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Celebrating Three Esta: A Magical Birthday Fiesta

It's hard to believe that our first baby is now 3 years old. Time truly flies when you're a parent! With Caroline turning three, I knew we had to throw her an unforgettable birthday party....

It's hard to believe that our first baby is now 3 years old. Time truly flies when you're a parent! With Caroline turning three, I knew we had to throw her an unforgettable birthday party. After much consideration, I settled on a Three Esta theme since it coincided with Cinco de Mayo, and we absolutely adore Mexican food. Plus, Caroline's favorite Disney movie, Coco, added an extra touch of magic to the festivities.

Indulging in Sweet Delights

When it comes to birthday desserts, it's easy to get carried away, and I may have gone a little overboard this time. With the help of my talented friend Ashley from AshleyVCo.com, we created a mouthwatering spread of treats. From confetti cupcakes turned into a pull-away cactus cake to intricately designed custom cookies from Powder and Cream, every sweet indulgence was a work of art.

Dessert Spread Image Source: Star Event

For the cake, I decided to take a shortcut and bought a plain white icing cake from Food Lion. But my resourceful friend Ash came to the rescue, transforming it into a piñata cake that perfectly captured the spirit of the celebration. Alongside the desserts, we added some fun fiesta themed mints in adorable pineapple containers and even carved a watermelon into a cactus shape!

Festive Decorations and Fun-filled Activities

To set the mood, I incorporated cactus and pineapple decor throughout the party. Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby provided budget-friendly decorations, and I managed to grab some great deals on Cinco de Mayo items. The highlight was the balloon decor at the entryway of the tent, although the scorching heat caused a few of them to burst, creating an unexpected confetti explosion.

Balloon Cactus Image Source: Star Event

The children had a blast in their dedicated eating area, decorated with a vibrant serape tablecloth and a sombrero centerpiece. We played games like limbo and had a piñata for some exciting moments. As the temperature soared, the slip and slide became the perfect way to cool down and keep the fun going.

Culinary Delights for All

Although I unfortunately didn't capture pictures of the incredible food my husband prepared, it was a feast to remember. With his expertise from his time in a professional kitchen, he whipped up beef and pork carnitas tacos, homemade guacamole, mouthwatering Mexican street corn, grilled nopales, and a delectable queso fresco. He even surprised everyone with his homemade tortilla chips, which were absolutely addictive! To wash it all down, we served refreshing Mexican Coke and Jarritos.

Tasty Delights Image Source: Star Event

A Heartfelt Message to Caroline

To my sweet, rambunctious Caroline, you have brought immense joy into our lives since the day you were born. Despite my initial fears and doubts, you showed me that we were both ready for this incredible journey. Your strength, intelligence, and kind heart shine through every day. I'm forever grateful for your presence in our lives. Happy birthday, my beautiful angel.

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