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Top 20+ Event Management Companies In USA [2024]: Creating Unforgettable Experiences

Looking for inspiration from top event planners and brands? You’re in the right place. Welcome to our look at the top event planning companies of 2024! We have curated an event planning checklist of the...

Looking for inspiration from top event planners and brands? You’re in the right place. Welcome to our look at the top event planning companies of 2024! We have curated an event planning checklist of the top corporate event management companies that will turn your ideas into extraordinary events. Whether it’s a big corporate gathering, your dream wedding, or any special occasion, these folks have the skills to make it happen.

Event Image: RGI Events

Enhancing your events is now more accessible than ever, thanks to event management companies that handle all the intricate details. This leaves you with the enjoyable networking task and immersing yourself in the event’s unique experience. Stick with us as we introduce you to the best in the business and see what’s hot in event planning this year.

Best Event Management Companies in America

There are hundreds of experienced and reliable event management companies in America, but a few stand out as the best of the best. Here is an overview of each of the top event management companies for events:

1. RGI Events

RGI Events Image: RGI Events

RGI Events assures its clients to be served with excellent management, leading to connecting with attendees and achieving goals. Planning to organize a luncheon for 50 people, a conference for 2,500, or a festival for more than 15,000 people? Go nowhere, RGI is here to take care of it all. They offer services like planning, management, and production, making your event truly memorable.

2. Purple

Purple Image: Purple

Paving the path with their tagline, "Don’t sweat it, just create it," Purple comes third on our list, making it simple for clients with their tools and concepts. They provide endless ideas and connect with the top vendors in the area who will help bring your vision to life. When it comes to corporate events, Purple is the go-to choice.

3. Alliance Exposition

Alliance Exposition Image: Alliance Exposition

Get guidance through the entire process, from design and technology—So there’s never any guesswork or hassle, and you put on a flawless event efficiently. With transparent pricing, on-time task completion, and essential event services, Alliance Exposition ensures your event is seamless and stress-free. They specialize in planning small or mid-sized events.

4. The Expo Group

The Expo Group Image: The Expo Group

Among the many event planning companies, The Expo Group stands out as architects who connect communities and help them come closer. They offer a wide range of services, including event, exhibition, and tradeshow design and management. Whether it's corporate and higher education events, rental and custom exhibits, or live, virtual, and hybrid events, The Expo Group has got you covered.

5. Freeman

Freeman Image: Freeman

Choose Freeman as it is more than just a global event company. Freeman agency does it all, from design and creative to event sponsorship. They are your partner if you plan on hosting an exhibit or designing your annual trade show. Script powerful event stories and build meaningful relationships with customers through memorable experiences.

6. ARJ Productions

ARJ Productions Image: ARJ Productions

Putting their faith in their services and responsiveness, ARJ Productions exceeds expectations, not budget. Be it party planning or corporate event production, they do it all. When it comes to showcasing your true self and making your events unique with special touches, no one does it better than ARJ Productions.

7. vFairs

vFairs Image: vFairs

Held summits, benefit fairs, university open days, and conferences and give your audience an unforgettable experience with vFairs as your support. Ready to plan your next event? Swiftly sway away with the widely known all-in-one event management software platform, vFairs, towards your success.

8. Best Corporate Events

Best Corporate Events Image: Best Corporate Events

Partnered with small and large companies, Best Corporate Events aims to create fun and knit closer connections with their impactful events. Their customized events, experienced facilitators, original programming, and outstanding support make them stand out from the crowd.

9. Sparks

Sparks Image: Sparks

Sparks is another global marketing agency transforming audiences into brand ambassadors, whether in real life or online, for your live and digital events. With their complete expertise, Sparks uncovers great connections and helps in the smooth flow of the event.

10. Gowithlive

Gowithlive Image: Gowithlive

One of the most reliable virtual, live, and hybrid event production companies, Gowithlive hosts world-class brands, organizations, and entertainers with human connections. They focus on enhancing client events through innovative design and collaboration, creating meaningful experiences.

11. Raybloch

Raybloch Image: Raybloch

Transform your tales into unforgettable moments with Raybloch. They specialize in crafting and delivering dynamic, impactful storytelling experiences to live audiences. Raybloch is a full-service event production company that excels in business meetings, conferences, fundraisers, and galas for corporations and individuals.

12. Groupo Events

Groupo Events Image: Groupo Events

Grupo Events is a top-tier event planning company specializing in corporate team-building and communication, creativity, strategy, and social events. Choose Groupo Events for dynamic team-building and enhanced interaction, taking your gatherings to new heights of success and excitement!

13. Eventsair

Eventsair Image: Eventsair

Eventsair is a one-stop solution with everything you need to handle every part of your events, from beginning to end. They believe in transparency and offer straightforward pricing. Whether you need an all-in-one solution for virtual, in-person, or hybrid events, Eventsair has got you covered.

14. Digital Motion Events

Digital Motion Events Image: Digital Motion Events

Save time, reduce stress, and achieve a successful event that engages your attendees and meets your goals with Digital Motion Event Services. From dealing with tech stuff to getting people engaged, Digital Motion makes the tough stuff a breeze.

15. Celebration LTD

Celebration LTD Image: Celebration LTD

Destination Wedding & Event Planner in the Cayman Islands, Celebration LTD is the premier hybrid event planning and design company, serving local and international clients. Backed with solid partnerships with top professionals, they ensure your event is nothing short of exceptional.

16. Decibal Events

Decibal Events Image: Decibal Events

Craft unforgettable live experiences with Decibal Events, an event production company that offers event management, advance, and graphics services. Whether you're looking for assistance in organizing brand activations, corporate meetings, or more, Decibal has got you covered.

17. ATN Event Staffing

ATN Event Staffing Image: ATN Event Staffing

Head this way if you require event staffing from our list of event management companies. ATN Event Staffing has a vast database of vetted field employees and prioritizes open communication and personalized service to match the right talent to each unique client and campaign.

18. Bash Creative

Bash Creative Image: Bash Creative

Bash Creative is an "Event Strategy and Production Agency" that specializes in bringing corporate culture to life. Craft exceptional gatherings with a design and execution focus with Bash Creative.

19. Augeo Marketing

Augeo Marketing Image: Augeo Marketing

With 45+ years of experience, Augeo empowers clients, including global corporations with millions of customers, to expand their social reach and connections. Boost your brand with Augeo Marketing and enhance brand advocacy, social engagement, and customer loyalty through global connections and data-driven experiences.

20. Rafanelli Events

Rafanelli Events Image: Rafanelli Events

Turn your dreams into events and make everlasting memories with Rafanelli Events. They offer their services to everyone from individuals to families or organizations. Exceed your attendees' expectations and win them over with Rafanelli Events.

21. Bassett Events Inc.

Bassett Events Inc. Image: Bassett Events Inc.

Give off the upper-east side vibes at your next gala or host corporate events with Bassett Events Inc., your perfect partner in event planning. From private and corporate events to managing company sessions and product launches, Bassett Events Inc. has you covered.

22. Luxe Fete

Luxe Fete Image: Luxe Fete

Luxe Fete is a full-range event planning company that helps clients create stories for the years to come. From corporate events and weddings to brand activations and social celebrations, Luxe Fete offers VIP hospitality, planning, design, and production services.

Inspired By Top Event Planners, Create Your Award-Winning Event

Whether you’re orchestrating an intimate dinner for your board of directors or planning a conference for 5,000 employees, the assistance of event management companies can streamline the process and help you achieve your event goals. From event engagement to event gamification, these top event planning companies of 2024 are leading the way in creating unforgettable experiences. With their innovative approaches, cost-effective solutions, and commitment to excellence, these firms are the trusted partners for successful events.