Say Farewell in Style: Creative Going Away Party Ideas

Goodbyes are a part of life, but they don't have to be sad. In fact, they can be cause for celebration. Whether you're saying farewell to a friend, family member, or coworker, a going away...

Goodbyes are a part of life, but they don't have to be sad. In fact, they can be cause for celebration. Whether you're saying farewell to a friend, family member, or coworker, a going away party is the perfect way to appreciate the people and places you're leaving behind, while looking forward to new and exciting adventures.

Going Away Party Ideas for Friends

1. Take a food tour through the city

Food is often a defining aspect of a place, making it the perfect theme for a going away party. Organize a food tour that takes you and your friends to some of the best diners, restaurants, and eateries in the city. Mix in some new spots that you've always wanted to try, and take breaks to enjoy the sights and architecture. Add a Travel Block to your invitation to showcase the restaurants you'll be visiting. Don't forget to ask each guest to chip in a set amount for easy payment at each stop.

2. Visit a local brewery, winery, or distillery

If your friend has a favorite cocktail, plan a visit to a local spot that specializes in it. Many breweries, wineries, and distilleries offer guided tours and tastings. Rent a bus and make a day out of visiting different breweries in your city. Create a themed invitation to let everyone know when it's "beer o'clock."

3. Puzzle your way out of an escape room

Nothing brings friends closer than being locked in a room full of puzzles that you have to solve together. Find an escape room with a theme that honors your friend or your city. Work together to solve the puzzles within the given time limit, and celebrate with pizza and drinks afterward. Use a game-themed invitation to set the mood.

4. Relax at a full spa day

Before your friend embarks on their new journey, treat them to a fully serviced spa day. Include massages, facials, and lounging in a sauna. Create a spa-like atmosphere at home, complete with comfy bathrobes and cucumbers on the eyes. Send out spa-themed invitations to get everyone excited for a day of pampering.

5. Create something new in a pottery class

Pottery classes offer a chance to create something meaningful that your friend can take with them to their new home. Whether it's throwing clay on a wheel or doing freehand molding, pottery classes are a fun and creative way to bond. Invite guests with a pottery-themed invitation, and ask them to reserve their own spot in the class.

Going Away Party Ideas for Family

6. Enjoy a backyard barbecue and movie night

A backyard barbecue is a great way to spend quality time with family without too much structure. Fire up the grill, invite everyone over, and make it a BYOB or provide a tub of drinks. Set up a large screen or blank wall and project your family member's favorite movie or throwback photos. Don't forget plenty of popcorn and candy treats.

7. Compete in some friendly family sports

If your family loves sports, plan an epic game to send off your family member with fond memories. Set up a field at your house or reserve a field at a local park. Create teams and compete in a basketball tournament or a football match. Hand out trophies and MVP awards at the end, and celebrate with good food and drinks.

8. Invite a private chef for a delicious meal

Why cook something yourself when you can have a private chef cook a five-star meal for you? Choose your departing family member's favorite type of food, send out dinner party-themed invitations, and set up an RSVP-by date. Sit back and let the chef take care of everything from planning to clean up.

9. Box up belongings with a packing party

Packing up belongings is time-consuming, but it's faster and more fun with the help of family. Supply plenty of boxes, packing tape, and markers. Make it a trip down memory lane by looking at old photos and reliving some memories. Once everything is packed up, celebrate with Champagne and pizza.

10. Test your family knowledge with trivia

Trivia games are always a hit. Create a trivia game with questions about your family and the guest of honor. Include questions about their new destination as well. The winner gets a special photo with the guest of honor.

Going Away Party Ideas for a Coworker

11. Host a cocktail party

Dress up and enjoy some adult beverages at a cocktail party. Reserve a table or room at a local bar, or host the party at the office or someone's house. Work with the guest of honor to create a signature cocktail for the occasion. Create a slideshow tribute to highlight their achievements and contributions.

12. Rent out a barcade

Combine the fun of a bar with the excitement of an arcade at a barcade. Hand out tokens for free games and hold tournaments for high scores at pinball and Skee-Ball machines.

13. Bet on yourself with a charity casino night

Host a Vegas-style casino night where any winnings go to a charity of the departing colleague's choice. Set up tables with different games and provide prizes for the employees who win the most chips.

14. Go out for one last happy hour

Stick with what you know with a happy hour party. Invite the whole company to your colleague's favorite happy hour spot and encourage toasts from coworkers. Ask guests to chip in for the guest of honor's drinks.

15. Take them out to the ballgame

Root for the home team one last time with your coworker. Ask each guest to buy their own ticket in a specific section of the stadium. Rent out a suite or get courtside seats for everyone. Enjoy plenty of concessions, drinks, and snacks.

Going Away Party Theme Ideas for Everyone

16. Combined party

Combine a going away party with another celebration, such as a graduation, birthday, or holiday party. Host it at home or rent out a local park or venue. Incorporate elements of both celebrations in the decor and food.

17. A new city or region

If your friend or family member is moving to a new city, throw a party themed after that city or region. Include decor, activities, and food from the new spot. Make it truly special by creating a Texas-themed party for someone moving to Texas or a taco party for someone moving to Arizona.

18. A favorite monument or attraction

Choose a venue based on your friend or family member's favorite place in the city. Arrange a picnic in their favorite park or rent out their favorite attraction. Bring their favorite foods and drinks and reminisce about memories tied to that place.

19. A pool or beach party

A pool or beach party is a timeless tradition for saying goodbye in style. Find a spot at a local beach or use a pool at someone's house. Bring coolers with drinks and refreshing snacks. Decorate with beach or pool party-themed decor.

20. A surprise going away party

Pulling off a surprise party can be challenging but worth it. Keep the secret close and choose co-conspirators who can help get the guest of honor to the right place at the right time. Emphasize that it's a surprise on the invitations and choose a location that seems normal for the guest of honor.

Going Away Party Decorations

When it comes to decorations, choose items that fit the theme and venue of your party. Here are some staple decorations you won't want to forget:

21. Guestbook or guest board

Set up a guestbook or a large poster board for guests to leave messages and signatures. It can serve as a meaningful keepsake for the guest of honor.

22. Photobooth or instant camera

Rent a photobooth for guests to take pictures or provide instant or disposable cameras for them to document the party. Leave the photos for the guest of honor as a funny and memorable memento.

23. Plants and flowers

Add plants and flowers to the venue to create a festive atmosphere. Place them throughout the space and let guests take them home as party favors or let the guest of honor take them to their new home.

24. Commemorative glassware

Order special mugs or glasses that commemorate the occasion. Customize them with a design that resonates with the person moving away, and include the date of the party. It will serve as a reminder of their friends and family in their old locale.

Going Away Party Game Ideas

While free time for mingling is important, planned party games can keep guests engaged and excited. Try these game ideas:

25. Board games

Pick out favorite board games that everyone is familiar with. Have some simple games available for kids as well. Create teams and have a battle for the championship of your favorite game.

26. Scavenger hunt

Set up a scavenger hunt with items or activities for guests to find or do throughout the party. Give each task a point value, and award prizes to those with the most points at the end.

27. Would you rather?

Ask guests to vote on choices in a "Would you rather?" style game. Divide the room based on their choices, creating movement and laughter.

28. Trivia

Create a trivia game with questions specifically about the person leaving or their new destination. See who knows them best and award the winner a special photo with the guest of honor.

Going Away Party Invitation Wording Ideas

Your invitation wording will vary, but be sure to include the date, time, location, and host of the party. Here are some additional components to consider:

  • Dress code
  • Theme information
  • Activities guests can expect
  • Anything guests should bring
  • Guest questions for dietary restrictions
  • RSVP-by date
  • Comment wall for guests to interact and view party pictures

Here are some example messages for different types of parties:

29. Message for a special friend

Join us at [venue name] to send off [guest of honor] in the most special way possible.

30. Serious message

Join us to bid farewell to [guest of honor] as they embark on the next chapter of their life's journey.

31. Message for a family member

Beloved members of the [family name] Family! Please join us to send off [guest of honor] with love, happiness, and unsolicited family advice.

32. Surprise party message

Please attend our surprise party at [venue name] to celebrate our mutual friend [guest of honor]. Absolutely no gifts required!

33. Funny message

You are cordially invited to a going away party for [guest of honor] to say goodbye and ensure they'll miss us lots and come back for a visit soon.

Invitations They'll Never Forget

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