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These Memes Perfectly Explain the Thoughts Introverts Have at Holiday Parties

Introduction The holiday season is in full swing, and for introverts, that means navigating through a series of social gatherings that can be overwhelming. While introverts may love their family and friends, they find big...

Introduction The holiday season is in full swing, and for introverts, that means navigating through a series of social gatherings that can be overwhelming. While introverts may love their family and friends, they find big parties utterly exhausting. The constant noise, small talk, and crowded rooms can leave them dreaming of a quiet Christmas at home in their pajamas. If you're an introvert, you can probably relate to these thoughts that cross your mind at holiday parties.

Thoughts Introverts Have at Big Holiday Parties

1. Is it too late to cancel?

a meme about cancelling plans last minute

Saying yes to the big holiday get-together seemed like a good idea at the time, but now you're having second thoughts. You consider canceling, using the age-old excuse of being "sick." After all, your dog is waiting for you at home for a cozy Netflix night.

2. Sigh. I'm going.

a meme about feeling guilty about not going to the party

Even though you're tempted to skip the party, you can't bear the thought of letting your family down. The holidays come with a double-edged sword for introverts – they feel guilty for wanting to skip the party, even if it's better for their mental health.

3. I'll only go for a little while.

a meme that reads I came, I saw, I left early

You come up with a perfect compromise to maintain your sanity. You decide to make a brief appearance, say your hellos, and then make a swift exit. After all, you have other plans, like cozying up at home in your favorite spot.

4. I can do this, I can do this…

a meme that reads introverts don't

You pump yourself up with self-motivation. Deep breaths help you gather the courage to face the looming social gathering. You will survive this and return home to your peaceful sanctuary.

5. It's so loud!

people are too damn loud meme

As you step into the party, the noise becomes overwhelming. The blaring Christmas carols and simultaneous conversations feel like a physical force that drains your energy. You appreciate the solitude that the Grinch found on his mountain.

6. Small talk, whyyyyyy…

a meme about making small talk

Small talk has never been your thing. Celebrity gossip and superficial chatter about weekend plans bore you. You long for meaningful conversations or discussions about big ideas. Unfortunately, the party tends to veer towards shallow small talk.

7. This is getting awkward…

stuck in awkward small talk meme

The small talk quickly becomes awkward. You struggle to find common ground or interesting topics to discuss. Awkward silences fill the air, making you feel even more uncomfortable.

8. There's so much going on that I'm zoning out.

Introvert Doodles daydreaming introvert meme Marzi Wilson/Introvert Doodles

Despite appearances, you're not angry or bored; you're simply overwhelmed by the constant stimulation. The noise, the bustling activities, and the need to read social cues become too much for introverts. You find solace in quieter environments where you can thrive.

9. But seriously, how long?

meme how long can I stay in the bathroom

The bathroom becomes your sanctuary where you find solace in the quietness and solitude. It's a brief escape from the overwhelming social environment.

10. It's not that I don't like you, it's just that…

why I want to go home meme Marzi Wilson/Introvert Doodles

You fake a smile, but deep down, you wish you could go home. It's not personal; you simply need your personal space and time to recharge.

11. A pet! I'm saved!

where you will find me at parties meme Gemma Correll

Pets are introverts' best friends. They offer unconditional love without demanding small talk or fake smiles. Unlike some extroverts, they understand and respect your need for peace and quiet.

12. Hey, sorry, can't talk, too busy checking my phone!

my brain at most parties meme Buzzfeed

Pulling out your phone and pretending to be engrossed in it is a classic introvert move to escape social interactions. It provides a temporary distraction and a shield from the overwhelming environment.

13. I'm actually having fun! And then…

when you

Sometimes, against all odds, you surprise yourself by enjoying the social event. The feeling of inclusion and connection warms your heart. Maybe you even find another introvert to talk to or an understanding extrovert. But eventually, your introverted nature catches up with you.

14. Seriously, I have zero energy left.

my social battery at parties meme Debbie Tung/Where's My Bubble

The party may be over, but your social battery is completely drained. You feel physically and mentally exhausted. Introverts need time alone to recharge their energy.

15. If only extroverts understood what it's like to be "peopled out"…

introvert tools meme Aaron Caycedo-Kimura/INFJoe

Introverts often wish extroverts could understand the overwhelming feeling of being "peopled out." It's not always easy for extroverts to grasp the need for solitude and quiet after social interactions.

16. I'm so exhausted that I don't even want to say goodbye.

ways for introverts to leave a party meme Kayla Yandoli/Sally Tamarkin/Will Varner/Buzzfeed

As you bid farewell to the partygoers, you secretly hope to slip away unnoticed. Saying goodbye feels like an extra drain on your limited energy reserve.

17. I'm home! Hallelujah, I'm home!

introvert coming home meme College Humor

Arriving home is a moment of sweet relief. The outside world fades away as you step into your sanctuary.

18. And I am completely and utterly exhausted.

me after too much peopling introvert meme

The party may be over, but the exhaustion lingers. The introvert hangover sets in, leading to physical and emotional fatigue. It's just the way introverts are wired.

19. Because this is how my brain works:

the introvert Sarah's Scribbles/Sarah Andersen

Introverts need a whole day to recharge after social events. They require ample time and solitude to process their thoughts and regain their energy.

20. Me:

meme every time I socialize

After socializing, introverts desire a longer period of downtime. They would prefer a 12-hour recovery period before rejoining the world.

21. Just back away slowly and close the door.

alone time is for everyone

Entering your bedroom and closing the door brings immense relief. It's a moment of solitude and peace. You savor the time alone, away from the expectations and demands of others.

In conclusion, holiday parties can be a challenging experience for introverts. While they may push themselves to attend, the need for solitude and quiet is ever-present. It's essential to respect their boundaries and understand that introverts require time to recharge. So, if you're an introvert, take care of yourself this holiday season and enjoy the moments of peaceful solitude.