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10 Reasons We Love Working in Events - Saving Grace Events

Introduction In the world of event management, we are passionate and dedicated to our work. We not only have expertise but also put our hearts into everything we do. From being creative to bringing joy...


In the world of event management, we are passionate and dedicated to our work. We not only have expertise but also put our hearts into everything we do. From being creative to bringing joy to others, there are many reasons why we love working in events.

At Saving Grace Events, with over 35 years of combined experience, every member of our team has their own reasons for working in this field. Recently, we sat down and shared why we love working in this industry. Here are our top ten reasons...

1. Turning Ideas into Reality

Witnessing a client's idea come to life and knowing that we made it happen is an incredible feeling. There's nothing like seeing the unmistakable look of excitement on people's faces. Those "wow" moments make our work worthwhile. Whether the idea is grand or small, creating memories from an initial idea and surpassing expectations is the norm we strive for.

2. Pushing Boundaries

At Saving Grace Events, we never settle for the safe path. We love pushing boundaries to create amazing event experiences. Whether it's organizing an event at an unconventional venue or hosting a charity fundraiser underneath the Concorde, or even flying to Dubrovnik to explore the Game of Thrones forums, we constantly pursue awe-inspiring experiences. We strive to create surprises and leave deep impressions on our guests.

3. Embracing Innovation

Our job is to turn clients' ideas into reality and create magic along the way. We love being creative in design, planning, and executing exceptional events. Innovation means that we are always ready with new creative ideas, as well as a range of unique event concepts to choose from. Innovation is also crucial in strategizing for events, especially when they take place abroad or in challenging environments. We must always be ready to adapt to changing conditions and come up with new solutions.

4. Creativity

Our abilities spread across every imaginable aspect of creativity. For us, no two events are alike, which is why we focus on creating unique experiences. If a client already has an idea in mind, we will bring it to life. If a client struggles to imagine, we will go above and beyond their expectations with a truly extraordinary event. We love turning slightly crazy ideas into reality. You never know what awaits!

5. Building Relationships

Building great relationships with clients is important to us. Working in the event industry allows us to meet amazing people, from clients to suppliers and beyond. We often build strong relationships to the point where we even become friends! Meeting new people is one of the aspects we love most about working in events.

Event Picture: We showcase our creativity and passion in our work.

6. Seeing Impact

Seeing the impact our events have on people is one of the most exciting things about our work. Being part of the joy, connection, participation, and happiness that arise from what we create is an unforgettable feeling. We live for the moment when guests leave with surprised faces and sparkling eyes.

7. Teamwork

Working together as a team is undoubtedly effective in the event industry. We enjoy the fun of teamwork and the camaraderie when we work together to deliver for our clients. We also love working with our partners throughout the event planning process.

8. Diversity

No two days in the event industry are the same, and we love that! Working in this field means there's never a dull moment because each event brings unexpected elements. We truly appreciate the diversity in our event work. One day, we might organize a downtown store launch, and the next day, we might immerse ourselves in a graduation ceremony. It can be challenging, but we never get bored!

9. Connecting People

A great event often brings people together, and being a part of that is an honor. Whether it's seeing families and friends celebrating a milestone birthday, people coming together to fundraise for a charitable cause, or team members from all over the world gathering to appreciate their hard work, we create special connections.

10. Travel

Whether it's domestic or international, working in events allows us to work in various locations. Some of our favorite destinations include Budapest and Dubrovnik for Five Guys' reward and celebration events. We get to experience different places and meet diverse people, which is truly amazing!

To learn more about what we do, feel free to contact our passionate and friendly team.