Top Direct Sale MLM Jewelry Companies in 2023

One of the most exciting and profitable industries worldwide is the production and supply of designer accessories, including jewelry. With a wide range of options available, from rare-earth metals to fine polish, there is something...

One of the most exciting and profitable industries worldwide is the production and supply of designer accessories, including jewelry. With a wide range of options available, from rare-earth metals to fine polish, there is something to cater to every audience. Not only is the jewelry industry worth over $260 billion globally, but it also offers a lucrative investment opportunity with guaranteed returns over time. However, breaking into this industry can be challenging for new entrepreneurs due to the dominance of powerful corporations. This is where multi-level marketing (MLM) jewelry companies have gained popularity.

In this article, you will discover why MLM jewelry enterprises have become so famous and learn about the top 12 MLM jewelry companies that have achieved remarkable success. By analyzing each company individually, you will gain valuable insights into the reasons behind their achievements.

A Brief Summary of MLM Jewelry Companies

MLM jewelry refers to jewelry products sold through the multi-level marketing business model. In recent years, the jewelry industry has faced numerous supply chain challenges, especially when it comes to international orders. Delays in delivery can significantly impact the security and trust of customers, as the value of jewelry increases with each passing moment. To address this issue, direct jewelry sale companies have emerged as a reliable alternative.

In an MLM model, breaking through local markets becomes more accessible. Customers tend to trust familiar faces in their neighborhood rather than anonymous corporate entities. By allowing associates to place orders, MLM companies can optimize inventory management and reduce wasted space and excess jewelry.

Best MLM Direct Sales Jewelry Companies Worldwide

Now that you understand how the direct selling model works for jewelry, let's explore the top-performing MLM jewelry companies and the strategies they employ for day-to-day operations.

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1. Avon ($130 million)

Avon is a renowned MLM company that offers a wide range of products, including jewelry and accessories. In the financial year 2021-22, Avon generated close to $130 million in sales from its jewelry category. With a well-established direct supply chain, Avon can ship products directly to representatives at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional manufacturers. By eliminating the need for massive storefronts, Avon can provide substantial bonuses to its ground-level employees, making it a highly lucrative opportunity for those interested in selling jewelry from home.

2. Azuli Skye ($13 million)

Azuli Skye, founded by Deborah McNaughton, has quickly gained popularity among young women for its quality accessories and business opportunities. With Azuli Skye, you can earn up to 40% in commissions from sales, and the signup process is straightforward. The company focuses on marketing, encouraging its representatives to share media showcasing the jewelry. By leveraging user-generated content instead of relying solely on professional models, Azuli Skye creates an authentic and relatable brand image.

3. Fifth Avenue Collections ($10 million)

Fifth Avenue Collections offers desirable accessories at affordable prices, differentiating itself by using materials such as silver and copper instead of pure gold. By cleverly reducing costs, the company can offer generous commissions to affiliates, reaching up to 50% in the right conditions. With a reputation for budget-friendly jewelry, Fifth Avenue Collections has gained traction as a significant player across North America.

4. Inspiranza Designs ($5 million)

Initially a small jewelry firm in Illinois, Inspiranza Designs has rapidly grown as an MLM company, particularly in North America. As an independent jewelry consultant for Inspiranza, you can earn from sales and recruit influencers to promote the brand. By regularly updating its official store with fresh designs and exclusive offers, Inspiranza Designs keeps its high-end customers engaged while increasing their bottom line.

5. JBloom Designs ($5 million)

JBloom Designs is known for its extensive catalog, which is updated every few months. The company offers the best designs from its suppliers, often as part of package deals. This mutually beneficial arrangement results in higher discounts scaling with the order amount. Customers receive better deals with higher purchases, driving up commissions for affiliates. JBloom Designs stands out for its focus on creating win-win situations for both customers and representatives.

6. Kinsley Armelle ($8 million)

While most direct jewelry sale companies focus on reducing the costs of gold and platinum jewelry, Kinsley Armelle takes a revolutionary approach. The company offers accessories made from various materials, such as amethyst, quartz, and black obsidian. These materials are often associated with therapeutic benefits, appealing to customers who prioritize mental health. With seasonal offers and stock clearance sales, Kinsley Armelle has created a vast market for its unique product range.

7. Origami Owl ($110 million)

Origami Owl started as a pet project by Isabella Weems in 2010 and quickly became a multi-million dollar enterprise through direct sales. In addition to cosmetics, the company ships jewelry and accessories throughout the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Origami Owl's focus on bespoke products, such as jewelry with inscriptions and religious ornaments, sets it apart from other MLM jewelry companies. By accurately translating designs relayed by affiliates, Origami Owl minimizes precious metal wastage and ensures the final product is manufactured to size.

8. Park Lane Jewelry ($44 million)

Park Lane Jewelry, established in 1950 by Arthur and Shirley Levin, is a leading party plan jewelry home sale company. The company's strategy centers around marketing jewelry focused on women through women. By affiliating with influencers, other stores, and music and movie production companies, Park Lane Jewelry expands its reach beyond the traditional MLM model. For those interested in joining Park Lane's MLM, the company provides the necessary materials to host parties for effective sales pitches.

9. Sabika Designs ($15 million)

Sabika focuses on producing exclusive seasonal collections, deviating from conventional products with higher profit margins. For each successful conversion, the company offers up to 30% commissions to its agents. By providing surprising discounts on elegant products, Sabika maintains a supply of desirable stock that can be challenging to find elsewhere. Its focus on exclusivity has propelled Sabika to success for the past 21 years.

10. Stella and Dot ($59 million)

Stella and Dot, a household name for coveted fine jewelry and reasonably-priced accessories, has garnered attention from various outlets. Led by renowned designer Blythe Harris, Stella and Dot prioritizes digital marketing and assists associates in resolving online issues. Throughout the pandemic, the company provided the necessary resources to successfully market its products on social media, enabling it to avoid the downturn experienced by many other corporations.

11. Tocara ($10 million)

Tocara understands that jewelry is all about making a statement. The company offers a diverse range of products, including rings, necklaces, watches, and extenders. Tocara also allows customers to commission their own jewelry made from gold and silver alloys. By hosting home parties to build affiliate connections, individuals can create a bespoke marketplace within their own homes without the complexities of running a business. Positive reviews and satisfied customers further contribute to Tocara's success.

12. Vantel Pearls ($7 million)

Vantel Pearls has established itself as a premium supplier of pearl jewelry over the past 30 years. Going beyond traditional pearl sourcing methods that harm marine life, Vantel focuses on sustainable practices. All pearls are extracted from oysters grown in dedicated freshwater farms, and customers receive their pearls enclosed within the oysters. This environmentally conscious approach allows individuals to enjoy the desired look of pearl jewelry without contributing to long-term damage to the ecosystem.


These are the top 12 MLM jewelry companies that have made a significant impact in 2022. Whether you are looking to join one of these successful enterprises or create your own MLM jewelry business, Global MLM offers customized software solutions tailored to your specific needs. With the right combination of passion, persistence, and industry knowledge, you can find success in the MLM jewelry market. So why wait? Start your journey today!