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These "The Great Gatsby" Party Ideas Will Take You Back to the Roaring Twenties!

So, you missed the Roaring Twenties the first time around? Don't worry, Old Sport. The Roaring '20s in New York are here again, and this time we have better cameras, smarter invitations, and, most importantly,...

So, you missed the Roaring Twenties the first time around? Don't worry, Old Sport. The Roaring '20s in New York are here again, and this time we have better cameras, smarter invitations, and, most importantly, no prohibition! What better reason to throw a lively party inspired by "The Great Gatsby"?

After spending so much time apart from the ones you love, hosting a Great Gatsby-themed party that really pulls out all the stops is an exciting way to celebrate togetherness. Fun, fancy, and just a tad bit frivolous, your guests will be raving about your soirée 'til the 3020s. Read on for some great Great Gatsby party ideas, including decor, drink menus, suggested attire, and invitations.

"The Great Gatsby" Party Decor Ideas

Hosting a "The Great Gatsby"-themed party is the perfect excuse to go all out. Minimalists may want to steer clear because more is truly more when it comes to a Great Gatsby theme. Fill your space with art deco delights: iridescent streamers, metallic balloons, sparkly glitter, and plenty of confetti. Stick to a palette of gold, silver, white, and black for a classic look. Dim the lights for a touch of mystery and add strings of plastic pearls to the tables. Leave party masks and feathery fans around for guests to have fun with and take pictures. Incorporate daisies as an ode to Gatsby's love interest, Daisy Buchanan. And don't forget, it's possible to make your Great Gatsby party eco-conscious with sustainable party planning!

Decadent party decor including chandeliers and black and gold table settings and dance floor. Image credit: stylemepretty, "Black Tie Affair" by Paperless Post.

What to Drink at Your "The Great Gatsby" Party

"The Great Gatsby" may have taken place during Prohibition, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some fancy drinks at your party. Serve champagne in coupe glasses for an easy crowd-pleaser. If you're feeling adventurous, try stacking the coupes into a classic champagne fountain. Other era and theme-appropriate drink ideas include gin or bourbon-based cocktails, beverages with orange or lemon, or frothy egg white cocktails. And don't forget to keep your guests hydrated with water!

Image of three women toasting their cocktails while wearing fancy evening attire.

Food to Serve at Your "The Great Gatsby" Party

With all that imbibing, it's important to have enough food for your guests. Finger foods are the way to go if you want people to mingle all night long. Serve deviled eggs, pigs-in-a-blanket, and spiced baked ham as delicious and thematic options. Make sure to cater to any dietary restrictions your guests may have.

What to Wear at a "The Great Gatsby" Party

A "The Great Gatsby" party is the perfect occasion to dress up in 1920s fashion. Encourage your guests to get creative with their outfits. For the ladies, flapper dresses with sequins and fringe, glitzy headpieces, fishnet stockings, long strings of pearls, and feather boas are a must. For the gents, a well-tailored tuxedo with a tailcoat or a caramel-colored suit is the ultimate option. Fedoras, top hats, and newsboy caps are good choices for headwear. Don't forget to host a contest for the best-dressed guest!

Photo closeup of a man wearing a white tuxedo and fastening his cufflinks.

Set the Mood with Music

Along with decorations and attire, the music at your "The Great Gatsby" party will help set the mood. Big Band and Hot Jazz from the 1920s are your best bet for an authentic Jazz Age experience. Create a playlist with artists like King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band, Louis Armstrong, and Duke Ellington. For an added touch, learn and dance the Charleston with willing participants.

Choose the Perfect "The Great Gatsby" Invitations

Make your "The Great Gatsby" party even greater with elegant, ad-free online 1920s invitations from Paperless Post. With glitzy foil finishes, art deco designs, and champagne glasses, these invitations will get your guests excited for an evening of glamorous debauchery. They're fully customizable and include RSVP tracking for easy planning. You can also opt for animated Paperless Post Flyers, which can be sent via text and include eye-catching gifs and fun stickers.

“Brushed Gold Letters” Flyer featuring a black and white party scene and gold text overlaid that reads “A little party never hurt nobody.”

"The Great Gatsby" Party Invitation Wording

Of course, none of these "The Great Gatsby" party ideas will matter if your guests don't know the details of your fête. Include all the basic information in your invitations, such as the date, time, and location. You can also mention if the party is for a particular occasion, like a birthday or New Year's Eve. Don't forget to let guests know that they should RSVP and include a deadline if necessary. It's also a nice touch to include dress code information and links to outfit inspiration. Have fun with retro slang from the 1920s, and be sure to use words like "toast," "cheers," "glamour," and "glitz" to set the mood. Your invitation should leave no doubt that your party will be the bee's knees!

“Ruhlmann” invitation by Paperless Post featuring a gold and white art deco card on a black background.

Ready to start planning your "The Great Gatsby" party? Browse all of our Roaring Twenties-themed invitations now. Remember, a little party never hurt nobody!