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The Ultimate Money-Saving Guide to DIY Wedding Invitations

It's no secret that weddings can cost a fortune. But did you know that the average couple spent nearly $30,000 on their nuptials in 2021? And a significant portion of that budget went towards wedding...

It's no secret that weddings can cost a fortune. But did you know that the average couple spent nearly $30,000 on their nuptials in 2021? And a significant portion of that budget went towards wedding invitations, which can add up to over $500. While some wedding expenses are worth the investment, others, like fancy bits of gold-embossed paper, are questionable at best.

If you're a savvy couple looking to save your budget for an epic and affordable honeymoon, we've got you covered. In this guide, we'll show you how to get crafty with your wedding invitations and save some serious money. Let's dive in!

DIY Wedding Invitations

There are two basic options to consider when it comes to DIY wedding invitations. The first option is to purchase a template that you can fill in, print, and embellish yourself. This is a great choice if you prefer printed invites or want to save on printing costs and postage. Alternatively, you can create everything from scratch. This option is perfect for artsy-craftsy types who enjoy the process of designing, printing, cutting, and packaging their own invitations.

Before making a decision, do some research and consider how much time and effort you realistically have to put into your invitations. If you enjoy crafting and want to add a personal touch to your invites, DIY might be the way to go. But if time is limited, opting for pre-made templates can save you both time and money. Ready to get started? Let's explore some options for free and cheap wedding invitation templates.

Free & Cheap Wedding Invitation Templates

Using digital or print-it-yourself wedding invitation templates is the easiest way to DIY your invites. Many online platforms offer a wide variety of templates, including some that are free. Here are a few places where you can find amazing DIY wedding invite templates:

  • Etsy: Thousands of print-it-yourself wedding invitation templates starting at $10.
  • Download & Print: Unlimited access to all templates for $25 per year.
  • Greenvelope: Digital-only customizable wedding invites starting at $39 for 40 guests.
  • Tempoola: Free downloadable wedding invitation templates that you can customize and print in Microsoft Word.
  • Canva: Customize and download free wedding templates for digital invites or printing.
  • Shutterfly: Check out their wedding invitation templates and add your personal touch.
  • Wedding Chicks, Greetings Island, and Paper Source: These platforms offer dozens of free templates to choose from.

Another option for paper invitations is ordering a customized wedding stamp. Instead of printing the invitation, you can simply stamp the necessary information onto a nice piece of paper. Want to see what these stamps look like? Check out an Etsy store that sells partially hand-lettered wedding invitation stamps for $80 and up.

Designing Your DIY Wedding Invitations

If you're a graphic designer or calligraphy artist, you might want to fully customize your DIY wedding invitations from scratch. Start by ensuring your invitation text is flawless and have a second pair of eyes proofread it. Next, you can create the basic layout using tools like Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Canva, PicMonkey, or a word-processing program like Word or Pages.

When designing your own wedding invitation, consider important elements such as fonts, line spacing, alignment, colors, and theme. You can download fonts for free at DaFont or purchase them. Remember, it's best to use no more than three fonts and maintain consistency throughout your invitation suite.

Choosing Paper for Your DIY Wedding Invitations

While it may seem insignificant, the choice of paper can greatly impact the overall look and feel of your invitations. If you're printing from home, ensure that your printer can handle the cardstock you choose. You can find this information in your printer's manual or by searching online for your printer's maximum paper weight.

Recycled paper is a popular option, especially for rustic or boho-themed invites. You can order cardstock online from platforms like Amazon, Cardstock Warehouse, Michaels, LCI Paper, Paper Source, and Paper Presentation. Alternatively, you can visit local stores like Jo-Ann's, Walmart, or office-supply stores. When it comes to finishes, consider options like cotton or linen for a beautiful but slightly more expensive touch.

Printing Your DIY Wedding Invitations

Whether you're using a DIY wedding invitation template or designing from scratch, you'll need to print your invitations. The most cost-effective option is to print them at home using a high-quality printer and nice paper. Both inkjet and laser printers can do the job, but be sure to select the highest-quality print settings. To save money, use black ink only, or introduce color by using colored paper.

If you're concerned about potential printer mishaps, you can outsource the printing to a professional print shop. While it may cost a bit more, it saves you from the risk of damaging expensive paper and can save you time and frustration. Some print shops can even cut the invitations for you.

Platforms like Zola and The Knot offer free wedding website builders, allowing your guests to digitally RSVP, access all the details about your big day, and contribute to your wedding registry. If you have relatives who don't use the internet, include a small printed card in their invites asking them to RSVP by phone.

Making Your DIY Invitations Shine

Once you've designed and printed your invitations, there are countless ways to make them stand out. Consider adding embellishments like stamps, pop-ups, fancy tape, or pressed flowers. These creative touches can elevate your invitations and give them a unique and personal touch.

Don't Forget the Envelopes

To make your invitations even more special, pay attention to the envelopes. Envelope liners are a popular option and can be created using pretty paper, engagement photos, or even fabric. When it comes to addressing the envelopes, hiring a calligrapher can be costly. Instead, consider enlisting the help of friends or printing pretty labels. Don't forget to include your return address using a label or stamp.

Before mailing out your invitations, visit the post office to weigh them and determine the required postage. Keep in mind that square envelopes cost more to mail, so rectangular envelopes are a better option unless you have a strong preference for the square shape. While you can purchase custom postage stamps, they tend to be more expensive than regular stamps.

When it's finally time to mail your invites, taking them to the post office is a good idea. You can ask the postal worker to hand-cancel them, which avoids potential damage from the mailing machines. Some post offices offer this service for free, while others may charge a small fee per envelope.

Congratulations! You've completed your DIY wedding invitations. Now it's time to focus on other wedding planning tasks, like choosing the band, organizing the food, finding the perfect cake, selecting the dress, and planning an unforgettable honeymoon.

If you're looking for more ways to save on your big day, check out our list of 90 savings tips from wedding professionals.

Contributor Larissa Runkle frequently writes on finance, real estate, and lifestyle topics for The Penny Hoarder. Writer Susan Shain contributed to this article.