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The Wedding Present: A Journey Through Indie Rock

The Wedding Present in Barcelona in 2010. The Wedding Present, an English indie rock group, has been making waves in the music industry since their formation in 1985. Led by vocalist and guitarist David Gedge,...

The Wedding Present The Wedding Present in Barcelona in 2010.

The Wedding Present, an English indie rock group, has been making waves in the music industry since their formation in 1985. Led by vocalist and guitarist David Gedge, the band has made a significant impact with their unique sound and captivating performances.

Early Stages and the Reception Era (1985-1989)

The Wedding Present's journey began as an evolution of The Lost Pandas, a band that disbanded in 1984. David Gedge and Keith Gregory, former members of The Lost Pandas, decided to continue their musical journey and formed The Wedding Present. The name was inspired by their love for The Birthday Party, and it encompassed the poetic and captivating essence of their music.

Their first self-financed single, "Go Out and Get 'Em, Boy!", gained traction in the independent charts and caught the attention of BBC Radio 1 DJ John Peel. This marked the beginning of a long collaboration with Peel, who became a staunch supporter of the band. With their debut album, "George Best," The Wedding Present earned critical acclaim and carved a niche for themselves in the 'shambling' or C86 scene.

The Wedding Present David Gedge, singer of The Wedding Present in Valencia, Spain. October 2016

The RCA Era (1989-1993)

Following their success, The Wedding Present signed with RCA Records, causing some criticism from fans who accused them of "selling out." However, the band maintained artistic control and released their records independently when rejected by the label. Their second album, "Bizarro," produced by Chris Allison, featured catchy songs and gained mainstream recognition with the hit single "Kennedy."

The band's collaboration with American indie rock band Pavement further elevated their popularity in the United States. Their album "Seamonsters," produced by Steve Albini, showcased a raw and intense sound that got mixed reviews but gained a dedicated fan base.

The Island Era (1994-1995)

In the mid-'90s, The Wedding Present signed with Island Records and released their album "Watusi," showcasing a range of musical styles from lo-fi pop to experimental rock. However, due to a lack of enthusiasm, Keith Gregory left the band, and they embarked on a new chapter with Darren Belk as his replacement.

The band's time with Island Records was short-lived, and they eventually signed with independent label Cooking Vinyl.

The Cooking Vinyl Era (1995-1997/99)

Under Cooking Vinyl, The Wedding Present continued to create music, releasing the car-themed mini-album "Mini." They experimented with their sound, blending acoustic and electric elements to create a unique sonic experience. Despite lineup changes, the band's creativity and passion remained strong.

Contractual Obligations and Cinerama (1997-2004)

During this period, The Wedding Present fulfilled their contractual obligations by releasing compilations and radio session recordings. David Gedge also formed a side project called Cinerama, which explored different musical territories. The band's sound evolved, and Cinerama eventually transitioned back into The Wedding Present.

Reformation (2004-2019)

In 2004, Cinerama was rebranded as The Wedding Present, and the band released new music under their original name. The album "Take Fountain" marked their return, followed by extensive touring and the release of subsequent albums like "Valentina" and "Going, Going..."

Acoustic Versions and "24 Songs" (2020-present)

In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, The Wedding Present recorded acoustic versions of their songs, bringing a fresh interpretation to their discography. These intimate recordings, along with collaborations with former band members, were released as "Locked Down and Stripped Back."

The band continued to push boundaries and explore new territories in their music. In 2022, they embarked on a project called "24 Songs," releasing a 7" single per month featuring new songs written by David Gedge and Sleeper guitarist Jon Stewart.

With a rich history and an unwavering dedication to their craft, The Wedding Present continues to captivate audiences with their distinctive sound and infectious energy. Their music is a testament to the enduring power of indie rock and the boundless creativity of talented musicians.


  • David Gedge: vocals, guitar
  • Jon Stewart: guitar (as of 2019)

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