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Timeless Blooms: Top 10 Florists for Dried Flower Delivery, Hand-Tested & Reviewed

We all appreciate the beauty of fresh flowers, but sometimes dried blooms can offer a better alternative. Whether you desire a bouquet that will stand the test of time, a hassle-free arrangement for a guest...

We all appreciate the beauty of fresh flowers, but sometimes dried blooms can offer a better alternative. Whether you desire a bouquet that will stand the test of time, a hassle-free arrangement for a guest space or office, or a thoughtful gift for a special occasion, dried flowers have been growing in popularity. To help you make an informed choice, we have reviewed and hand-tested the top dried flower delivery services available. Here are our top 10 picks, along with all the details you need before making your first order. Our top recommendations are Terrain and UrbanStems.

How We Tested the Best Dried Flower Delivery Services in America

To bring you the most accurate and reliable recommendations, we ordered from a wide range of popular online flower delivery companies and specialized dried flower shops. Our evaluation criteria included the style and beauty of the arrangements, the variety of collections offered, the overall value for money, and the quality of delivery service.

The Best Dried Flower Delivery Services

  1. Terrain ($$$): Best for Farm-Fresh Bouquets Terrain Dried Flower Delivery Service in America Credit: Petal Republic

Terrain, a home decor company with locations on both coasts, offers a selection of farm-fresh dried flower arrangements. Their bouquets exude a stylish yet effortless vibe, and we were particularly impressed with their "Blooming Meadow" arrangement. Terrain's prices range from under $50 for simple bouquets to $70-$300 for larger arrangements.

  1. UrbanStems ($$): Best for Fast Dried Flower Delivery UrbanStems Dried Flower Delivery Service Credit: Petal Republic

UrbanStems, known for their fresh bouquet delivery, also offers a small but elegant selection of dried flower arrangements. Their bouquets are simple yet stylish and are well-suited for a variety of settings. However, be aware that the eucalyptus in their arrangements can be overpowering initially. Prices range from $70 to $100, plus shipping.

  1. From You Flowers ($): Best for Dried Lavender Dried Flower Delivery from From You Flowers Credit: Petal Republic

From You Flowers, a well-established fresh floral delivery company, offers well-priced and fragrant dried lavender arrangements. While their selection of dried bouquets is limited, their quality and price for lavender bundles are excellent. Prices for the deluxe bundle range from $35.99 to $44.99, with options to add more stems.

  1. AFloral ($$): Best Selection for Natural Dried Florals Dried Flower Delivery from AFloral Credit: Petal Republic

AFloral offers a wide selection of natural dried florals and grasses. We were impressed with their chic and natural designs, as well as the option to create your own bouquet from their variety of smaller bundles. The prices at AFloral range from $10 for smaller sale items to $32 and above for larger full-priced items.

  1. BloomsyBox ($$$): Best for Colorful Dried Flower Bouquets Dried Flower Delivery Service from BloomsyBox Credit: Petal Republic

BloomsyBox specializes in fresh flower subscription packages, but they also offer a small selection of colorful dyed dried bouquets. While their collection is limited, their arrangements are vibrant and resemble the photos. However, be prepared for premium pricing, ranging from $70 to $80.

  1. ProFlowers ($$$): Best for Wild and Natural Grass Arrangements Dried Flower Delivery Service from ProFlowers Credit: Petal Republic

ProFlowers, known for delivering ethically-sourced fresh blooms, offers a stylish collection of dried grass arrangements. Their bouquets are perfect for gifting or adding a natural touch to your home. Prices start at $80 and go up to $100, which may be a bit high considering the predominantly dried grass content.

  1. The Sill ($$$): Best for Free Shipping & Stylish Designs Dried Flower Delivery Service from The Sill Credit: Petal Republic

The Sill, a leader in live plant delivery, also offers a limited but well-curated selection of dried flowers. Their bouquets come in natural and dyed varieties and are beautifully packaged. The prices range from $89 to $118, though some smaller arrangements can be found for $48.

  1. The Bouqs ($$): Best for Gifting Dried Bouquets Dried Flower Delivery Service from The Bouqs Credit: Petal Republic

The Bouqs, known for their trendy fresh flower deliveries, also offers a selection of dried bouquets. Their natural arrangements, such as the "Terracotta," are particularly well-suited for weddings and other special events. Prices range from $69 to $104, with a subscription option for a 30% discount.

  1. East Olivia ($$$): Best for Petite Dried Flower Bouquets Dried Flower Delivery Service from East Olivia Credit: Petal Republic

East Olivia specializes in forever florals and pampas grass arrangements, offering a variety of bouquet styles and colors. While their bouquets tend to be on the smaller side, their vibrant designs and beautiful packaging make them perfect for gifting or adding a touch of color to your home. Prices range from $60 to $165.

  1. 1-800-Flowers ($$): Best for Occasion-Ready Dried Flowers Dried Flowers Delivery Service from 1800 Flowers Credit: Petal Republic

1-800-Flowers, one of the industry leaders in flower deliveries, offers a wide range of dried flowers and gift sets. While their dried floral collection is extensive, their arrangements can sometimes appear more artificial than dried. Prices vary, starting at $50 and going up to $100.

Buying Guide

When choosing a dried flower delivery service, consider factors such as style, availability, value for money, and delivery options. Each of the florists we reviewed offers unique qualities and options to suit different preferences and needs.

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For more information on dried flowers and caring for them, be sure to check out Larissa's essential guide to ordering and caring for dried flowers.

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