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Planning the Ultimate Austin Bachelor Party

So you've been tasked with planning a kickass bachelor party in Austin, Texas. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Throwing an unforgettable bachelor party in Austin is easier than you think, and we have some...

So you've been tasked with planning a kickass bachelor party in Austin, Texas. Don't worry, we've got you covered. Throwing an unforgettable bachelor party in Austin is easier than you think, and we have some unique ideas that will make for an epic weekend. From thrilling adventures to vibrant nightlife, Austin has it all. Get ready for an experience like no other!

What To Do:

While the typical recommendations of Sixth Street, Rainey Street, and Barton Springs are great, we want to introduce you to some lesser-known options that will make your bachelor party truly memorable.

Twisted Texas Brew Bus Picture: The fun-filled Twisted Texas Brew Bus

  • Twisted Texas Brew Bus: Start your bachelor party off with a bang and hop on the Twisted Texas Brew Bus. With a live band onboard, this tour takes you to three local breweries while you enjoy craft beers and good times. It's a crowd favorite and guarantees a memorable experience.

Austin Lake Party Picture: Lake party fun in Austin

  • Hit the Water: Austin is surrounded by lakes and rivers, so take advantage of the beautiful waterways. Rent a boat and throw a lake party or float down the river on tubes with a cooler of drinks. For boat rentals, we recommend Float On Boat Rentals, known for their great rates and friendly staff. Don't forget to enjoy an afternoon rental on the lake for the ultimate experience.

Circuit of the Americas Picture: Circuit of the Americas

  • Go Fast: If you're into adrenaline-pumping activities, visit Circuit of the Americas, home to America's only Formula One racetrack and a thrilling go-karting course. Race your friends at speeds of up to 55mph and feel the rush of excitement.

  • Listen to Live Music: Austin is known as the Live Music Capital of the World, so make sure to catch some incredible performances. Explore the local music scene and discover the best music joints with the Live Music Experience.

Urban Axes Picture: Axe throwing excitement at Urban Axes

  • Throw Some Axes: Unleash your inner lumberjack and head to Urban Axes for an exhilarating axe-throwing experience. It's a great way to blow off some steam and have a blast with your friends.

River Tubing Picture: Relaxing river tubing in Austin

  • Float the River: Experience the beauty of a Texas summer by floating down a natural, spring-fed river. ATXcursions offers a hassle-free river tubing experience with sober rides to and from the river, tube and cooler rentals, and everything you need for a relaxing and fun-filled day.

These are just a few of the many activities and adventures Austin has to offer. Whether you're a thrill-seeker or prefer a more laid-back experience, Austin has something for everyone.

Where to Stay:

Choosing the right accommodation is crucial for a successful bachelor party. Here are some options in different neighborhoods of Austin:


Hotel Van Zandt Picture: Hotel Van Zandt in downtown Austin

Staying in downtown Austin offers the convenience of being walking distance from popular attractions like Sixth Street and Rainey Street. Enjoy the vibrant nightlife and easy access to top restaurants. Recommended hotels include Hotel Van Zandt and The Westin.

East Austin:

Hotel Heywood Picture: Hotel Heywood in East Austin

For a more hipster and low-key atmosphere, consider staying in East Austin. This neighborhood is known for its street art, food trucks, and vibrant nightlife. Hotel Heywood is a favorite among locals and offers a unique experience.

South Congress:

Explore the South Congress area for a mix of boutique hotels and vacation rentals. This neighborhood is just a short ride from downtown and offers a more relaxed vibe. Check out South Congress Hotel and Hotel San Jose for a comfortable stay.

Staying Far Out:

If you're looking for more space or a budget-friendly option, consider staying in the outskirts of Austin. You'll find larger vacation homes with amenities like pools and breathtaking views. Just keep in mind the distance from popular attractions and transportation costs. Hotel Granducca and the charming Hill Country vacation rentals are worth considering.

Where to Eat:

Austin is famous for its incredible food scene. While specific restaurants come and go, here are some general tips when dining in the city:

Austin Food Picture: Delicious food in Austin

  1. Make Reservations: Austin's food scene is bustling, so make sure to plan ahead and make reservations, especially for larger groups.
  2. Food Trucks: Don't miss out on the food truck experience. Austin's food trucks offer a wide variety of cuisines and are perfect for group dining.
  3. Casual Dress Code: Most Austin restaurants have a casual dress code, so feel free to dress comfortably. Just avoid swimsuits and pajamas.
  4. Must-Try Foods: Don't leave Austin without trying Texas BBQ, breakfast tacos, kolaches, and Tex-Mex with plenty of queso.
  5. Drink Local: Austin is home to numerous craft breweries, so make sure to try some local beers and support the thriving beer scene.

These are just a few general guidelines for dining in Austin. Explore the city's diverse culinary landscape and let your taste buds guide you.


With its unique blend of adventure, nightlife, and delicious food, Austin is the perfect destination for an epic bachelor party. Whether you're seeking thrills on the water, rocking out to live music, or indulging in mouthwatering cuisine, Austin has it all. Remember to plan ahead, choose the right neighborhood for your stay, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of the city. Get ready for an unforgettable bachelor party experience in the Live Music Capital of the World!

For more information and assistance with planning your bachelor party, feel free to reach out to us at 512-999-TOUR or [email protected].

See you soon in Austin!