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Unique 5-Year Anniversary Gifts: Celebrate Love and Milestone Achievements

Photo by: Adirondack Kitchen After the first anniversary, reaching the five-year mark feels like a monumental achievement. Whether you're looking for a fifth wedding anniversary gift for your partner or a token to celebrate a...

Best 5-year wedding anniversary gift ideas Photo by: Adirondack Kitchen

After the first anniversary, reaching the five-year mark feels like a monumental achievement. Whether you're looking for a fifth wedding anniversary gift for your partner or a token to celebrate a special couple in your life, we've handpicked a selection of the best fifth anniversary gifts to help you find the perfect present. And the best part? Many of these gifts are under $50!

These fifth anniversary gifts are inspired by the traditional symbols associated with this significant milestone:

  • The traditional five-year wedding anniversary gift is wood, symbolizing durability and strong roots.
  • The modern gift for a five-year wedding anniversary is silverware.
  • The five-year anniversary flower is the daisy.
  • The five-year gemstones are sapphire and pink tourmaline.

Traditional 5-Year Anniversary Gifts: Wood

The traditional five-year anniversary gift is wood, and Etsy sellers have reimagined this timeless material into meaningful, useful, and romantic representations of your strong and steady bond. Here are a few traditional fifth anniversary gift ideas to inspire you.

1. Wood Cocktail Muddler

Wood cocktail muddler SHOP: Wooden muddler for cocktails from AHeirloom, $38

For a romantic mojito night to celebrate five years together or a lavish anniversary party, this handmade wooden cocktail muddler can be personalized with initials and will be put to good use as soon as it’s unwrapped. Crafted with incredible precision and the ideal weight, it's perfect for making the perfect old fashioned or any other cocktail.

2. Gnocchi Board

Gnocchi board with rolling pin SHOP: Handcrafted gnocchi board with rolling pin from Jones Cutting Boards, from $89

For a unique date night idea, make and enjoy your very own gnocchi with this handcrafted wooden gnocchi board. It comes with a hardwood birch rolling pin and allows you to create three different pasta designs. Create lasting memories in the kitchen together!

3. Personalized Wood Cutting Board

Personalized round wood cutting board SHOP: Custom engraved maple cutting board from Adirondack Kitchen, from $45

This beautiful cutting board doubles up as both a practical kitchen item and a stylish charcuterie serving platter. Available in maple, cherry, or walnut wood and in various sizes, it can be personalized with your names and wedding date. A beautiful addition to any kitchen!

4. Cockatoo Bird House

Cockatoo shaped bird house SHOP: Hand-painted cockatoo bird house from Delgado Handcrafted Treasures, $95

If you or your partner are nature lovers or shopping for a couple who enjoys spending time outdoors, this unique birdhouse, hand-built and painted to look just like a cockatoo, will make a wonderful garden addition. Handcrafted with care, it's not only beautiful but also sturdy and functional.

5. Rustic Bath Caddy

Wooden bath board SHOP: Rustic handmade wooden bath board from Simply Rustic by T&A, from $35

Elevate your bathroom experience with a wooden bath board. Stylish and practical, it's perfect for holding candles, wine glasses (a five-year wedding anniversary date idea, perhaps?), and other bathroom essentials. Handmade using reclaimed wood, it adds a touch of rustic charm to any bathroom decor.

6. MØD Desk Tray

Wooden tray organizers SHOP: Modular desk organizer tray from Design Craft Workshop, from $20

If your partner loves staying organized, surprise them with these gorgeous Scandinavian-style desk trays. Available in walnut or white oak and different sizes, they're not only high-quality and functional but also add a touch of elegance to any workspace. Perfect for keeping things tidy and within reach.

7. Elm Wood Air Plant Holder

Small geometric wood wall planters for air plants SHOP: Elm wood wall-mount planter from Untitled Co, $28

For a simple yet charming gift, consider these elm wood wall-mount planters. They're perfect for plant lovers and add a touch of greenery to any space. Each planter comes with its own wall tape on the back, making it easy to stick to the wall. Unique, practical, and beautiful.

Modern 5-Year Anniversary Gift: Silver

While silverware is the modern take on the five-year wedding anniversary gift, there are many other silver options to explore, including kitchenware and jewelry. Here are some silver presents that are sure to delight.

8. Vintage Silver Necklace

Silver floral heart necklace SHOP: Silver floral heart necklace from Freckled Heart, from $27

For a unique and eco-friendly gift, consider this silver floral heart necklace made from an upcycled vintage silverplate teaspoon handle. It features the original pattern—"Queen Bess II" from 1946—and can be personalized with an engraved message. A thoughtful and affordable option for a special occasion.

9. Ceramic Tea Coffee and Spice Scoop

Ceramic coffee and spice scoop SHOP: Ceramic tea coffee and spice scoop from Mammoth & Minnow, $34

Put a twist on the modern five-year anniversary gift theme of silverware with this charming hand-sculpted ceramic scoop. Perfect for coffee, tea, or spices, it adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen. Hang it up for display or use it every day. Versatile and beautiful.

10. "A Little Slice of Heaven" Pie Server

Hand-stamped silver pie server SHOP: Hand-stamped silver pie server from The Woodsy Way, $32

This hand-stamped silver pie server is a keepsake gift that will be used and cherished at many holiday dinners. Made from vintage silverplate, it can be personalized with your chosen message. A wonderful item that combines functionality with sentimental value. Perfect for pie lovers!

5-Year Anniversary Gemstone: Sapphire and Pink Tourmaline

Sapphire and pink tourmaline are not only the traditional gemstones for the five-year wedding anniversary but also represent the colors blue and pink. Celebrate your milestone with these stunning gemstone gifts.

11. Minimalist Ozone Earrings

Acrylic blue dangle earrings on a model SHOP: Wood and acrylic dangle earrings from Once Again Sam, $23

These unique earrings combine the traditional gift of wood and the five-year anniversary color of sapphire blue. Handmade with a square laser-cut wooden base and cobalt blue acrylic hoops, they add a bold and vibrant touch to any outfit. Lightweight and eye-catching.

12. Cork Leather Cardholder

Blue leather cardholder SHOP: Slim cork vegan leather cardholder from Mind The Cork, $20

Add a modern twist to the five-year anniversary color and gift theme with this stylish vegan leather cardholder. Made of cork, it features a luxurious cobalt blue shade that stands out. Slim and lightweight, it's the perfect accessory for keeping cards organized in style.

13. Raw Sapphire Cufflinks

Sapphire cufflinks SHOP: Handmade sapphire cufflinks from Cyberoptix, $49

When searching for a gift for a man who has everything, these boho cufflinks are a unique and stylish choice. The gentle blue hue and raw sapphire stones perfectly represent the five-year anniversary gemstone and color theme. Nature lovers will appreciate these distinctive accessories.

14. Zodiac Constellations Wall Embroidery

Embroidered astro decorations SHOP: Embroidered astro collection decorations from Mininelle, $21

For astrology enthusiasts or lovers of the color pink, these zodiac constellation wall hangings are a delightful gift. Hand-embroidered with love in Bordeaux, France, they add a charming touch to any space. A unique and pink-themed gift for your five-year wedding anniversary.

15. Pink Tourmaline Ring

Sterling silver ring with pink gemstone SHOP: Handmade sterling silver stacking ring with gemstone from Touch Of Elements, $19

For minimalist or bling-loving partners, stacking rings are always a great gift idea. These pink tourmaline, sterling silver hammered dainty rings can be worn alone for a subtle yet stylish look or stacked with other rings for added flair. High-quality and beautiful, they're perfect for daily wear.

5-Year Anniversary Flower: Daisy

Symbolizing fidelity and everlasting love, a gift that incorporates the traditional five-year wedding anniversary flower—the beautiful and delicate daisy—is sure to impress.

16. Felt Daisy Flower Arrangement

Felt flower bouquet SHOP: Handmade wet-felted artificial flower bouquet from Somnus & Seb, from $28

These handmade felt daisies symbolize loyalty, joy, cheerfulness, purity, innocence, and new beginnings—all traits celebrated in a five-year marriage. Made from merino wool and birchwood stems, they add a thoughtful touch to your anniversary dinner table. A touch of everlasting happiness!

17. Real Daisy Earrings

Pressed flower earrings SHOP: Real pressed flower earrings from Found Kept, $28

While fresh daisies wither away, these earrings feature real daisies cast in resin, ensuring they last forever. Choose from a variety of stud colors, including royal blue, soft frosty blue, blush, or bright pink, to commemorate your five-year wedding anniversary. A unique and enduring gift.

18. Daisy Jacket

Green jacket with daisies SHOP: Green lighter weight jacket from Sara Bergman, $148

For an extra special five-year wedding anniversary gift for her, consider this handmade green jacket with a daisy pattern. Versatile and stylish, it can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Each piece is carefully made by the designer in a small workshop, adding a personal touch to the gift.

19. Ceramic Teapot

Cream and orange daisy teapot SHOP: Handmade teapot with daisy flowers from Bilyana Art Ceramic, $195

Imagine the delightful tea dates you can enjoy for years to come with this beautiful handmade daisy teapot. Crafted from wheel-thrown porcelain, hand-painted, and finished with a lead-free glaze, each teapot is a unique piece of art. Celebrate your five-year wedding anniversary with a touch of elegance.


These unique and thoughtful anniversary gift ideas perfectly capture the essence of a five-year marriage. Whether you choose traditional wooden gifts, modern silver presents, gemstone-inspired surprises, or daisy-themed delights, each gift symbolizes the strength, love, and commitment that come with five years of shared experiences. Celebrate this milestone with a special and meaningful gift that will bring joy and create lasting memories for years to come.

Note: The images used in this article are sourced from the original article on Etsy.