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Top 14 Boho Bedroom Ideas: Design Your Dreamy Oasis

Reminiscent of the old world of free-spirits, boho bedroom ideas express both the worldly and the personal. It shouts travel, adventure, and old souvenirs from faraway places. A boho bedroom has stories to tell from...

Boho bedroom interior design ideas

Reminiscent of the old world of free-spirits, boho bedroom ideas express both the worldly and the personal. It shouts travel, adventure, and old souvenirs from faraway places. A boho bedroom has stories to tell from the comfort of your own home. Here we unpack a few top tips to inspire a laid-back and creative bohemian bedroom atmosphere.

What is Boho Bedroom Design?

Boho bedroom ideas with South American motifs by Drew F Boho-inspired bedroom design ideas by Decorilla interior designer, Drew F.

Often referred to as boho-chic, the bohemian design style embraces imperfection. Soft touches and personal eccentricities make one feel immediately at home. Surrounded by layers of individualism, natural elements also play a big role in color picks and materials in a boho-style bedroom.

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Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Modern bohemian bedroom décor ideas by Jamie C Contemporary yet rustic boho bedroom interior design ideas by Decorilla designer, Jamie C.

Full of natural elements and rich patterns, bohemian bedroom ideas are oh-so-inviting. So, let’s explore the vibrant world of these lively interiors.

1. Muted Color Schemes

Bohemian bedroom ideas with contemporary décor in an interior by Casey H Bohemian bedroom ideas with contemporary décor in an interior by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

The beauty of a simple boho bedroom is that you can take it as far or as minimalist as you like. Start by painting a uniform neutral color across the board. For instance, if you like boho beach bedrooms, you can start with a creamy off-white. Then, add darker tones to your furniture and boho style decor to add definition to the overall design.

2. Colorful Boho Bedroom Ideas

Colorful boho bedroom ideas

A multitude of layers characterizes any bohemian-style bedroom design. There is no need to fuss about matching them. Warmer colors, like emerald greens, mustard yellows, and muted oxblood reds, work well for a colorful boho-inspired bedroom. Use a clay-toned palette paired with exposed wood and rattan, and you’re on your way to a rustic bohemian bedroom.

3. Tactile-Rich Boho Bedroom Design

Boho bedroom ideas in a neutral interior by Aya G White boho bedroom by Decorilla interior designer, Aya G.

This is arguably the most fun you will ever have with your bohemian bedroom décor ideas. Since there is space for such an amalgamation of elements, you can mix your textiles and patterns. Think statement pieces in macrame, fluffy pillows, and Persian-inspired rugs.

Textured throws scattered on stone and sand-blocked colors are your best friend for boho bedding ideas. It’s also a great way to change things around every so often.

4. Patterns Defining a Boho Bedroom

Bohemian bedroom style decor in a monochromatic interior by Casey H Bohemian bedroom inspiration for a modern interior by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Create a white boho bedroom by sticking to light base colors, adding mono-colored textures minimally. Or, lean towards a boho chic bedroom by splashing textures and decor from floor to ceiling. Fabric odds and ends can find a place on walls, draped over side tables, and plaited into decoration.

5. Layered Bohemian Bedroom Ideas with Decor

Cozy boho bedroom by Courtney B Cozy boho bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Courtney B.

Once you have established your base, you can refine and further layer. Whether you’ve decided on a traditional, chic, or bohemian-modern bedroom, there is plenty of room to experiment with decor.

6. Low Profiles and Decor up High

Bohemian style bedroom inspiration

Opt for a low pallet bed to free up more wall space. Now you can maximize wall decor like framed mirrors, hanging plants, and floating shelves. In addition, the exposed edges of your bed frame make nifty nooks to keep books, lights and other bits.

7. Accented Headboard

Bohemian bedroom inspiration and ideas by Wanda P Interior with neutral boho bedroom ideas by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

Highlighting your headboard is an excellent way to make a big impact with minimal layering. Go for a larger-than-life headboard if you prefer a modern look. Choose an organic material such as wood or rattan for a tapestry overhead. As another idea, you can soften your touch with boho-chic bedroom wall decor above the bed. This is a lovely opportunity to repurpose an exquisite old rug, weave, or carpet.

8. Boho Bedroom Ideas Packed in Tightly

Cozy boho bedroom ideas

For lovers of chic boho bedroom décor ideas, choose a feature wall to fill. Finally, those postcards and hanging trinkets from your travels have time to shine. Use your favorite pictures, ornaments, mirrors, and brick-a-brac of all shapes and sizes. Spaced tightly together, this can create an equally uniform and stylish look.

9. Clay Colors and Textures

Bohemian bedroom inspiration for a contemporary interior by Ryley B Bohemian bedroom inspiration for a modern interior by Decorilla designer, Ryley B.

Get your hands dirty at your local clay cafe or visit your nearest arts and crafts market. Vases with single-stemmed leaves suit a modern boho bedroom. Allow some asymmetry with organic shapes and sizes.

10. Plants Go with Everything

Colorful orange boho bedroom ideas

Be sure to leave plenty of space for greenery on all levels - high and low. Small wooden benches and stools make suitable pedestals for medium-sized plants. Floating shelves and hanging baskets are great for cascading greens.

11. Woven Bohemian Bedroom Ideas

Neutral modern bohemian bedroom decor

Woven baskets make excellent planters for your larger plants. Since your bedroom is a place for your mess, too, baskets help to keep it contained. These are also usually sustainable options, as they will likely stay intact for years.

12. Warm Lighting and Accessories

Boho chic bedroom ideas and décor with a boho chair by Casey H Boho chic bedroom ideas and décor by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Plot your lighting to complete your cozy boho bedroom. For the most part, use warm whites for your interior - it’s also much better for your sleep!

13. Let Your Inner Gypsy Shine

Bohemian interior design ideas with candles

Dot a few candleholders of all sizes to set the mood for your bohemian bedroom. Once again, stick to your natural materials such as clay, wood, or stone.

14. Textured Pendant Lights

Boho bedroom interior design ideas and inspiration

Few things are cozier than a textured ceiling. So, make the most of this bohemian bedroom inspiration and look around for hanging pendant lights with some texture. Not only is it the practical choice, but the shadows the light cast around the room are also truly dreamy.

Want a designer boho bedroom design?

These bohemian bedroom ideas are one way to start your design, but our team of professionals can take you all the way. Want to get started? Then schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation today!


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