion with the perfect traditional or modern gift.