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The Ultimate Paris Hen Do Itinerary: Unforgettable Memories Await!

Are you planning a Paris hen do (or bachelorette party)? Look no further! While the French may not be the most receptive to this idea, don't worry, with a little insider knowledge, you can have...

Are you planning a Paris hen do (or bachelorette party)? Look no further! While the French may not be the most receptive to this idea, don't worry, with a little insider knowledge, you can have an unforgettable hen weekend in the city of love. In this comprehensive guide, you'll find the ultimate Paris hen do itinerary, along with some top tips for planning the party of a lifetime.

The ultimate Paris hen do itinerary Image: The ultimate Paris hen do itinerary


  • Take the Eurostar or fly to Paris.
  • Drop bags off at the accommodation.
  • Lunch at Pink Mamma.
  • Pink limo tour of Paris.
  • Dinner, drinks, and dancing at Victoria Paris.


  • Morning at leisure.
  • Lunch and cocktails at Alcazar.
  • Art/perfume/macaron class or wine-tasting workshop.
  • Pizzas, drinks, and games at your accommodation.
  • Crazy Horse Burlesque Show.
  • Optional late-night dancing at Le Speakeasy.


  • Brunch and debrief at Sunday in Soho.
  • Sightseeing river cruise.
  • Climb the Eiffel Tower.
  • Collect bags from accommodation.
  • Fly or take the Eurostar home!

Group picture of our Paris hen party at Alcazar Image: Group picture of our Paris hen party at Alcazar

Now, let's deep dive into the best Paris hen do activities, where to stay, and how to get around the city. I'll also provide approximate costs per person and links to recommended activities to help with your party planning.

Paris Hen Do Activities

Some of the best Paris hen do activities include:

  • Pink Limousine Tour of the City
  • Art Aperitif Class
  • Burlesque Show
  • Private Karaoke Booth Session
  • Wine Tasting
  • Perfume Creation Workshop
  • Sightseeing Boat tour
  • Macaron Making Class
  • Eiffel Tower

Of course, it's unlikely you'll be able to do all these activities in one weekend, so choose three or four that you think your group will enjoy the most. Take everyone's preferences into consideration, especially if your group is diverse. To control spending, limit activities to one or two per day. Book in advance and ask everyone attending to contribute a lump sum for all the activities before you leave. It's essential to have an idea of overall costs before finalizing any bookings.

Bride to be standing in the street on her hen do in Paris Image: Bride to be standing in the street on her hen do in Paris

Here are approximate costs for each activity, keeping in mind that prices may vary:

  • Pink Limo Tour of the City: €40pp
  • Painting Aperitif Workshop: €40pp
  • Burlesque Show: €115pp
  • Private Karaoke Booth: €12pp
  • Wine Tasting: €75pp
  • Perfume Workshop: €30pp
  • Sightseeing River Cruise: €15pp
  • Macaron Making Class: €60pp
  • Eiffel Tower: €28.30pp

Please note that these are approximate costs and may vary based on peak times, the number of people in your group, and additional food or drink packages. Use the provided links to book activities or inquire about exact pricing for your event.

Best Places to Eat and Drink for a Hen Party in Paris

When it comes to dining and drinking in Paris, here are some of the most fun, lively, and girly places to include in your itinerary. Be sure to book well in advance, as these venues are popular and may not accommodate larger groups at short notice!

  • Pink Mamma: A cute Italian bistro known for its Instagrammable reputation.
  • Alcazar: Perfect for getting a taste of French cuisine, with a wide range of options.
  • Victoria Paris: An unforgettable party destination with exceptional views of the Arc de Triomphe.
  • Le Speakeasy: A cool and quirky club for late-night Gatsby-style partying.
  • Sunday in Soho: The perfect brunch spot to help recover from the night before.
  • Dirty Dick: A fun Tiki bar with fruity rum cocktails for a lively evening.
  • Le Carmen: A stylish club in a historic building, offering a more relaxed door policy.

The interior of Pink Mamma in Paris Image: The interior of Pink Mamma in Paris

Where to Stay for a Hen Do in Paris

When choosing accommodation for your Paris hen do, consider Hotel Moderniste. It offers various room configurations, ensuring everyone is comfortable. The staff is accommodating and friendly, allowing you to bring your own champagne and decorate the bride's room. Other recommended places to stay include:

  • JOE&JOE Paris Nation: A hostel-hotel hybrid, perfect for those on a tighter budget.
  • Hôtel Keppler: A beautiful hotel near the Arc de Triomphe, ideal for larger budgets.
  • Helzear Champs-Elysées: A chic aparthotel for those seeking more space and privacy.

Hotel Moderniste Image: Hotel Moderniste

Getting to Paris for a Hen Weekend

If most of your group is coming from London or nearby, taking the Eurostar is a comfortable and fun option. It takes you right to the center of Paris, making it easy to reach your hotel and start your hen-do activities. Plus, you can bring more luggage than you would on a plane, perfect for all your essential Paris hen do accessories.

For groups traveling from different locations or outside the UK, flying is likely the best option. Charles de Gaulle International Airport is the main airport in Paris, with various transportation options to the city center.

Getting Around Paris with a Hen Party

To get around Paris with ease, Uber and local taxis are the recommended options for larger groups. If you prefer public transportation, the Metro is an affordable choice. Plan your routes in advance and consider purchasing Paris travel passes to save time and money.

A Checklist of Paris Hen Do Accessories

Here are some Paris hen do accessories to make your photos extra special and provide everyone with a memorable memento:

  • White beret for the bride, pink or black berets for the hens.
  • White heart sunglasses for the bride, pink or black heart sunglasses for the hens.
  • Hen party goodie bags.
  • Hen party hangover kits.
  • Decor for the bride's room.
  • Hen party games.
  • Straws or shot glasses.
  • Macarons or chocolates.

A glass of champagne and hen party goodie bags Image: A glass of champagne and hen party goodie bags

Remember, you can create little gift packs with macarons or buy pre-wrapped chocolates for a delightful touch.

Paris Hen Do: Top Tips and Final Thoughts

When planning a hen do in Paris, some restaurants and venues may not be welcoming to the idea of a hen party. Therefore, it's advisable not to mention it explicitly when booking. Keep the following tips in mind for a smooth and enjoyable experience:

  • Book everything well in advance, especially for larger groups.
  • Print an itinerary for everyone and include it in the goodie bags.
  • Use Splitwise to keep track of costs for restaurants, taxis, and drinks.
  • Advise everyone to pack comfortable shoes for walking and consider dress codes for the evenings.
  • Have a backup plan in case someone wants to skip an activity.
  • Remember to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience and create lasting memories!

I hope this guide has provided you with valuable insights and ideas for your Paris hen do. Whether you're planning your own party or organizing it for a friend, Paris offers an incredible experience. Stay tuned for more travel inspiration and share your Paris hen do stories in the comments below!

A girl in a sparkly white dress with a bride headband Image: A girl in a sparkly white dress with a bride headband